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The government in its decision of February 16 defined a new procedure for passage of schoolchildren in urban public transport. Children can travel free of charge only to their school and only in the classroom. Thus, the election of Alexander Lukashenko order the full free praezde for school operated only three months.

Employees of the city's transport system of Minsk has not yet had time to receive orders regarding government regulations. Therefore, students in Minsk these days still have a chance to ride for free, said controller subway Helen Crook:

— Us about this ruling nobody reported. We have students ride free.

— What do you think children should still ride for free, or at least partially pay?

— No, well, of course, free of charge. They did not earn the money to pay. I'm all for it. Why do children have to pay?

— But you are working in the transport system, and this loss.

— But the losses can not be compensated at the expense of children. Both my grandchildren yet, but the children are adults, and I still do for the kids went free.

According to government, the children are entitled to free travel from home to school and back from September 1 to June 30. In other cases, travel expenses must be complete. This condition is not found in many of understanding.

Passer"For the children could do and a free pass. After all, just because they do not ride, and go to school in a mug. My child is 14 years old, he engaged in many places, there is no direct transport, and therefore have every 3-4 thousand for travel to give. "

It is clear that it would be desirable to develop a comprehensive child. But it is clear that at this point the state can not take it on yourself.

The Ministry of Transport said that they knew nothing about the possibility of a general increase in the cost of travel by public transport. A Ministry of Education, which is developed by governmental decree regarding pupils, were in favor of preserving the full free travel. However, this proposal was not approved by the government, said, "Freedom" specialist of the Ministry of Secondary Education Vladimir Poddubsky:

"The original version was — completely free ride. Understood he wantsXia comprehensively develop the child. But it is clear that at this point the state can not take it on yourself. Therefore, the decision refers only to drive to and from schools. But at the same decree states that the local councils of deputies have the right to take their benefits in relation to travel. They will leave a free ride, like driving, and it would not be contrary to this decree. "

The new order of travel by public transport school gives children the opportunity dayazhzhats only school lessons. Fare for all other needs, including tutoring in sections and clubs on weekends — at their own expense. Thus, the payment of travel for school leader of the country on the eve of the election overturned, and its government three months back. Here's how it says politician and economist Lev Margolin:

"As it was in December? Pure populism. Something had to promise before the election, and promised to free travel for children. But because of this decision no one thought through and do not count. Who will compensate for these costs? Transport organizations immediately raised these issues. Now go back and undo this free pass somehow do not have, and that's found a compromise. But the main thing is that in many children go to school is not necessary, because the school nearby. But the sections and clubs, youth clubs and travel to them — that's the main problem for the citizens. Therefore makes up a bubble. "


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