Prison inmates makes social disabilities

"March aggression"

Sasha his crime and his two friends made in March 2005. March, by the way, is the most criminogenic month. At this time the people as in animals, has the highest levels of the male sex hormone — testosterone, which is also referred to as the engine of physical aggression. Under the influence of alcohol (the sale of which in Belarus since the mid-1980s almost doubled) human behavior become more aggressive. This increases the number of serious violent acts, robberies, thefts.

By the number of prison sentences for 100,000 people of Belarus among the leaders in Europe and the world.

Minsker Sasha and his two friends sat on the 9 years old when he had just turned 18. Sashava mother Tamara recalls with horror the events of six years ago, who shared the life of their little family on the "before" and "after." It happened on the eve of March 8. Sasha said he would go to the other.

In six years, the son of contact with the boy turned into a very closedthe man. Very evil they are there, incredulous, do not know with whom you can be friends, whom to trust.

Sashava mother Tamara says:

Tamara: "He came up to me at night and said," Mom, I'm going to Sergei. We used to sit at the computer. Do not worry — in the morning I'll get a dog and a bear to waste. "And at 4 am I got a call from the police."

Together with Alexander at a party Sergey had Dima. At midnight, the guys started to go home. Sergey has decided to hold them. Near worked night stand. Bought on tin of beer and sat down on a bench in the courtyard. Passed by a drunken man, who began to molest young men carried on their mat. Some of the guys could not stand how a man should be punched in the face and broke his nose. The cries of the residents called the police and an ambulance. My uncle was taken to the hospital. A week later, coming out of the hospital, he showed that he also robbed — stolen documents, money and a plastic bag, where things were. Tamara and two other mothers know for sure: there was no theft. A man just learned how to punish the guys in full. Both were sentenced to 9 years of intensive regime for bodily injury and robbery group.

"The penalty for failure to cooperate"

Today is one of Sashavyh friends are on the loose. On the part of the prison administration to claim it was not and he came out on parole. Sasha has a problem with the administration, since, according to Tamar, he did not sign the papers on cooperation with the police. For this week's Man sometimes punished by two maintenance in prison — a small solitary cell with a toilet in the center, where there are no beds to sleep can only be crude stone floor, but some have to stand.

Among other types of punishment for nesupratsovnitstva — beating. The fact that in the area there are fights, Tamara more guesses on, so to speak, their appearance on the face and body of his son. Sasha himself talks about this a little reluctantly.

"For six years, the son of contact with the boy turned into a very closedthe man. Was ekstravertam — became intravertam, "says the woman.

"Once I came out on a date, I see it broken arm. Ask what it is. Says, had to fight. Very evil they are there, withdrawn, suspicious, do not know with whom you can be friends, whom to trust. Convey all kind of each other. son during a visit says it is better not to discuss the building, because eavesdroppers. go smoke in the park. There is a under cover of wire. way quitting smoking and talking. "

"How much prison time the relatives'

Each of the two authorized visits per year cost of Tamara minimum of $ 250. A little less cost parcels (four times a year). Also have to send a variety of monthly remittances. For example, once an unknown address had to send a "thanks" for being so patient in solitary confinement son was allowed to wear warmer clothes. That address, as it turned out, belonged to the policeman. Later, the jailer accused of corruption.

Tamara: "Someone sent me a letter, sent to somewhere around $ 100 in the Vitebsk region, and then found out that that the cops as a bribe. My son had a fever and had to be allowed to wear warm pants, so as there are supposed to be dressed for the form. "

The fact that the prison health gradually takes his son to Tamara's obvious. Sasha occasionally complains that the joints, then the stomach.

"All they're very thin, — says the woman. — The food is mostly a blank porridge with herring and sweet tea. Once a week, give the egg. Sometimes give gruel with some milled chicken bones. Those who do not get help, we have very hard. "

To help her son, who works Research Institute makes a variety of computer work. Enough money back to back — to pay the rent, utilities and something to eat humble. At the beginning of the year, after a meeting with his son, 45-year-old woman became ill with severe pneumonia was in the hospital. During the examination, doctors discovered she had a whole bunch of premature for her age diseases — heart, kidneys, endakrynalegiya yes ginekalegiya. Tamara deal with their own health once and for what. Most of all it cares that 6 years of so-called correction took away health from her young son, and also did not bring him any expertise required to integrate into the society.

In some ways, he is still a child. Requests sent to prison candies and various other goodies. Learn a profession he is likely to have only when released. After 27 years. Then we'll start to build a relationship with the opposite sex. Before his arrest, he had a girlfriend. All of this will be easy.

Tamara: "Of course, it is cut off from all this life. Engaged than anyhow. They're there, except for 10-20% do not work. Darkness loafers. They become real social invalids, and so tied to this criminal world. What I most I'm afraid. "

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