Psychic from Togliatti help people survive the «doomsday»

Not cease rumors and speculation around, perhaps, the most discussed topic in recent years — the supposed "end of the world." Recall, it is associated with the Mayan calendar, which ends December 21, 2012. What will happen on this day, people have tried to unravel the centuries. Now there are 11 major theories. Among them — the version of the alien attack, the destruction of all life and of the radiation incident on the earth a giant asteroid. Psychic from Tolyatti Irina Belozerskaya said that could help mankind survive this most terrible time. And, according to her, survival skills to master if you want to be able to any person.

Mount Strelna — one of the highest places Lada, 351 meters above sea level. "The point of power" — from here, said Sleeper, a psychologist and psychic Irina Belozerskaya and starts, as though it may sound pretentious, the process of saving the world.

It is difficult to look normal from the perspective of most people person, if you know anything at first impossible. This is now a psychic Irina Belozerskaya calmly tells of the coming "end of the world" and how it can be overcome. Recently, her overwhelmed doubt and reluctance to interfere in any way in this story. That will happen in the X hour, and on 21 December this year, Irina found in dreams. Confidentiality of information shared unknown elderly woman who dreams of Irina from childhood.

Irina Belozerskaya, Sleeper, a psychologist, a psychic:
— Will be the following. When changing magnetic poles begin unpredictable movements of the Earth's crust. That is, these tectonic movements that will occur to cause a strong, powerful enough subsonic flow, infrasonic radiation. On December 21, 2012 24 hours will be the same quantum leap in a very strong, serious, adverse to human infrasonic waves and low-frequency fluctuations.

At the time of the so-called "quantum leap" and the shift of the poles of the Earth, according to a psychic, not stand electricity, and people will see the parallel worlds that will collide with each other.

Irina Belozerskaya:
— Can you hear the noise, you hear a lot of smells, you hear all the sensations and so loud that they go beyond the limit, it will be a period of a quantum leap. And the feeling of gravity, horror, slipping.

In a narrow sense, calms the psychic, the "end of the world" will not happen. This will be the end of the familiar world. Gradually replace your cards terrestrial planets. England sink, Africa is divided into 3 parts of water space, Antarctica, in flower, the Black Sea, the Baltic and Caspian will merge together, and Siberia will become the breadbasket of the world.

Irina Belozerskaya:
— Talk about it all, and Nostradamus speaks about it, and John of Jerusalem, and Paracelsus, and Wang, and Edward Casey, everything. All say: attention, the most important thing at this time — it is Russia, it focuses the power of genetic survival.

Save the planet symbolic "belt of the Virgin," says Irina. In Russia there are special, strong energy space, or anomalous zones. Strelna Mountain — one of them. At the time of the accident is not less than a thousand people in these areas will have to enter into a particular mental state. Their energy pillar pierce the earth and, according to psychic to help her resist.

Irina Belozerskaya:
— This state is extended, altered consciousness, and this change of consciousness — the state as a calm, steady, confident, in which the brain emits 4 to 8 SRC, ie it is the most favorable condition.

In this model, the "end of the world" is the real thing, according to physicists. The motion is accompanied by plates of Earth infrasonic radiation and magnetic pole is really moving. But not so much that "north" changed to "the South." A quantum leap is in normal conditions occurs only at the level of elementary particles.

Alexander Biryukov, head of the Department of General and Theoretical Physics, Samara State University, Professor of Physics:
— What is going to happen to our Earth as a whole, and even more so in the near future, it is also naive in terms of sound physics. Of course, on December 21 of this year, nothing like that will happen, no coup will not, unless, perhaps, there will be changes on the planet, it will be for many hundreds of millions of years.

Whether to wait for the disaster become clear very soon. And maybe this will put an end to the eternal dispute scientists and people with ekstrasposobnostyami. Meanwhile, Irina Belozerskaya preparing for a trip to Russia — follow the instructions of the one who, having appeared in a dream and told about the big change.

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