Rain in the desert. Water damaged thousands of homes

Rain in the desertIn July, the most dry areas of Chile precipitation, 5 times more than the annual allowance, reports the Associated Press. In these areas, even 1 mm of rain could seriously affect the current situation. This past weekend due to heavy rain the roads were blocked, canceled football match and damaged 1,800 houses.

And in the coastal region of Antofogasta (Antofogasta) in early July, had the four-year rainfall. Their rate was only 6.3 mm, but it was enough for the people and institutions that are not used to protect himself from even light rain or snowfall. In mountain areas, snow level reached 1 m, but usually during the southern winter, they are left without snow. The soldiers took part in the rescue of 400 people, including several buses with foreigners.

Some copper mines in the region, including large mines in Kollahuasi (Collahuasi), temporarily stopped their production due to snowfall. In the south of the region Copiapo (Copiapo) on dry riverbeds leaked floods that hindered the movement in the region. "The strong winds destroyed the roof and knocked down large trees. The sky was red from the sand — no one has seen this before, "- said Orrasio Larrain, an archaeologist who lives in Iquique (Iquique), which struck a sandstorm.

While climate scientists say, global warming creates extreme weather conditions around the world, rain poured down in the Atacama desert (Atacama), is rather unusual. Over the last century, rainfall inevitably declined, and projections were that the desert will spread southward and become even drier. "The ecosystem of the Atacama usually is varied, and the flowers do not bloom there each year. However, the July rainfall should bring wonderful changes. Most likely we will see a large number of flowers and insects, "- said Sereseda Pilar (Pilar Cereceda), professor of biogeography at the University of Chile (University of Chile), Chile.

Overall, however, the situation is less favorable. According to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, drylands occupy 41% of Earth's land area and are home to more than 2 billion people, almost half of the people living in dry lands, live in poverty. The total land area affected by desertification is estimated at 12.6 million km? (For comparison, the area of countries such as Brazil, Canada and China are 8.10 million km ²).

Given the trends in the rapidly changing climate, soon many areas require water sources previously not need it. At first, this fine will help firms that are engaged in carrying water. But further desertification as liveable likely will fall on states whose territories are subjected to drought.

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