Rare turtle species may disappear because of oil exploration in the Adriatic

Rare turtle species may disappear because of oil exploration in the AdriaticThe planned seismic survey of oil fields in the Adriatic Sea violates the migration routes of Red Loggerhead turtles and further increase risk of extinction of these reptiles, said an international non-governmental organization for the protection of the oceans Oceana.

"Areas where oil exploration will be carried out, border marine reserve and waters like the Sicilian Strait, which are critical for the conservation of rare migratory species such as the white shark, bluefin tuna and sea turtles" — said the coordinator of the Brussels office of Oceana Nicholas Forney (Nicolas Fournier), quoted in the report.

Thus, under the threat of extinction will be a major representative of sea turtles (up to one meter in length) — Loggerhead turtle (caretta caretta), a migration path which passes through the Adriatic. Environmentalists are reminded that Loggerhead turtle attributed to the International Red Book of endangered species.

Oceana calls on the Italian government to adopt a moratorium on mining in the Adriatic sea, to prevent the transformation of the region into "deep desert, like the Mediterranean Sea." The government, according to the organization, should stimulate investment in renewable energy sector.

Defenders of the ocean disturbs a recent statement the Italian environment ministry, under which the British company Northern Petroleum may conduct exploration of new fields off the coast of Puglia in southern Italy. Work will be conducted in the waters of the area 6.6 square kilometers. And the area of the work borders on nine protected areas Adriatic Sea. Drilling operation, the company should begin in the first half of 2012.

"Even more disturbing is similar projects along the coast of Italy and Sicily, which have already begun. These include drilling Irish company Petroceltic between Abruzzo (middle of the Apennine peninsula — Ed.) And the islands of Isola Tremiti, the British company Spectrum Geo along the coast of South Puglia to Rimini or Australian company Audax Energy, which is drilling the Sicilian Strait, "- said in a statement.

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