Regarding the former CEO Pinskdrev initiated a criminal case

The General Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case against the former CEO of the holding company "Pinskdrev" Laurent Arinich.

About This was announced the deputy prosecutor general of Belarus Viktor Kononov, "Interfax".

"He is not detained. Thing is very complicated. Appointed series
Expertise "- said Conon.

Answering a question on what article brought criminal case against Arinich, Deputy Attorney General said:

"I do not like to talk about it. There are specific reasons for it. Criminal offenses for which a criminal case, severe enough, soon he will be charged."

On Conan, "there are certain moments in the investigation of the case, there are tactics investigation."

"Delaying Arinich not need a person born in 1936. Moral question here, do not forget the most important — the safety of people." Case "Pinskdrev very complicated, difficult investigation explosion."

The representative of the Prosecutor General's Office said that as a result of an accident on the "Pinskdrev" in October 2010 14 people were killed, seven people were injured.

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