Residents of the village, near the river in the Philippines, Agusan caught a giant man-eating crocodile

Villagers in the Philippines, Agusan caught a giant man-eating crocodile

"The residents of villages in the Philippines was caught huge crocodile." — Reports the London newspaper Daily Mail. The length of the reptile is six and a half meters, weight — about one ton.

For the inhabitants of a small village in the Agusan River it was pretty easy. Hundreds of residents had to work together to catch the monster that terrorized residents in the area of people over twenty years.

Decided to catch a crocodile when the village began to disappear fishermen and livestock. The animal was put four traps made of nets, but the animal managed to break them all. Then people decided to make a trap of steel wire. This time it ended successfully, and with some effort, people were still caught the crocodile.

"I just could not believe my eyes when I saw this monster" — spoke about this village mayor Edwin Elorde. "He was so big that he could probably swallow three people at once," — said the official.

However, despite the "suspicion" crocodile attack on local residents, killing no one is going. On the contrary, it's going to make the main attraction of the new center of eco-tourism in the Agusan River. "This giant will be the best of the new exhibit Ecopark," — said E. Elorde.

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