Roman Byassmertny: Ukraine concerned about the situation of human rights in Belarus

Ukraine is concerned about the human rights situation in Belarus and shares the assessment of the European Union on the events that took place in Minsk on December 19, Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Byassmertny.

"Ukraine is very concerned about the human rights situation. Our country set a goal to become a member of the European Union. Assessment of the status of human rights in Belarus, especially during the events of December 19, 2010, we estimate coincides with the European Union ", — said Byassmertny.

At the same time "Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus — State of the neighbors, we have a thousand kilometers of common border, which, incidentally, still not demarcated, the overall age-old story. Based on these reasons, naturally, we can not maintain the absolute isolation and economic cooperation will continue. "

"Belarus is situated in the center of Europe, and therefore we need to understand that the use of certain sanctions and strike rights of Belarusian citizens," — said the diplomat.

Byassmertny also said that "the day after the arrests on the square in the Belarusian media there was information about some" tourists "who at the end of November last year, allegedly delivered to Belarus from Ukraine stun guns, smoke bombs, batons, kastsety, knives and bullets . "

"The corresponding note was sent to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus. However, almost two months there is no response to this request. Ukrainian side has no information on the basis of the facts which make such statements," — said the Ambassador of Ukraine Roman Byassmertny in an interview with Interfax.

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