Romania: Russia threatens security of the eastern borders of Europe

Romania: Russia threatens the security of the eastern borders of Europe

Bucharest has expressed willingness to provide safety on the eastern borders of the EU Member States, which is threatened by the views of Julian Cephas, Advisor to the President of Romania, Our homeland. This statement was made a Romanian political analyst after president Russia announced its special envoy Dmitry Rogozin on Transnistria. Such a step-Russian administration in Bucharest, dubbed "the first gesture of the new mandate of Vladimir Putin." Julian Cephas made an appeal to the European Union and NATO "adequately respond to this move by Russia."

Recall that president Dmitry Medvedev on March 21 of this year announced by Dmitry Rogozin, the incumbent vice-premier, a special representative on the Dniester, at the same time, he began to occupy the post of co-chairman of the Moldovan-Russian intergovernmental commission.

Julian Cephas, who is advisor to the Romanian president's foreign policy and strategic issues concerning such purpose saw that Romania is currently in such a situation when it is necessary to show that she realized message and lifted "from the floor gauntlet" to show that No treats this purpose.

He also said that such a demonstration of the seriousness of purpose, and the need to support the situation at the borders of NATO and the EU will be the response of Romania, which is expressed in an adequate purpose and take responsibility for security on the eastern border.

By Viorel Cibotaru beliefs, is the director of the Institute for European Chisinau research, the reaction of Romania, as well as Chisinau, in connection with the occurrence of the latest figures on the Transnistrian field is completely understandable. This destination Our homeland is not agreed with Chisinau, the more so that the status of the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation introduced for the first time. But the most fundamental is the title: The decree states that the representative assigned "to the negotiations on Transnistria." Specifically, the so-called representatives of the Russian president — "on Abkhazia and South Ossetia." According Cibotaru analogy yavna. If you take Transnistria to such republics, it will be the first step on the way to his confession.

According to the professional appearance of the Special Representative for Transnistria in Bucharest and Chisinau is called "training of the Russian Federation to the annexation of the region."

According to the views of Ukrainian political analyst Sergei Tolstova, neither Moscow nor Rogozin, namely fail to stop the movement of Moldova to Romania, as this process has already started. But for all that Tolstoy believed that our home can affect the fact that in the course of this process is not affected Transnistria.

Yet, most of Moldova world view split, the population is ready to go wall to wall. Since March 25, a march supporters of unification with Romania, among which was a lot of Romanian foreign players. They were confronted by supporters of independence of Moldavia. The collision would be inevitable, if not fit police intervened.

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