Rostislav Ishchenko Scum

Rostislav Ishchenko "Scum"June 22 Russian people, scattered in a half dozen new independent states, recalled his own close relatives who died in the stateliness Russian war, which began 70 years ago. On the same day, the descendants of collaborators (policemen, SSovtsev, members of the "volunteer" forces in the Wehrmacht) tried once again to win in virtual reality, they lost by war.

They are trying to steal our victory is based on the following theses:

• there is nothing to be proud of as a bad beat, and strengthened the communist regime led by strshnym Stalin;

• there is nothing to be proud of, as the cost of victory was very high — the enemy "had stopped the bodies";

• there is nothing to be proud of, as the hideous Soviet Union itself was going on at all poruha Safety;

• there is nothing to be proud of, as USSR he started the Second World War by attacking along with Germany civilized European Poland;

• there is nothing to be proud of, as the Russian people are actually going to surrender to Hitler, why he came to Moscow and the Volga region, but by the end of 1942, they saw the light, we learned that the Germans do not behave in the occupied territories in violation of the Vienna and Geneva Conventions. That's when the peoples of the USSR temporarily changed their minds to get rid of communism by Hitler and defeated in the war.

In various embodiments, these theses intense voice to the heirs of the fascist lackeys of the number of collaborators and successors of the sovereign Rezun emits a pseudoscientific works on "How bad was the Soviet Union, his army and the government, and as a matter of fact the Germans were defeated in the war, the British and Americans, who joined with to them by the French, and Ukrainian and Baltic SSovtsami and policemen. " Everything that does not fit into this concept is declared 'Soviet falsifications "and anti-European lie.

Kids and grandkids collaborators is somehow possible to realize. Shameful to be a descendant of a traitor. It is doubly shameful to be a descendant of the traitor, do not dobivshegosya his betrayal — defected to the side of the underdog. So they are trying to subconsciously make their inferiority. To not recognize that my grandfather was a bastard, they are trying to change reality so that their curved mirror, he seemed a hero. You can recognize and Rezun. Recruited by British intelligence defector, he could not, and never will be able to be a private person or a bona fide researcher. He collaborator, propagandist in the service of the enemy. In general, and the descendants of the fascist collaborators and neokollaboranty among the "chosen freedom" of our former compatriots consciously as their predecessors of the SS-Galicia and the Baltic SS legions put the enemy shape. They sit in someone else's trenches. They're shooting at us. We shoot at them. While these shots advocacy. Bye.

But among us wander provocateurs-rezunovtsy, convince us that they are something your (our) and poured poison into the souls of our children and friends. They bring much more damage than outright enemies. They assure us that they are the carriers of the real truth about the war, that they are led by one some of the hidden documents that only they know the truth and carry it to us dopey.

Among them is sincerely deluded fool who read in their own lives one book (not the Bible), and decided that they should be opened to bring the light of knowledge to the population of the earth. Well, all we beheld how sincerely mistaken with half of the country where "reddish meat" maidan, foaming at the mouth and gnashing of teeth proves that Yushchenko — the Messiah, which poisoned the evil Putin for the fact that Yushchenko wanted to bring Ukraine into Europe that, in the Donetsk region live alone bandits, and in the Luhansk — separatists. We remember the 10's and hundreds of "eyewitnesses" personally "had seen" the "Russian special forces" on Bankova and "tank columns", "sent to the acceleration Maidan". Unfortunately, in any society, 10 percent of people own a very unbalanced mind, and from their mass psychosis just thrown and people in general adequate. Finally, in February 1917 in Petrograd masses of people also believed that the queen-German specialties (with the connivance of the king) put away the bread, so the Germans to surrender the capital.

But in 1917, in Petrograd in 2004 at the Independence, and in fact many years' falsification of history and discredit our victory play a major role mercenary scum-provocateurs who know perfectly well that it was in fact, but for the means of organizing mass Fools and their claim to the beneficence of arson own home (the collapse of basic mental foundations of society).

Scum famously operate mostly real events and facts, trying them inconspicuously necessary to interpret and "forget" those who do not fall within the concept of an eternally hideous Soviet Union and its Communist leadership stupid, malicious dovedshy Europe and the world to a terrible war.

Jerk with pleasure to tell you about the Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Russian Union of 23 August 1939 and the secret protocols and on the basis of this fact, as the entry of the Russian troops stationed in the area as part of Poland's Western Ukraine and Western Belarus (September 17 1939) would argue that Russian The Alliance has an equal responsibility with Hitler for the outbreak of war. But the bastard never answer the question: why Chamberlain, who gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler in Munich in 1938, in a war povinet? Why not blame the war in Poland, which took part in the partition of Czechoslovakia (ottorgnuvshaya she Cieszyn region), negotiate with Hitler on joint campaign against the Soviet Union and Hitler, too, which had a contract with a non-aggression, like all the other European countries?

Bastard will be silent about all of this because the whole totality of the facts impressively demonstrates that throughout the pre-war Europe, only the Soviet Union tried to resist Hitler by the creation of a collective security system, while others simply are not going to incite Germany to Russian Alliance, and (mostly) planned to take role in the Russian countryside. And it's not a "communist propaganda" and not idle speculation.

Poland was attacked because Germany refused to meet the requirement of the construction of a so-called Polish corridor extraterritorial steel and highway roads, the right to communicate with the German East Prussia as the inclusion of the German populated Germans "of the Free Town of Danzig." Earlier, Poland was a staunch ally of Hitler. It does not just blocked all attempts to bring the troops of the USSR on the defense of Czechoslovakia (including convincing Romania Russian troops refuse to pass through your area). It is, as mentioned above, took part in the division of Czechoslovakia. Polish diplomats and military officers not only were the Germans talks on joint action against the Soviet Union, and develop specific plans for their implementation. In August 1939, the other day of the war, Poland has made feasible the conclusion of the Anglo-Franco-Soviet military convention, reaffirming its own refusal to let Russian troops across its terrain, even in this case Poland itself be subject to German aggression.

Jerk-rezunovets never utter that Russian troops would not take the case to the district of Poland collapsed after two and a half weeks after the beginning of the Ge
rman invasion — Sept. 17, 1939. Just at that time Poland is not just suffered a complete and total military defeat, and was abandoned by their government, in other words, has to exist as a country. The fact that the acts of the USSR were not perceived in the world as anger shown by the fact that England and France declared war on Germany as a result of its invasion of Poland, not only failed to take such action against the Soviet Union, and expressed his recognition motifs actions. Not declared a state of war with the Soviet Union and the Polish government.

It's not such a small thing as it may seem. For example, the second global war began in September 1939, not in May of the same year, when Germany occupied Czechoslovakia remnants poslemyunhenskoy only as a formal war between Czechs and Germans were not. Czechoslovakia surrendered without a single shot, just taking a German ultimatum.

Bastard will resent the elimination of "independent" Baltic border countries, but keep silent about the fact that with the international legal point of view, the formalities have been complied with. He never thinks of the fact that Britain and France did not plan to be with the neutrality of Belgium and the Belgian government said bluntly, Belgium will have to perform at their side or it will be considered aggressive state with all the military and political consequences. Similarly, the British and the French were planning to occupy a neutral Norway to discourage exports of nickel and iron ore from neutral Sweden to Germany. Not exclude the occupation and Sweden itself. The Germans with their invasion of Norway ahead of the British landing on a matter of hours (ships with the troops were already in the sea).

Jerk remember the Soviet-Finnish war of 1940, but would never say that in the same year, Britain and France are concentrated in Syria bombers to strike at Russian oil fields in Baku and the North Caucasus, to exclude the possibility of using them in the future Germany.

Bastard will shed crocodile tears over the Russian defeats in 1941 and 1942, but made no slip of the tongue that in 1940, during the month was defeated the French army. At the time, she was listed of strongest in the world, surpassed the Wehrmacht on all indicators (tanks, guns, planes, personnel), was completely mobilized and deployed as France for eight months in a state of war with Germany. In addition, it supports almost chetyrehsottysyachnaya group of British troops and fleets of Britain and France had more than half of the warships of the planet and did not leave any chance of the German Navy.

Similarly, the bastard never utter that after the truce June 22, 1940 on the German side (in the SS units and troops of the Vichy government) made war at times more French than in the "Free French" de Gaulle, and that therefore self recognition France won the country after the war was in doubt. But remember the bastard Russian collaborators and lead them as a confirmation of the willingness of the people to oppose the government.

Bastard say about Chertovskikh defeats of the Red Army in 1941, declares that it is one hundred percent collapsed, but will interpret who defeated the Germans at Moscow. Bastard not forget to say that the Communist Party and Stalin personally take full responsibility for the defeats of 1941 and 1942's, particularly since they ruled the state and the army. But it would be completely disprove their involvement in the victories of 1943 — 1945 years (as if at that time the government and the army controlled by someone else). In the interpretation of the bastard damage suffered Russian mode, and wins the Russian people (if they exist separately from each other).

Bastard state that gained the victory, chasing a fighter for slaughter machine guns detachments that Germans "had stopped the bodies," but would not say where they took "body" to illumine if 1942 was occupied territory on which the pre-war population of 75 million people (almost half of the population prewar USSR) and Russian alliance had numerical advantages (by population) over Germany and its allies. Moreover, by this time sunk the loss of the Red Army (dead and dead, who were taken prisoner and missing) exceeded 6 million people, and yet there were also wounded. Where did the "body" to win?

Just do not poddonok will interpret why "do not want to fight," army has deployed tanks, guns, planes against detachments and how many people have been kept in these most detachments to force wage war multimillion colossus. Utter poddonok and that detachments (as, by the way, and penal) in that war were in fact in all the belligerent armies and made a related function — was stopped and suppress panic, but not "forced to fight." It is unrealistic to chase into battle tank corps or the NKVD machine guns, machine guns, or the SS. Besides themselves detachments were formed from among the same line units, and not from some departments were sent to Beria. But at the front of the NKVD Division fought wars and waged war perfectly.

Specifically, since virtually every day or event and war jerk will selectively "remembering" some facts and "forget" other.

Ask for what it is? Who needs it? Who is willing to pay for a clear heresy?

Those who vremeni.vedet until this war against us, war propaganda. While propaganda. Those who want to win the 1945 results. Those for whom not only our melkotravchatye the Nazis, and Hitler was just a shock force, cannon fodder, who made no secret of his own despair of what will of fate was our ally, not an ally of Hitler. Those who are entrusted in 1945, just store the weapons Reich capitulated, so you can quickly arm the German fighter for the latest war with the Soviet Union, but on the "right" side. Those who have realized that the information people and destroyed much of the country more effectively than in the gas chambers. Those whose efforts were divided USSR. Those who are in the country is trying to ogalichanit Russian, and do some of their "European" Ukrainians, corrosive own glorious imperial past, betrayed the memory of their fathers and grandfathers, and changed himself for himself. In the end, it is those who are trying to make us and our neighbors in Russia the idea that Putin — is now Stalin and therefore bad. And so no one hesitated that Putin is bad, Stalin (which Putin yesterday) should be byakoy of South American action movie — so the bad guys, in which all the bad and none of the 1st bright spots. They are the ones who are trying to prevent us from re-merge and become strong, discrediting this purpose our values and our humiliating past. Those for whom the standard of human and civil rights — Lera Novodvorskaja, hates the Russian just for what they are. Those who try to prevent the revival of the Russian Federation and its return to the world stage as a global player.

In general, these are our deadly enemies. They lead us to war destruction. They are trying now to the new criteria more technical than Hitler eliminate Slavic Untermensch — throw the body, but the soul to pull out.
They are scum.

In 1942, Ilya Ehrenburg called "Kill the Germans!".

Now this appeal must be heard: "Stop the bastard!"

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