Ruins of the architecture of Syria from the West and its satellites

The conflict in Syria has long since outgrown the stage of confrontation between traditional absentee powers that are trying to defend certain interests. And if nedavneshnego time to form an interstate confrontation took diplomacy, albeit a very hard form, but now the global confrontation defected to substantially open armed support to the warring parties in Syria. With all of this will be interesting to see the legal aspect of such support.

Ruins of the architecture of Syria from the West and its satellites

On the days of the head of European diplomacy, Mrs Ashton, who is soon on his own office has an enviable different activity, urged the Russian Federation to immediately end the supply of arms to Syria. This Tipo bad for the settlement of the situation because the government forces, received Russian tool, lead the fight against the brutal "peacefully minded opposition." With the delivery of our native land, they say, violates international obligations. These words can only read that Ashton deliberately distorting the facts and everything to the same low-versed in the legal capacities of transactions concluded between states.

The fact is that the Russian Federation provides tool Syria fully legal criteria. Agreements between Moscow and Damascus signed even before the Syrian opposition with the active support of the West and a number of Arab countries started "exclusively peaceful" against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Based on this state of affairs can be read with certainty that no pressure on Russia on the supply of guns on the ground Syria simply can not be.

But such questions Ms Ashton and other proponents of "appeasement" in Syria since then, some may start asking Saudi Arabia and some other states, which is located on the Arabian Peninsula. A few days back to Riyadh decided (of course, not without outside help) that begin arming the Syrian opposition, which is configured only for "peaceful" development of the situation in the Syrian Republic. It was these supplies are not legitimate, since practically oriented to the sponsorship of an armed rebellion and are bypassing any resolutions. But, as we are aware, no claims of Saudi Arabia in the west no one is going to bring, as arming Syrian rebels — this is the active requests by Western countries. I recall that at one time the chief ideologist of uncompromising struggle for the Syrian "prosperity", John McCain spoke that he would have started to deliver instrument opposition immediately.

Apparently, the U.S. and the EU some time wondered, like to put these words into practice, but so that their own hands have remained unsullied. And at this time, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have expressed willingness speedy "help" in the home. With all of this in Riyadh and Doha, said that the Syrian rebels are ready to assist not only the instrument, and their regular troops, and that will set the world on Syrian soil by carpet bombing and subversion. While impartial data on the presence of Saudi and Qatari troops on the ground of Syria there, but the delivery of the instrument, at least, Saudi Arabia maintained for at least the last week. "The weapon of self-defense," the official Saudi authorities refer to those weapons that are in the hands of the rebels.

It turns out mind-boggling picture of the museum's storerooms absurd paintings of Western political "artists." The Syrian opposition has been artificially formed and sponsored to combat the official Syrian authorities and therefore a constant Syrian army. How, West saw that the rebel forces are beginning to suffer one defeat after another, and here he heard voices that bloodshed is not allowed and new weapons Assad's army is not allowed. It turns out that the armed rebels, according to the West, had just cut all the regular army, and that when all this was supposed to behave "like a lamb" led to the slaughter. But it was not here … The Syrian army, with the active and, again, we note the legitimate support of the Russian Federation crumpled outlined plans that were obviously copied from the Libyan scenario.

Realizing that the potentials of the armed opposition in Syria soon flocked to zero, and the one world that is not so little voice in the EU and the U.S. have had to come to pass itself, and in the process have included the major satellites of the West of the number of Arab countries — Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Say, something began to fire die out, and with all this, Bashar al-Assad was sit in his own chair — which means you need to fan the flames again by supply guns opposition. In principle, there is the word "opposition" to use absolutely inappropriate. The opposition — are the citizens (nationals) of the country that have worldview that differs from the authorities about the impending development of the country and participate in the political struggle. In the Syriac version in the middle of "opposition" is increasingly find themselves citizens of other countries (such as Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq). And this is not the opposition, and nothing else, as the most realistic foreign intervention. The fact that the Syrian conflict verbovaniya foreign people, including members and al-Qaeda, even the Commission recognized the Arab League, who worked on the ground Syria within a certain period of time. But the reasons of Representatives committee of the Arab League have been turned inside out inside out weird way. Namely, one of the members of the organization International Crisis Group (Crisis Group) said that foreign mercenaries in Syria if there is, then it there, in-1's, not much is negligible, and, in-2, they went there on voluntary basis — for cry of conscience.

Naturally, voluntary, and under what else … almost jumped out of their homes, seized on every Berdan rifle and for their money sitting in the aircraft and on ships, went to wage war against the hated Assad … But half of those who arrived to wage war against al-Assad, for example, of the same in Afghanistan, before the arrival of the Assad family name and not heard. Cry of conscience …

Apparently, the call of conscience and brought Riyadh to understand the need to arm those very poistrepavshihsya "opposition." In this regard, Syrian conflict in which West seriously bogged down, is still far from being resolved. And so the coming future of Syria, as it is not sad to think about — a country in ruins, which are another "architectural" project in Brussels and Washington.

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