Russia and Belarus in 2012, he graduated from the modernization of military facilities

Russia and Belarus in 2012 will complete the modernization of military facilitiesMinistry of Defense of the Russian Federation and Belarus This year she graduated from the program from the Union to improve the country's military infrastructure, said Tuesday minister Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

"We have summed up the implementation of preparatory programs from the Union to improve the country's military infrastructure. In 2012, we complete its execution," — said Serdyukov, summing up the joint board of defense ministers of Russia and Belarus.

He noted that as part of the applets, and it was completed a full renovation of some objects. "The complete repair of significantly improved the storage of arms, ammunition and logistical support for regional groupings," — said minister Defense.

Also, according to Serdyukov, the board discussed the prospects of regional troops Belarus and the Russian Federation, have specified the value of cooperation and ways of dealing with military and military-technical sphere.

Also, according to Serdyukov, the plan was approved by the joint strategic exercises "West-2013".

"It will be held in September next year amid a real military-political situation in the western strategic direction," — said minister Defense. According to him, teaching scheduled to take place in two steps at the sites of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

In the course of the exercise is meant to work out issues of security of the country of the Union, in practice, to perform planning for the implementation of the regional group of troops. "It is also to be involved in the teaching of the collective rapid reaction force (RRF) of the CSTO," — said minister. According to him, to coordinate their actions on the ground Belarus Command will be formed CSTO RRF.

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