Russia and India have agreed to develop a fighter of the 5th generation

Russia and India have agreed to create a fighter of the 5th generationOur homeland and India signed a contract for the development of conceptual and technical project fighter fifth generation, which will be created on the basis of Russian T-50 (PAK FA), reports ITAR-TASS. The agreement was signed during the visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to India. Cash costs of doing a joint project while it is not defined. As expected, the first model of the fighter will rise into the air after 5 years.

Earlier, Indian and Russian media reported that the total estimated cost of the joint project will be eight to ten billion dollars. According to the Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics, which will participate in the development of the aircraft, the financing of preliminary work will need about 295 million dollars. New plane India received the designation FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft). Presumably, about a quarter of systems for FGFA will be created by the Indian side.

Namely, it is understood that HAL will develop a bortovik promising fighter. In addition, India will develop a navigation system for the FGFA, a huge part of the information displays in the cockpit and a system of self-defense. Other work will lead Russian company "Sukhoi". For India, will create a double modification of the PAK FA.

First, in October 2010 the Indian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik said that the Air Force wants to buy 200 to 250 fighters fifth generation since 2017. Notwithstanding the fact that Russian T-50 will form the basis of Indian fighter FGFA, new aircraft will be tailored to suit the requirements of the Indian Air Force. The list of requirements is worked into the current Air Force. Purchase of 250 fighters to the Indian Air Force will cost 25 billion dollars, or 100 million dollars for the plane.

August 31 "Dry" engaged in the creation of the T-50, held a demo flight of the plane layout to the delegation of the Ministry of Defence of India. Demonstration of the ability of the aircraft was accomplished at Moscow airport "Ramenskoye." Flight of the layout of the PAK FA lasted 10 minutes. During this period of time plane performed clearance at low speed, and several maneuvers over large angles of attack. Later, Indian media reported that the Indian delegation was pleased with what he saw.

Technical properties of the T-50 still classified. Officially, it is clear that the PAK FA will differ highest intellectualization of the board will be able to take off and land on runways length of 300-400 meters, and will be able to do a super-maneuverable combat tasks in any weather and time of day. Fighter created with the use of stealth technology.

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