Russia conducted a test of its own response to the South American missile defense system in Europe

Russia tested its "response" to the U.S. missile defense system in Europe

December 20, Tuesday, Russian military fired at the launch site in Kazakhstan short-range missile. After which, they noted that the tests were fully successful, so as to set time was struck by the conditional target. Several earlier Dmitry Medvedev (Russian President) has threatened the West that if the U.S. continues upcoming construction of missile defense systems (missile defense) In Europe, then he'd take retaliatory measures.

ITAR-TASS news agency, referring to the Office of info, the press service of the Defense Ministry, "At noon Moscow time on 20 December, the joint crews SRF Sary-Shagan military space forces and industry representatives held a successful test launch of the missile low range missile defense system of the Russian Federation. " By the way the video launch of said missile can look at the web page of the site office.

Knows how to "Interfax", with all this reference to its source in the military: "The purpose of the missile launch — is proof of the tactical and technical characteristics of anti-missile defense system." Lieutenant-General Sergei LOBOV (Deputy Commander of the EBA), commented: "At the present day army aerospace defense have good technological and technical capacities in the implementation and development of missile defense."

Type of missile, which was tested in Kazakhstan, not reported. And one can imagine that we are talking about the trial complexes, which are part of the tactical missile defense system Russia. It is clear that in the tactical missile complexes of the Russian Federation consists of having a small range act like "Tunguska", "Armour-C1" and "Tor-M2". Also, it is possible to carry anti-aircraft missile systems large and medium-range actions, such as the C-400 and C-300, which is equipped with additional radar stations. Since 2015, as expected, of the missile defense system will include new Russian anti-aircraft missile complexes C-500.

It should be noted that in Kazakhstan previously undergone multiple missile tests relating to the A-system 135. By the way, they make up a missile defense of the capital (Moscow). So, rocket complex A-135 type 53T6 can effortlessly remove objects to an altitude of 50 thousand meters, and at a distance of 350 km. In 2007, in October, at the Sary-Shagan, the last test said missile. And as noted «»: «The structure of the A-135 comes a special radar, which has centimeter range of the Don-2N, 32 th and 68 missile interceptors 51T6 53T6."
Let us recall that in November (the end), Dmitry Medvedev (Russian President) has threatened the West that if the United States will continue to upcoming construction of missile defense systems in Europe, Our homeland accept that response. In a matter of priority assigned to cover the head of the country's strategic nuclear forces of the objects in the creation of the state of air and space defense. In addition, he announced that Russia wants to place in the south and west strike systems "Iskander", which will provide fire damage component of ABM Europe.

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