Russia expands the network of the latest radar: Another station will work in the Kuban

Russia expands the network of the latest radar: the next station will work in the Kuban

Bimbo of the radar station (RLS) "Voronezh-DM" system of missile warning (EWS) will be put on combat duty in the town of Armavir region of the Kuban to the end of the year, told reporters on Tuesday Force Commander Aerospace Defense (ASD) of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Oleg Ostapenko.

"This station at the moment is graduating from the preparation stage to the statement on the alert… We need to work more lively, so this year actually finish all the work on the formulation of the station on combat duty, "- He said during a visit to the station.

He expressed the satisfaction of the organization of work and the state of affairs in the unit, operating radar, and expressed his confidence that "those tasks that are set to be resolved." "We plan to complete the work on the station, about the end of this year — said Ostapenko.
From the perspective of assembly stations, "everything is made, the station has it all," the general said. "At the moment we are debugging of software and preparation of calculations in the mode of combat duty," — said the commander.

"This station, and I have such confidence will be put to alert previous schedule, which was approved. It's certainly one that we create everything to how it was, "- he said.

As told reporters the officers on duty shift commanders Fri Armavir radar, two entered in the system section of the station is currently Included in today's equipment have 240 degree field of view, looking at the place of France and Spain in the west, Algeria to the south-west, in the south of Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, and parts of India and Pakistan — in the south-east. In other words, this station provides a radar control of the western, south-western, southern and southeastern missile-threat directions.

Range of actions such as radar "Voronezh-DM" is seeking six thousand kilometers, they "are able to discover, organize and accompany modern and promising means of aerospace attack, including ballistic and aerodynamic," said the previously authorized dealer Forces Col. Alexei Zolotukhin ASD.

At the moment, the radar operates in trial operation. To work out the practical actions of officers on duty shifts in the process incurring the most experienced experts at alerting radars often make training exercise for the detection and characterization of motion and ballistic targets gallakticheskih objects. Trainings are held with the introduction of special computer programs that simulate real combat conditions in real time and in real geographic dimension.

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