Russia in the UN General Assembly voted against a resolution on Syria

Russia in the UN General Assembly voted against a resolution on SyriaOn Thursday, during a speech at the General Assembly by a vote of Vitaly Churkin, Permanent Representative of Russian Federation to the UN, said that Our homeland voted against of the draft resolution on Syria in the UN General Assembly, as presented project does not meet the basic aspects of the conflict in that country.

According to Churkin, the essence of these principles is that "the violence in Syria must end all parties, and the necessary solutions will be found only in the end held by the Syrians themselves the political process open to all," ITAR-TASS.

Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation stressed that project resolution submitted by Egypt, "mainly reflects the tendency to cause us concern isolation of Syrian control, denial of contact with him, the imposition of a political settlement outside of the formula."

Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation said that in order to make the project tabled equilibrium temper, it was proposed a few amendments.

"The essence of the most fundamentally of them came down to a reasonable and non-conflicting requirements of the opposition forces, to dissociate themselves from armed groups committing acts of violence, and to these groups — finish to make an attack on the municipal offices and residential areas, "- said Churkin.

"Government forces also have to leave the city and end their attacks," — said Churkin.

But, as stated Envoy, "Our amendment shall not be accepted." "In these criteria in the Russian Federation had no other options, not counting as a vote against," — he said.

Permanent Representative the UN assured that our homeland "will continue its efforts to promote the exit from the crisis, cooperation with all those who in the first place puts the interests of the Syrian people, security and peace in the region."

In favor of the draft resolution entitled "The situation in the Syrian Arab Republic," which presented Egypt, 137 countries voted in favor, 12 — against, including China and Russia, 17 — abstained.

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