Russia is not going to withdraw from an air base in Kyrgyzstan

Russia is not going to withdraw from an air base in KyrgyzstanDecisions on the withdrawal of Russian Kant air base from Kyrgyz been taken, said on Thursday the assistant secretary of defense for aircraft, Colonel-General Alexander Zelin said.

Around military installations in Kyrgyzstan, including Russian, there is debate about the necessity of their presence in the country.

"As commander in chief (Air Force), I have no decision on this matter has not received, in any case, the Main Command of the Air Force air component of any configurations on our base in Kant did not plan to," — said Zelin said at a briefing in Voronezh, where the conference dedicated to the 100th the anniversary of the Russian Air Force.

According to him, the organizational and staff structure of the base remains the same. "I think this will be the basis of all because it was planned," — said the general.
He noted that only recently on the air base was modernized fleet of combat vehicles, including auto technician.

"We recently changed the fleet here, there came not a bad technique with a good resource to perform the tasks as intended, including the benefit of Collective Security Treaty Organization (the Organization of the Collective Security Contract)," — he said.

In Kyrgyzstan currently being deployed four Russian military facility: air base in Kant, the base of submarine weapons testing in Karakol, military communications center in Kara-Balta, radioseysmicheskaya laboratory at Mile Suu. Air base in Kant is a structural subdivision of the CSTO immediately.

Earlier this year, President Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev, who was then on a visit to Moscow, told the media that the Russian Defense Ministry owes Kyrgyzstan about 15 million dollars for being in the country Russian military base, and said that the last time the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the negotiations within 10 days to pay the debt. The press service of the Kremlin confirmed their willingness to pay recently.

In the end, first of March the Ministry of Defense Kyrgyzstan announced that the Russian Defense Ministry to pay the debt of 15.5 million dollars for the lease of areas in the country under military installations.

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