Russia plans to purchase up to 1,000 units of the French armored vehicles

Apparently, many of our bureaucrats joy trips to Paris, more interest Russian military-industrial complex

Russia plans to purchase up to 1,000 units of the French armored vehicles

The French company "Panhard" is in talks to supply in Russia up to 1 thousand light armored vehicles. Itar-Tass on international defense exhibition IDEX-2011 said commercial director Michel Galand. "The Russian side is in talks regarding the purchase of 500 to 1 thousand light armored vehicles, which are intended to be entered service Interior Troops of the Russian Federation, — he said. — The price of the contract could reach 200 to 500 million euros."

Presumably part of the machines will be carried out in France, some in Russia. According to Galland, "Russian partner for this project has not been elected. "Recently, the Russian Federation will be sent 2-ve armored vehicles to the test." After the end of their first batch of machines can be delivered in 6 months — said Galland. — The peculiarity of the transaction is that we will give the appropriate RF technology. "

The "Panhard" not long ago put the armed forces of France in 1000 amphibious armored vehicles. It is not clear what kind of modification in question, an old — VBL, or the latest — VBR.

Russia plans to purchase up to 1,000 units of the French armored vehicles

Armored Car VBR

BM VBR (4 x 4) began to develop in 2001, the first official show took place at "Eurosatory" in the middle of 2004. This machine is a variant with an enlarged base of a previously developed car VBL (4 x 4) and has a huge in comparison with him carrying capacity, the old model was developed back in the 80's of the 20th century. First experienced VBR reference was made in 2002. This machine was equipped with a 12.7-mm machine gun and a remotely operated smoke grenade launcher. The vehicle body is welded armor design that protects the crew from small arms bullets and guns of small caliber fragments of some types of ordnance. The side windows and windshields provide the same level of protection of such personnel. Power installation consists of a diesel engine MTU 4R106, the respective requirements of the standard Euro-3 and six-speed automatic box office "Allison." Standard equipment includes VBR power steering, anti-lock braking system and adjust the tire pressure, kondyuk and filtering unit. In contrast to the new machine VBL car Non-floating, but he is able to overcome water obstacles up to 1 m deep wading. On the basis of the armored car company "Panhard" implies releasing crank, the machine is also under the symbol MCPV, were equipped with launchers of anti-tank guided missiles or anti-aircraft missile system. On the modification of MCPV anti-tank guided missile system will use the "Milan-ER" ATGW or EMM / MCT (European Modular Munitions / Missiles de Combat Tactique). To solve the problems of air defense car will be equipped with missiles "Mistral-2" manufactured by MBDA, and at the request of the customer can be set as other guided missiles "land — air."

The main performance characteristics of VBR (VBL)
Russia plans to purchase up to 1,000 units of the French armored vehicles
Crew — 4 (2-4)
Combat weight, kg — 9000 (4 tons)
Motor power, l. s. — 218 (95 or 125 liters. Sec.)
Specific power, l. s / t — 24
Length, m — 4.93 (3.8)
Width, m — 2.3 (2)
Height, m — 1.95 (1.7)
The highest speed, km / h — 110 (95 km / h)

In the law enforcement agencies of France, more than 1.6 thousand armored vehicles VBL. They are in service with the Marine Corps, and amphibious armored cavalry units. Gendarmerie uses them for street operations or as is commonly read in the French Ministry of the Interior, "to control the masses." They are much more comfortable armored personnel carriers, because the size is not more than ordinary passenger car.

Most of the professionals agree that the purchase of French armored vehicles makes no sense. In the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs have machines of similar type — SPM-2 "Tiger" and more than a new SPM-3 "Bear." French cars more expensive, in addition, as the experience of the introduction of VBL in Kosovo and Africa, their protection against explosions mines and machine-gun fire mnogokalibernyh very low. These small machines clearance, making them vulnerable to Russian bad roads. The only advantage of the French armored vehicles — that's what it amphibious. In France, this model is now deprecated.

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