Russia should not rely on military cooperation with Saudi Arabia

Russia should not rely on military cooperation with Saudi Arabia

The negotiations of the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, on military-technical cooperation, were at an impasse, and are unlikely to have follow-up perspective. This statement was made on Sunday, Igor Korotchenko, director TSAMTO (Center for Analysis of World Trade gun). About the impasse in the negotiations and the agreement indicates Ayr-Riyadh with "Boeing" for the purchase of 84 fighter jets F-15SA, which will go to the Air Forces of Saudi Arabia.

According TSAMTO, USAF last Thursday signed a contract with "Boeing", the price of which 11.4 billion dollars. Under this agreement, under the program under the title "Foreign Military Sales" Saudi Air Force Arabia will receive 84 new fighter F-15SA. The contract also includes the supply and all necessary systems and ammunition. Delivery of the aircraft F-15SA to illumine should end in 2020.

Korochenko said that, to the chagrin of bolshennomu, rely on large-scale military-technical cooperation with Saudi Arabia is not necessary. Expectations were not fulfilled, and as a result, "the most delicious pieces of Saudi arms went to American Pie."

According Korochenko, hopes for future development prospects of cooperation between Russia and Saudi Arabia in the military-technical field is not necessary, since Riyadh always geopolitical enemy of Moscow in the region, especially with respect to the situation surrounding Iran and Syria.

According to the views of professional Our homeland must adjust foreign and military-technical policy, always aware that things between Saudi Arabia and Russia "will not be so, as we would prefer."

Korochenko believes that there is nothing unexpected in such a scenario. Trade is a tool in the geopolitical sphere, because it is logical that Riyadh is correct conduit of U.S. interests in the region, has chosen a South American instrument. At the moment, our homeland, according to the views of a professional should closely examine all, do yourself a proper conclusions and the search for new arms markets, including markets located in the Middle East.

Back in February 2007, on a visit to Saudi Arabia Vladimir Putin has been in the position of Russian president. Even then, during talks with Bishop Abdallah they talked about the development of cooperation in the military-technical field. In autumn of the same year, the parties signed a memorandum of understanding. In October 2007, as reported to the French media, Riyadh signed an agreement for the supply of 150 helicopters of Russian-made Mi-35 and Mi-17, the price of which was more than two billion dollars.

As later reported to Russian and foreign media, was being prepared a package of agreements on military-technical cooperation between $ 4 to 6 billion dollars between Russia and Saudi Arabia. In 2010, Alexander Fomin, deputy director FSMTC (the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation), said that between Moscow and Riyadh are working on a package of agreements under which the purchase of Russian weapons will take place on three fronts: defense, armor and helicopters. But prior to the current day or any evidence of reaching agreement have been reported as not available information about the termination of negotiations.

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