Russian Americanism. Why do we always live with an eye to the West

Russian Americanism.  Why do we always live with an eye to the West

At the "First Channel" TV has launched a new project under the soft-spoken title "The Voice." But none of the benefits of this project, nor of his shortcomings will not be read. I will tell just from similar singing competition and programs it is very different in that here — really sing, and sing well. No soundtracks, so-called. dancers and the other taken from Western pop, "special effects". First editions of "Voices" brought a real pleasure. And — more strong disappointment: the project, as it turned out, again from the series «Made in USA», and the vast majority of the contestants performed the works of South American and the British language.

We'll sing in English?

Was left wondering: neuzh, then there is no longer any Russian music, no songs in Russian or any other language of living in Russia 130 nations and nationalities? In the end, it was possible to do the translation. But to blame the young artists just a hand does not rise.

Even by the jury, not a bad intensively to demonstrate knowledge of the originals, sing along, dance, special claims are not "fish" from Americanized? That's right — from the head.

Not long ago, the publication "RBC daily» pleased with the publication of its own readers about building near Moscow "Moscow Manhattan." And one more "joy": it appears that "in Moscow commissioned brand new highway that allows you to get from Zvenigorod highway to the international business center" Moscow City ". In this connection, can not help but inspire optimism in the Muscovites, as guests of the city, the message of an international exhibition at the Exhibition Center «CityBuild. Urban Technologies. "

These stories Moscow connects one: the pursuit of the golden calf, and certainly in the second, and even third priority — taking care of the Russian culture. Similar examples — weight, and, unfortunately, not only in Moscow. In the depths of their bulk, too.

And in politics? First, in the Russian Federation (Russian Union) got its own president, as in America (not somewhere!). At one time there was even own vice president, Know, say, ours! Then — Private white house again to the South American twist. Although the "white" house in Moscow is quite different sign. And in this Tipo Snow White house sits with Prime Minister Deputy Prime Ministers, though, of mandatory according to which all citizens of the Constitution, they are regarded as different. There are in Russia and the legislature — Municipal Duma and the Federation Council. Topping their people occupying constitutional positions of Chairmen, namely, again on the same south american manners — speakers. One spikaet speaker of the Duma, the other — in the Federation Council from nowhere who took their senators. What is not yet another illustration of the fact that the requirements of the Constitution act selectively?

Analyzing now move the "reforms" of the 1990s, we clearly litsezreem, which is unlikely today oligarchs could have so valiantly "throw" all Russia, if they did not run into use their evil "vouchers", not rename the familiar and ordinary Russian ear words "marketing" and "consulting", if vices disguised Americanisms — "killer" and "racketeer" — do not hide the true appearance of murderers and extortionists. And today, the bureaucrats beautiful Russian word "meeting" prefer weird 'summit'. Americanization hitherto not know bottlenecking.

Movies — South American, shows — South American, presentations — the South American fashion, love — in the American dream — South American (make money). Beautiful, delicate, almost no words passed to the feeling of love changed rude, degrading, — "making love." There is a certain spiritual and linguistic occupation of our consciousness.

With the Anglo-American words suggest themselves referred to their realities, behaviors, lifestyle, morality, etc., ie foreign and alien to our cultural values. With the help of loans past 2-10-s years of manipulation carried out personal and public consciousness. Irrepressible invading Anglo-Americanisms at an alarming pollutes people's minds, making them difficult to communicate among themselves, and, even worse, instills an alien view of the world, destroying our language environment, devaluing the national word, its spiritual essence. So Makar, foreign words play the role of external factors impact on society. Not the case because when the Municipal Duma made an attempt to pass a law on the protection of the Russian language, rose liberal "howling".

The massive pressure of American culture and the British language in its South American version in other cultures and languages in almost all countries of the world has caused severe concern for preserving the native language, national culture, thinking (mindset). For example, in France in 1994 adopted the "Law on the use of the French language" (so called "Toubon Law"). It prohibits unwarranted introduction of Americanisms in public and official speech by a huge foreign exchange risk a fine. In the music program notes of foreign music to be greater than 40%. Special censors are looking for the use of borrowing in newspapers, magazines, television and radio. The law on the protection of the French language was a signal and a stimulus for discussion of similar legislation in other countries, as it is clear to me, in Germany, Poland (the law passed in 1999), Romania.

It would not hurt us to heed the advice of the famous South American playwright Arthur Miller: "I very much hope that in Russia do not see another America. For you do not need a mimetic culture. In Russian the word love a lot more passionate and more than vserasprostranena pronounced than in most other countries. "

Americanized speech in modern Russian Federation, so Makarov — is not only a measure of the state of the Russian language. This, along with that, and indicator of the psychology of the Russian state, which in the past served as a permanent core of a Eurasian union of the peoples of the Eurasian and the type of crop. It is therefore clear: the Russian Federation can not do without understanding its history, inseparable from the history of other people coming and its member nations and their own proper place in the future of mankind. A share in the hope that all is not lost, gives, say, the fact that not so long ago by the decision of Russian authorities to cease the activity Consulate USAID.

Recall that, in accordance with the U.S. budget, the funds allocated under USAID, should only be spent on the promotion of national security strategy of the United States on the territory of foreign countries. And they are well spent through NGOs, which in Russia up to 1987 was 40, and now bred to 300,000.

USAID in Russia focused on public administration — 316 works, health — 205 works, urban planning and development — 135 works, democracy and governance — 124 works, etc. (At beginning of October 2006). According to demographers recognizable I. Medvedev and T. Shishkov, programs USAID family planning and sex education to stimulate premature introduction to the sexuality of young people, the increase in sexually transmitted diseases, abortions and, ultimately, accelerate the extinction of the population of Russia.

It turns out that the organization was involved in the drafting of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the fi
rst part of the mufti of the Code, the Tax Code and the Code of the Earthen.

Were adopted virtually all of USAID initiatives to reform the judicial system of the Russian Federation, moreover, the 5000 Russian court officials were trained in the U.S. "democratic" justice. Without USAID has not done well as the restructuring and reform of RAO UES, the development of competitive electricity market.

And a lot more then a "very good" time to mess things up in Russia, representatives of international development agencies "democracy." For 20 years (1992-2012 gg.) United States, through USAID, have leaked in virtually all municipal governance structure and the Russian Federation have caused such damage, which can be compared only to that of krupnomasshatbnyh consequences of military action on our area. And those consequences have to eliminate long years. And how many more organizations similar USAID, in Russia continue their subversive activities?

The ban on the activities of USAID in Russia — only the first step in countering that was plaguing our country, a phenomenon that can be called "Russian Americanism", to be exact — the internal Americanism. Other steps in this direction will be given more difficult, as the Russian Americanism, for everything else, is under a deep historical roots.

Land of the free?

In ordinary consciousness rooted idea as if Americanism appeared in the Russian Federation together with the "restructuring", was generated by it and was used as a tool to reform the country. Absolutely not. The idea of the United States, as a model of municipal unit, the desire to "arrange" Russian life on the standard South American appeared in the late XVIII century. Our Americanism since the inception of its own development has come a long way, leaving noticeable mark on Russian history, Russian and Russian minds, and personal destinies of countless people, has become an integral part of the Russian mentality.

Now, sure, you could celebrate 146th anniversary of the beginning of the official Americanization of. More precisely, since 1866, when the Russian Empire, the delegation paid a visit to the South American Congress. Yankees ecstatically welcomed across the country. It was the apotheosis of a Russian-American relations. Having spent a year later, in the south of the Russian Federation writer Mark Twain wrote: "… here we felt that rather be the Yankees, no other visas we no longer needed … Wherever we have visited … always greeted with hospitality and attention. "

In search of a recipe correction Russian realities constructive idea rushed beyond the borders of the motherland, first in Europe, then — for the ocean to the New World. America was seen as a candidate of Russian life. So she perceived at the moment.

The negative attitude to Russian reality and the perception of the U.S. as a model — the base of the Russian Americanism.

Such an assessment of the Russian Federation and the United States was characterized by, for example, is Alexander Radishchev, see the United States state of freedom, and Russia — a martyr. United States saw him "proverbial", ie known, a jubilant state where they live, "happy people" who "gave liberty case."

In RF were popular Russian literary works devoted to the United States, for example, the book of PP Svinyin "Experience the colorful journey through North America," works KS Stanyukovicha in which it deals with the United States. In particular — his novel "The Adventures of the 1st sailor." This story may be referred to the anthem America, "… free side … one fragrance! "- that speak about the United States Stanyukovicha heroes. A theatrical figure of Prince S. Volkonskiy wrote at the time: "Amazing country America, as it is able to force to work as developing performance and rabotogotovnost … What a proud feeling you experience when coming to America with his job: to come to this earth, not as a tourist, but as an employee — this is one of the nicest excuses of their own existence. "

Relationship with the United States caused a desire to move the South American experience on Russian soil. As happened in 1893 with the majestic Prince Alexander Mikhailovich, the idea of which was that, so do not focus on Europe and take in the United States as a benchmark.

In the middle of the XIX century. begins the expansion of South American capital, engineering and technology in Russia. In the 1860s. in the Russian Far East, all foreign merchants, regardless of their nationality, the settlers called the Yankees. Americans have taken part in the construction of the railway in Russia, Russian Navy replenished ships built in the United States or by U.S. materials and equipment. The Russian army was armed with the small South American instrument — Berdan rifles, revolvers of the "Smith and Wesson", and from 1896 to adopt Russian troops began to arrive famous Maxim machine guns. Agriculture used the South American cars, conducted the propaganda of American farming achievements.

Since the inception of the Russian Americanism United States were represented in the Russian consciousness a promised land. Specifically, from this point of view, the United States motivate the Decembrists, the members of the St. Cyril and Methodius. The appeal NG Chernyshevsky "Barsky peasants' said, for example, which is particularly appropriate device at the Swiss and the Yankees, who do not keep the Kings and elected for the term" people's warden. " The state of freedom, where a fair and open political struggle, the U.S. believed the Russian terrorists from the organization "People's Will, condemned the murder in 1881 of the 20th U.S. President James Garfield terrorist Charles Guiteau.

Killed in the same year Tsar Alexander II the People believed that political terrorism in the United States — a sin, and terror in Russia — is completely acceptable tool in the fight against the government.

Similar political standards and uses modern Russian opposition.

But a lot of Russian Americanism said about himself in Siberia, where in the first half of the XIX century. had the idea of separatism. Researcher anthrax stories BG Kubalia noted that the separatists want "not so much about the autonomy of Siberia as the likely, following the example of the United States of America, Canada or Australia, its separation from Russia." A Siberian researcher GF Kungurov stated that "the future of Siberia compared with America was particularly stylish, this number is the tip of the willing". In the 60-ies. XIX century. secessionists prepared rebellion that was to lead to the proclamation in Siberia independent state "Svobodoslaviya." An important feature of the new country was to be a war with Imperial Russia.

During this period, the tradition originated Union Russian revolutionary-minded radicals and the American people in the fight against the Russian government. Russian immigrants and U.S. citizens were doing joint organization. They worked intensively under the auspices of the Japanese authorities on the treatment of political prisoners in the Russian land of the rising sun during the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905.

By the beginning of XX century. in Russian society began to form the idea that the introduction of American properties — efficiency, perseverance, enterprise, zeal to get the highest return — this is the way to success, both for the country and for the individual. In the story by Tolstoy's "The Adventures of Rastegin" (1913), the young squire in the Volga outback defined the credo: "… I am inside the crease found a South American … Here is my principle: every moment I have to make at least one penny: total daily fourteen rubles 40 kopecks. " With all of this does not take into acco
unt that the United States and our homeland — a country with very different histories, different mentality, society, traditions and institutions. Still, the thought of using someone else's experience has continued to exist. And, as we are convinced that there are up to the present.

Russian government's attitude to the U.S. in 1920-1930-ies. was diversified. Certainly, the United States is treated as an imperialist government, but at the same time, Stalin said: "We would wish people of science and technology of America were our teachers in the art, and we are their students …"

This position is dictated by the needs of the socialist reconstruction of the country. In the 1920-1930-ies. motto, "Catch America" received wide distribution. In the public consciousness formed a stable and positive image of the U.S., including how it paradoxically, through municipal and ideology. Interests of the United States and the Soviet Union had not yet crossed, and the two countries do not pose a threat to each other.

Second global war, the Lend-Lease, the second front, the joint struggle against Nazi aggression added new shtrishki to mean "rich and good-natured of America."

Since the beginning of Khrushchev's "thaw" began a new milestone in the development of Russian Americanism. What, as before, a lot of the official Russian propaganda promoted, have adopted an old motto of "catch up and overtake the U.S.." Then there were the "sixties." At its base, as well as 100 years or so back, lay a negative attitude to the Russian reality. The poet Joseph Brodsky wrote about his childhood: "There was once a boy. He lived in the most inequitable country in the world. Ruled by creatures that all standards should be known in a human degenerates. " And just as it was 100 years ago back, the network of informants collected and redirected to the West information on the actions of Russian power, intent, so Makarov, there form public opinion against Russia.

Dissidents second half of the XX century, like their predecessors (and current followers), is also seeking help from the West. But now it's gone cooperation at the municipal level. U.S. backed dissidents coordinate their activities financed their struggle against the Russian government. Specifically, the South American intelligence exported from the USSR archive Solzhenitsyn, after his expulsion from the country in 1974. Thirty years after the death of Stalin was truly a new discovery of America to the Russian consciousness, for myself experienced the pressure of official propaganda. Americanism survived and evolved in almost all due to the fact that the forbidden fruit was well, very much sweeter.

The subsequent step was the implementation of Americanism "new Russian" at the municipal level. United States relied on the different political forces. Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin coordinate their policies with the United States.

The victory in the putsch in August 1991 Yeltsin CONTRIBUTE win the South American intelligence.

Americans have adopted a specific role in the restoration of capitalism in Russia. Russian government adviser Dr. D. Sachs Harvard Institute adored represent himself "the architect of Russian reforms."

Since 1989, the South American country of the USSR acted Institute Kraybla, which organized, coordinated and financed the campaign of Democrats, and after the election, the U.S. Congress funded the Interregional Group of Deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. A similar activity lasted into the next. Generally, in the policy of "reformers" lay hopes for Western assistance in the amount of $ 250 billion. bucks. To illumine 1994 revealed the first results of Americanization of. The decline in production has exceeded 50%. Is the destruction of the social sphere, a drop of morality, an increase in crime.

President Boris Yeltsin stated then that our homeland is no longer any illusions concerning assistance from the West. Yet, even to the present day or not these illusions vanished completely, so firmly entrenched Americanism in Russian public consciousness.

Adapt America under Russia?

Now, after a couple of years of "reset" aimed at improving our relations, the United States announced that, from the standpoint of nuclear danger for America, Our homeland is in second place after China, and on the ground — as the enemy in a possible cyber warfare. And for those who consider you as my first opponent, no friendship we did not succeed. Cooperation on an equal footing — yes, specifically that of harmony in the foreseeable future and should be adjusted.

The newspaper "Kommersant" (18.10.2012) information on the results of the 1st of September's polls far not the case (and in the publication of Americanism can not refuse) published under the title "The Russians stopped loving America."

It was found out, and that is that, compared with the fall of 2011, the number of people of the Russian Federation, which are generally positive about the United States has dropped from 67% to 46%. Respectively, from 27% to 38% increased fraction of those in relation to the United States set up badly.

It is significant that 67% of respondents agreed with the statement, the U.S. "hypocritically trying to force other countries to comply with the laws of international law, although they do not always follow them." According to the views of the majority — 68%, the United States often try to exert pressure on Russia, if acting with reverence — 17%.

And although the general trend is bound to inspire hope for the following purification of consciousness of the people of abominable Americanism, today's numbers, but inspire and anxiety: what is all the same a huge number of Russians living up to the present time with an eye to the West!

In the conditions of the South American dominance of choice here, at first glance, is limited: either join with America in a tough confrontation — that we have been through and left a loser, or to surrender to the "winner" (capitulation soil in the form of 46% benevolent towards America ready) — and, as it should lose its statehood, becoming a U.S. colony, at best, in the country of a vassal. But there is a third version of events dictated by the entire previous history of Russian-American relations. Now, apparently, Cool war is not over, it just is other ways and methods and will last remains to be seen what the long term. At least, until such time as the United States will continue to exist in their current municipality and the dollar to remain as the world's dominant currency (100 years old yet). So makarom you need to work with the long-term prospects of such specific, involving, first, focus on young people.

Without a strong spiritual core that unites all the Russian civilization, and now-a-days, while relying on preserved even spiritual inheritance from the Soviet Union and then hold out hard, and in the future, even if there is virtually inexhaustible natural resources, maintain balance in the criteria of the contradictions of globalized unlikely become probable. Russian authorities seem to have begun to act upon these specific prospects. Not so long ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on improving public policy in the field of patriotic education. According to the same decree, the structure formed by the presidential administration management on public projects. The functions of the new department is also preparing proposals for the implementation of programs in the field of patriotic education of youth, the collection and compilation of disk imaging on the position of the central and regional media regarding the state policy in the field of patriotic education.

In the meantime, we can say that the Russian Americanism typically dramatic expansion of the scope of impact.

In the course of its dev
elopment of a narrow circle of Russian intellectuals Americanism spread to the broadest segments of society, from the public thought he was reincarnated as a tool of political and economic life.

Moreover, he is now firmly claim to the same role in Russian history, Christianity has played, the Western idea of Marxism — the tool aims to be the basis of understanding the world.

But to talk about how to eradicate from our minds Americanism, I think, is not necessary: the process very long, difficult and apparently nepriznatelny. Let's be realistic, and ask a very common question: is it necessary to do? Is not it easier and more profitable to adapt this same America under Russia?

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