Russian armored car Tiger experienced in Brazil

Russian armored car "Tiger" experienced in Brazil

According disk imaging newspaper "Sight", Brazilian law enforcers were completed tests Russian armored car "Tiger." This was said to the press, Alexander Fomin, First deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.

Fomin, who heads the Russian delegation at the Seventeenth International exhibition of aerospace and military equipment «FIDAE-2012", held in Santiago (Chile) from March 27 to April 1, said that for many tests in Brazil ended. Armored car tested over one year. Tests on the views Fomin, were successful. This is reported by "Interfax".

Alexander Fomin also said that in accordance with the requirements of the Brazilian partners were made small improvements armored car: were strengthened its front and bonnet parts.

Mr. Fomin, additional protection for the police — an important factor. Appliances, saw Fomin, attracted Brazilian partners. Her tests were held in the state of Rio. As is clear Fomin, other Brazilian states also want to test it, but, under the terms of the agreement, armored car left "in the other direction."

Fomin recalled that a few of these machines previously acquired Uruguay — for their own peacekeeping forces stationed abroad.

Brazil is the same, according to Fomin, "at the decision."

Earlier media reported that the tests "Tigers" will be held in a variety of criteria, including the Brazilian favelas (slums), where the possibility of a sudden the situation immediately. According to estimates of professionals at the initial stage of Brazil could buy 20 to 40 "Tigers".

Betrothed armored car can be staffed with a variety of weapons and has supreme maneuverability. Its speed on public roads, use reaches 140 km / h, and cross-country — up to 80 km / h Depending on the version of "Tiger" carries 7-10 people. His weight — 7.2 tons. Armor protects crew not only from the defeat of small guns of 7.62 mm, and the undermining of grenades or mines.

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