Russian as a planetary force

Russian as a planetary force

Now zhiznestrategiya Russian is the formation of the Russian and pereosvoenii billion nationwide

Vladimir Putin in his article "Russia: government issue" severs the two murderous Russian self-determination for the end of one end of the never-ending attempts to form of Russian and "raseyan" (remember Yeltsin novoyazovsky cry "Raseyane! .."?) Cultural civilization in the Western sense, and bestow Russian state "raseyanskoy" identity, in response to which oriented second end eternally adolescent enthusiasm Russian nationalists (more precisely, those who are themselves such a name). Together, these two dead-end path is equally self-erase of the Russian people as a distinct spiritual planetary forces.

Historical consciousness — is the stage for the promotion and certain personality, and the people on the upward trend to the next stage. Awareness of history is inextricably linked with the hopeful vision of a follow-up actions.

What is this Russian successive stage commensurate with its thousand-year history?

Yes, historically Russian are gained as an independent who builds his own world people. But calling something — in the other. Can we be a planetary civilization? Because without it we can not be Russian. And there shall come into force and the number of: people numbering less than 200 million, has no prospects to achieve billion dollar strength, acting as an independent force of civilization. Two global wars of the XX century decimated the reproductive forces Russian. Forever right? But here is something specifically Russian and are not allowed. Zhiznestrategiya Russian lies specifically in this — in the formation of the Russian pereosvoenii billion in the whole country. But instead of offering triple top bureaucrats at the expense of large numbers of Moscow bloated big city, sucking in and destroying the residential structure all over the place, except for the 10-ka-million mega-cities (plans Nabyullina).

All in Putin's article says is correct, if we consider it as a work of "eggheads" Doctor: indeed formed in the Russian multiethnic multifaith community, taking on the tasks of the municipal service. But it was in the past, and that at the moment?

The lure of the Russian Party of the Soviet Union (as Rasputin through Astafeva to Sevastyanov) during the adjustment period and after was the fact, that Russian assure that they Istrate, tired, they need to rest, finish building a planetary unit, turn the river, explore Mars. The main thing — work to ensure that the government was as much ethnic Russian.

But how to take off this lethargy? Beat in obvinitelstvo and all, deceived and deceived Russian Tipo? Shut out of the world? Begin to build Russian capitalism at a time when the South American monetary imperialism coming to an end? What could be more absurd?

Topic of public policy and self-determination implies Russian final rejection of Western stereotypes on the basis of their detailed knowledge.

Trim worthless Russia and Russian under the European Union and America. We — a different fate, and other destinations. Our homeland, despite the increasing migration flows, is not a state of immigrants, as the graves of our ancestors — in the territory of Russia, not the ocean. In the Russian Federation there is a tradition thousands of years of a single state, which does not break on arbitrary state component parts. In the case of stress and crisis, these parts into a single organism will not collect. Formation of the new Eurasian country that was not to imply entry into organic links with other nations. We can not and objectives forms the territory of Russia in the mono-ethnic economic enclaves in the form of cultural-national autonomy, to give ethnic mafias entire industries.

Civilizational Russian state service can not be reduced to a dialogue of civilizations. The dialogue is a civilizational self-determination may be filed, but to the very dialogue for the sake of endless dialogue, it is not reduced. Russian ministry of civilization — is a promotion on the rising trend of civilization across the planet. And thanks to Russian Russian cosmism know not only the direction of motion, and is very specific governance mechanisms that turn. To do this, determine how we will sformirovyvaetsya society from realizing common development principles that we create, we are not counting the oil will be required to take whole world. Instead of American rights and freedoms we have forms the right of every people to development, as opposed to economic growth.

Fundamentally aware of that ethnic, religious, civil and political self-determination is not born Russian civilizational advancement. And more than that, civilizational advancement acts take on the task to identify the "salt" and "color" of these important determinations of the Russian people. Orthodox service, millennial Russian language and a sense of justice to every people of the Earth and man are needed in order to lay down the processes of planetary evolution, moving upstream planetary trend.

Civilian patriotism russkost not corrode. Its generally unrealistic and, more importantly, there is no need etching. She needs to just give strategic space, the will, the vast planetary matter. Specifically, this country needs is a favorite. Do not get in a regular series of hope that "the Lord will arrange everything." He will make if we, as a seven-pin keyed, we will pull the strap in the right direction. Without this planetary target, which should be aimed, it will not work. This planetary goal is very specific: a new youth Russian town ("smart" settlement), new types of industry cluster organized a repetitively pulsed laser (and many other types of industries), the development of trans-Eurasian corridor from the land of the rising sun to Dublin in the form of infrastructure 3.0.

Two delicious Russian thinker — unfortunately, perished young Vadim Tsymbursky and killing on the subtleties of expression sinologist and philosopher Vladimir Maljavin — from different sides expressed the archetypal idea of Russian civilization: Island and emptiness.

The idea of the Russian Federation as the island states of its socio-cultural fundamentally opposed to the whole mainland transatlantic civilization. The idea of emptiness, sparsity large space of the Russian Federation puts the Russian people to have to go to this place and to fill it. The Russian people initially gifted understanding of the uniqueness of the country in a historical time and the need for selfless work in a large space.

And all this should reflect the philosopher.

But from the policy requires an entirely different than that of the philosophers, — spark of drive, that Russian man in historical time and space of the Russian Federation wanted to live, to increase the number of families. This desire to live due to the achievement of competitive complex unfeasible tasks that the Russian people over the world (including departed from us) will be evaluated. As Russian man — is the one who knows how to make unenforceable.

The politician must wake zhiznestrategiyu people, because any political favorite — it is always to the same commander, the referee and the doctor. It forms the project personnel (troops), most sharply feels injustice is giving a tough evaluation of works, knows how to heal the wounds of the people.

Under the ongoing assessment of boldness, and not stifling the creative impulse, the gover
nment should be formed. Where excellent plans and swing of the government? Before us — as in the past, "soup of survival."

Of course, support the creative business — it is also a special cultural policy, which we have not. Stupefy television aimed at the destruction of any spark of self-awareness. Russian cinematography has no strategic tasks and value applets. What values do we tell our motion picture and television — a cheap entertaining and unbridled instincts? Natalia Narochnitskaya (Russian politician, historian and political scientist.. — Ed.) Law: deintellectualization worse deindustrialization. But the loss of spiritual aspiration in the incarnation of the Great Cause of the Real frightening de-intellectualization. If you do not have huge planetary affairs, which requires a mind? Dibs count? And the Russian frozen before the spiritual abyss: the loss of the mission and is equivalent to the annihilation of civilization Cases russkost. Beyond this point — just jostling for the benefit of average middle class to the representatives of different nations.

Russian constrained even in the capital of their own country, because they do not want to make public service, and to build in accordance with the tradition of statehood pereosvoeniya latest technological civilization of the country and jerk. Without this mission, municipal construction, they are not interested in other ethnic groups of the Russian Federation. They are converted to parasites and the inhabitants, in what other peoples of the Russian Federation are taken good, becoming rivals. Instead pereosvoeniyu plans for the post-Soviet space and the definition of the functions in the newest development of the great Eurasian country that did not have the interests of today's Moscow, the former Soviet Union are the oligarchs and the liberal economists who wish to capture assets. And then the desire to be reincarnated as a consuming middle class will not help.

Without aggressively formulated breakthrough objectives Russian doomed to collapse. In the absence of aggressive defined objectives and criteria for these tasks are enriched and take away handouts Putin billion those close to Putin, "the one who close to Putin and bold, he also ate."

There must be another way: hard fair assessment acts subjects should leave political leader around the free space unfilled. Whoever closer, more risk of incurring penalties for failure to perform a puzzle, and not tear myself more.

Because the problem — not in nationalism and etnizme, and in the absence of justice. People took to the Manezhku not by ethnicity, but in order to restore justice and to stop the corruption of state officials.

Is the mission of the president is to give away trillions?

Curiously, Immanuel Wallerstein (South American sociologist, one of the leading representatives of contemporary social thought left.. — Ed.) Explain the outbreak of Islamic fundamentalist Arabs in the 90s by deleting them from the Washington Consensus and reincarnation in the dust for the "golden billion" after the collapse of the Soviet Union, where they were taught and helped to create the universities industry, education, and science. But at this point in the yard — Beijing Consensus with the announcement of England City yuan newest reserve currency (see the book Stephan Halper «The Beijing consensus») and the Arab "zimovesna."

In this situation, we need not speculate about Russian Putin and Putin, putting planetary targets in Russian, in accordance with a thousand years of tradition. We need Putin, initiating the formation of a class «Razvitiye».

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