Russian dancer in the service of the Third Reich

Russian ballerina in the service of the Third ReichIn the spring of 1940 in the Anglo-French headquarters near the small port of Narvik graceful light step came in the highest, and a very lovely lady. Blue eyes and blond hair immediately issued Slavic origin, and the light corresponding emphasis clearly testified to visitors of St. Petersburg roots. Refuse beauty, presented the citizen, in the visit of Sir Claude Auchinleck officers could not, dazzling smile and unique style of ladies battled all without exception. Well, why not let so sweet lady in such a happy day. The Germans in the amount of about 2-thousand people blocked more than twenty thousandth army of allies and will soon be completely destroyed. Another little ashamed and Dietl crossed the border of Sweden and will be interned. The Allied victory seems trivial. The War of Norway almost over, and the glory of the power of the British soldier and the talents of command is so great that the local ladies have come to congratulate their general.

About what was happening in the office of Chief of history is silent. No information is available about how many times visited slim leggy krosotka headquarters, and whether the meeting outside its walls, but suddenly blocked the German command armies were known for sure all the plans and details of the offensive Auchinleck. In the end, surpassing Dietl was able to defeat his opponent, and the Germans quickly occupied the northern country.

Online printing can meet a series of shocking articles that immediate seizure by the Nazis in the country Viking 1940 is explained not so much by military talents and tactical command of German art, and even fortune, and … a Russian dancer.

Legends about the biggest secret agent ever to act on the terrain of Norway, have their own political reasons. But first make out the official views of the actions of Europe 40-year, unfolded in Narvik. As the representative of the British secret service, the fault scandalous failure of the Anglo-French troops in the north country, it has become quite an inability Sir Auchinleck and his subordinate officers, and dangerous acts Russian spy Marina Lee.

Marina A. Lee, nee Gubonina, according to the Russian archives, was born in 1902 in St. Petersburg. The young woman was admitted to the Marina Ballet School and has mastered this art. Beauty and youth have allowed girl to go abroad, that in the years of Stalin's regime was virtually impossible. Norwegians are convinced that the trip and even the first marriage were legendary Russian intelligence agent to perform the tasks assigned to it. Norwegian wife Marina was a communist, but that did not stop him from having a successful business. In the end, what Marina Lee left his own wife, history is silent, but even in the years 1936-1937 she was coming on tour in Russian Alliance. In addition, the trip took place and restless Europe. It is for certain the nature of concert tours is not known, but most researchers tend that it is in this period was carried out intelligence work and dancer.

According to some historians, already in 1938, Lee has worked extensively with Beau Beneke, because at the time of the meeting with the officers of the English staff that was already very experienced and very Stealther scout. Proceedings of the MI5, suggests that every month Marina A. received a fee from the German secret services for their activities, with the name of a specific amount of 5 thousand pesetas. On the one hand, the confirmation given the UK are pretty convincing, but on the other hand, in the position of Britons are severe contradictions.

So, as proof of intelligence work by Marina Lee on behalf of the Third Reich presented testimony immediately 3 foreign spies. Any one of them was questioned by security forces or at the time of exposure, or pereverbovki. So, Geert van Wijk said the interrogation of certain Russian spy, a very pretty, which had a Swedish passport. Particularly from van Wijk received the name and nationality of the spy. Such information provided and von Finkelstein, also John Buck. All three are called the mysterious Russian agent naming Marina, pointed to her dazzling looks, Russian origin and relationship with Nazi Germany.

According to rumors, the trust which can hardly be, a Russian dancer even intended to give credit for awards to the Third Reich, but this vosprepyadstvovalo her lack of citizenship. Frame Hitler himself was engaged in this issue. Such stories are not reliable because only a German passport in real dancer Marina Lee still was. In addition, the documentary evidence on this fact was not presented to world society.

The version of the Russian agentessy involvement in the occupation of Norway and allied military collapse of Britain and France did not hold water. At a guess a lot of contradictions, which can be identified by considering the not to distant. Let's start from the beginning of this mind-boggling stories of victory over the powerful Russian army ladies 2-powers. Indeed, the USSR was a great dancer Gubonina Marina, who is married to a Norwegian, and left him to his home. You can not also specify that the young ladies tour and her knowledge of foreign languages 6 dancer doing the right person for hidden Nazi or Russian mission. But if even for a moment assume that the documents were indeed been stolen and transferred Dietl, there is a huge number of outstanding issues. So, is it clear how the disclosure of a single plan of operations was the premise of the coming defeat of the Allied armies and end the occupation of Norway. Also, there are justifiable doubts as to actually store documents that can turn the tide of the war, at the headquarters of no tribute.

Suggests the obvious unwillingness of certain reflections of British intelligence to know the position of a tricky spy since 1945 to get her to a just punishment for the crime is so tricky. Approval of the members of MI5, the trail of the mysterious dancer disappears for a long time until the end of the war, simply untenable, because in 1954 it, along with the famous European Miguel Novarro was open a dance school. Finds no explanation and no photos in the archives of the fatal krosotki. These are the facts, as the complete disappearance of images of the person, is usually characteristic for hidden agents of England itself. Photo of a famous person such as Marina Lee in any case have to survive, but their absence can only mean a reluctance to open up the face of British intelligence mysterious heroine. According to representatives of MI5 about the absence of any information about the fate of the upcoming Marina A. simply can refute the data that the last state of her stay was Spain. In Barcelona, the popular dancer She died on 70 fourth year in 1976.

Why is the European public is such a pleasure to revel in the legend of the untenable that a Russian spy is permitted Hitler to invade Norway? If you analyze the political situation in Europe today, it becomes clear that this is just another attempt to shift the blame for unleashing the Second World not only to fascism, and on the Russian regime. In most Western newspapers are attached to the outstanding data winded hypothesis that Marina Lee could not act solely on behalf of Beneke, and by a secret order of Stalin. To make this absurd idea uveritelnosti often tell of Tipo personal acquaintance with stately dancer Joseph Vissarionovich also remember the territorial division of the international agreement between the USSR and Germany in the late 30's.

But, recalling the Stalinist repressions, the policy for the period of cover-up of the USSR after the war, one can only wonder what Russian scout, having such a damning country material, freely living out in Spain to deep old age. Indications background Wijk, background Finkelstein and J. Bax can not be considered conclusive evidence of Marina Lee ties with German intelligence, because the British themselves did not trust the data acquired on any of the Sun.

But if you look in more detail at the total defeat of the allied forces in the North of the country, may seem some doubt the veracity of the official position of the British and the reliability of their evidence. So, after the shameful defeat of twenty thousand detachment under the command of Auchinleck, in England there was a big government takeover. As a result, the resignation of Chamberlain came to power, Winston Churchill, who had already at that time a large impact in the higher echelons of power. Illogical behavior of the security services and their blatant unwillingness to investigate the atrocities of Nazi criminals Lee, which it now showing in the press, and also may indicate that the woman is likely to work on a certain strength of England itself. But this fact — only the creator is just a hypothesis, but not the only one in the middle of researchers.

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