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Russian magnetOur country is becoming more attractive and cute for foreign professionals

Business Opportunities and comfortable life

Raging is not the first year of the economic crisis in Europe and the U.S. led western people knitted look at Russia. If a couple of years back zabugornye media by all means try to form their own readers only have a bad image of, that at the moment, it seems, there comes a turning point. Now the pages zabugornyh publications are increasingly possible to meet the publication in which fairly describes, for example, about the economic achievements of. Moreover, specifically our home now are increasingly becoming almost the only positive example of a country as promising for the development of business, and just for life.

"The Russians, especially in large cities seem to live lightly. While in Europe the household immersed in depression, unknown to the crisis of the Russian Federation, and the family consume at an accelerated pace, "- writes the French LeFigaro, adding that now our citizens acquire cars, luxury goods, well, just food in such quantities as the economic crisis was not and all.

The fact that the stereotypes of our country abroad began evenly changing, and Russian political analysts say. So, on the days of the political center disk imaging (CDI) has published a report, "The image of in the modern world in 2013." Political analysts say that the stereotypical perception changed in the mass consciousness of western people and people from the business community, a significant number of which in recent years tends to work in our country. In this case, even if in 90 years working in Russia for zabugornogo Spice was faster exotic adventure with the opportunity to earn a lot of "easy money", now it is a question of Professor growth and prestige. Judge for yourself: according to the recruiting agency HeadHunter, in 2011 the number of expats resume increased by 11% compared with 2010, and in 2012 — by 10%. In other words, the growth trend — evident. "In Russia, there is a large multinational company in which corporate culture is observed in a number of cities — the highest standard of living at fairly low prices — explains leading expert of the political Dmitry Abzalov. — There is a big demand for tough shots in the end, the markets here are not filled because profitability is higher than in Europe, where the 2 — 3%, 6% well, including a very severe break. In Russia the same to this day can be up to 15 — 20% simply due to the fact that whole segments of the market, we are still not fully completed. "

The standard of living has risen sharply

The standard of living — the yardstick by which long years Our homeland is very behind the leading global economies — our country has dramatically increased, and it was a natural for the world. Here are just a few examples. At the end of last year our home in seventh place in the global ranking of the traveling states, ahead of Japan. And, according to analysts, the share of costs for our fellow citizens for tourist trips outside grows so rapidly that it is not excluded that in the coming 2 — 3 years, our country will be in the top five favorites. The number of mobile subscribers in Russia today and a half times higher than, for example, in France, the U.S. and the Land of the Rising Sun, in which the cellular market was not so long ago was considered far more advanced than ours.

But while abroad staring at us with ever greater sympathy inside itself RF quite strong pessimism, fanned in the main by liberals. "Amaze-Indeed, but for many people in our country's definition:" Russia — ordinary country "sounds like a personal insult. More than that — as a meaningless life. And for many people in the West — as a phenomenon or as a "proplachennaya propaganda" — says journalist, political analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky in a newspaper column "normal country", located in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

In general, in fact similar "propaganda" is not as effective. The report of the CBI in this connection been observed that a very exciting trend: according to the Federal State Statistics Service, in spite of the injection liberal society endlessly stressful and there were calls "more likely to blame" no escape from the country does not occur. Moreover, in recent years people have, by contrast, tend to Russia among them — as once left the country immigrants and the native inhabitants of Europe. "Areas that are usually considered to be more popular with the Russian intelligentsia — Israel, the U.S., Germany and Canada," rooted "by tens of people, which is indicative of the fact that the exodus of" dissatisfied "of the Russian Federation has not taken place, despite" liberal panic ", — the report says CPS.

Country capabilities

It seems that someone does not like it, but striking example of how the Europeans are now voting with their feet for Russia, was the acquisition of Russian citizenship by the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu. With all of this is especially important that one of the major reasons for which Mr. Depardieu has made this decision, was the financial component — one of the world's lowest rates of income tax — 13%. "In France introduced enough highest taxes on luxury, in Russia there is no such tax, because in this particular case, it makes our country attractive to people with a certain property," — says CEO of the Institute of priority regional projects Nikolay Mironov. However, as experts say, the case of Gerard Depardieu not unique. Thus, according to the fund "Politics", in Moscow alone, now lives and works about 20 thousand American people. "A lot of the French, the Germans, for example. Since our homeland — country abilities. And more people are realizing that there is a chance to express themselves, to work on something. Our home at the moment even more busy than the West "- adds Vyacheslav Nikonov, president of the foundation.

In general, the object of criticism inside the country, generally, it is not the economy. The reason is clear: the vast majority of today's disaffected — people very wealthy, with a significant number of them could have done better their real position particularly in the last 10 years. With all of this on their specific time and again we hear that "the shortcomings of democracy" in Russia, that the "fraudulent elections", etc. In the example in all of this will certainly put one of the "Western democracies", they say, that's where by really just political system. With them in the article "How much can complain?" Argues the director of the Institute of Globalization and social movements Kagarlitsky: "It is surprising it may seem regulars our liberal marking time, these people (who moved to live in Russia. — Ed.) Not only does not scares Putin and even opposite — the current "mode" of their own faster lures stability and clear, in other words, the fact that they have been deprived of that moment at home. "

Indeed, as the experts, now Western Europe is experiencing one of the most dramatic periods in its history since the end of the second world war. Progressive unemployment, distrust politicians prepyadstviya with migrants — that is far from a complete list of the problems with which Europeans now face every day. Naturally, most of them are familiar to the Russians. But of course the fact that our homeland, breaking evenly stretching out the last loop of numerous problems to be gaining momentum, and a m
easured its financial and political system is more and more beginning to motivate western people. And in this world no longer seems unattainable forecast analyst Alexei Mukhin, which argues that "2013 year should be a year of active search for the newest state idea, on which will shape the future of our country's image in the world. " Maybe we have it and the truth will soon find it? It seems that in the Ancient World, it has become clear about.

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