Russian Maritime Wolf

In the midst of World War II — in April 1916, the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation has entered new girl underwater boat type "bars" — "Wolf". U-boat commander, lieutenant IK Messer, was given the task to break the communication of German transport vessels delivering from Sweden to Germany, metal ore and metal.

Russian Maritime "Wolf"

15th May 1916 from Reval (Tallinn), "The Wolf" is on the loose. During the 2-day at the Swedish coast near Norrköping, "Wolf" waited patiently for prey until the afternoon of May 17 was seen by the German transport cargo ship "Hera". The submarine came out and gave it two shots ahead goal. When transport braked, the team was given the order to abandon ship, after this "Wolf" fired two torpedoes and "Hera", standing upright, and went to the bottom. The remaining crew in the boats, it was announced that they could be free and overjoyed German sailors saluted Russian flung up his cap.

A few hours later was seen once steamer. It appeared to be a German military transport "Kolga." After several shots he braked, but then again, he gave full speed. "Wolf"Immediately released a torpedo caught in the middle of the ship. After the explosion," Kolga "was slowly nakrenyatsya on the left side, and the crew began to abandon ship. Meanwhile on the horizon once transport and" Wolf ", without waiting for when the" Kolga "sinks, and ran to intercept own latest victim.

It was a great larohod entitled "Bianca." Realizing that with the "Wolf" jokes are bad, she obediently complied with all orders. So as not to waste time, the ship sank torpedo. To the place of the attack came two Swedish ship and a far cry watching the scene. Only after the "Wolf"Left, they decided to rescue people from the boats.

A month later, "The Wolf" is on the loose again. Now in the Gulf of Bothnia. Having occupied the position of the Aland Islands saw a boat going fast for the Swedish sailing ship German transport "Dorita" and came out under the nose of the ship, which was moving briskly for "Swede". Litsezrev floated "Wolf", "Dorita" swerved off course and started to run away to the coast in neutral Swedish waters. Just getting a few hits in the body, German captain stopped the ship. So as not to lose time, torpedo sank the ship as the crew descended on the boat.

Alarmed by the German Naval Command has completed its shipping in the Baltic area, and "Wolf" No one else caught a. On the way back the boat to the uniqueness lucky. Already close to its own shores, officer of the watch suddenly felt a strong blow to the hull of the boat. Looking around, he saw rocking on the waves of the German electric & mine and her two bent "horns." Fortune did not turn away from one of the best Russian boats — mine got no serviceable.

Officer of the watch was Alexander Bakhtin — the future commander of the famous Baltic submarine "Panther", sank during the war plainclothes new British destroyer "Vittoria".

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