Russian military base in Tajikistan is preparing for severe winter

Projected Meteocentrum Tajikistan, the country this winter expect severe cold. This IA REGNUMNovember 18 informed the head Meteocentrum Jamila Baydulloeva.

She reported that, together with the Russian experts were predicted for the coming winter months. "It is expected that the temperature background in November and December will be lower than previous years. For example, if in previous years in January the average temperature ranged from 0 to 2, then in the coming January, the average temperature is between 0 and -3.5. Also We expect that the level of rain and snow will considerably exceed the long-term rates, "- said Baydulloeva.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, in the 201st Russian military base in Tajikistan finalized weapons and equipment for winter use. As the assistant to the commander of the 201st RMB Dmitry Matushkin, with a long-range weather forecasting, military do meteorologists, this winter in the areas where the base units can extreme temperatures down to -35 degrees.

Jamila Baydulloeva noted that fears of Russian military bases are, "but do not think that in the valleys temperatures can fall to -35. Coldest January in the valleys of Tajikistan was recorded in 1964, when the temperature dropped to -24. In 2008 as a result of anomalous winter temperatures in Dushanbe dropped to -20. But this winter we do not expect such cold — said Baydulloeva.

Meanwhile, communities in Tajikistan, besides the capital, provided electricity to 7-8 hours a day. Public concern that, in the event of a severe cold, the electricity supply can be completely stopped, as it was in previous years.

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