Russian prima Nazi cinema

Russian prima Nazi cinemaStudent of the Russian school of theater arts, she has become the "number one film star" of Hitler Cinématographe. Her friends were the coming Eva Braun and Magda Goebbels.
She was friends with Leni Riefenstahl, the "main kinoletopistsem" Third Reich, Goering spoke with his wife, actress Emmy Zonneman. But most importantly, Olga Chekhov loved the Fuhrer himself, placing it above the generally recognized actress Marika Rocky and Zara Leander. In Russia the movies with her role did not show ever.

Meanwhile, there is speculation that the "adventurer" as affectionately called her aunt Olga, Olga Knipper-Chekhov was highly secret agent of Russian intelligence and maintain constant contact with the NKVD.

In his book "Under the pseudonym — Ira" the former intelligence officer Zoe Resurrection brings this historical sensation: "Right now, one thing is clear: the queen of the Nazi Reich Olga Chekhov was among those who courageously fought against fascism invisible front."

How Knipper was Chekhov

The names "Chekhov" and "Knipper" merged more than 100 years ago back when Anton Pavlovich Chekhov mixed marriage to actress Olga Knipper MAT. Shortly before momentous actions in 1897, the son of the brother of actress Leonardovich Constantine was born devchenka, named in honor of an aunt. Young Olga and young people hit the surrounding beauty, brains and poise. A woman could get at least some degree, but with the young people wanted a career as an actress. She is so passionately fond of the theater, when she was seventeen years old, his father — a fundamental Petersburg bureaucrat — Faye Reagan sent to their own well-known sister to Moscow. Came the summer of 1914.

Devchenka rapidly acclimatized in the theater world. Stanislavski invited Olga in his own theater: it was played on the stage in such productions as "Cricket on the Hearth" Dickens, "The Cherry Orchard" and "Three Sisters" by Chekhov. Bohemian company of young people, the main actors of the Moscow Art Theatre, just going with the mind of Olenka Knipper, — very beautiful and seductive was the niece of the famous actress, widow of the writer. The increased attention paid to her two brothers, Chekhov, nephew of Anton Chekhov, Vladimir and Mikhail Alexandrovich.

Misha Olga knew long ago, beheld on the stage of the Maly Theater of St. Petersburg as Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich. "I was for him just malehankih devchenkoy. I went over it with the mind and rendered by myself in nightly dreams, what happiness it would always, always be with him together." Vladimir, received in response to the refusal of a marriage proposal, three years later shot himself. When a young woman explained her idol nocturnal dreams, Olga gave consent.

Young people were married in September 1914, secretly

Olga was 17, Michael — 23. Happy husband wrote to one of his friends: "My wife krosotka! My wife — no tobacco on the nose … Yes, I think it is not easy for you to introduce me next to krosotkoy wife, seventeen wonderful little wife." That understood: for his father Mike — all just "akterishka" and the blessings they receive.

In a letter to his own cousin, Misha said: "We were ready for Oley different kind of trouble, but what came out, we were not expecting the same. Marriage in the evening, after learning what had happened, came Olga Leonardovna and hysteria and fainting on stairs , in front of the door of my apartment, clamoring to Olga at the moment is back to her! "

A year later, Olga ancestors recognized this hasty marriage, besides Misha Chekhov at the time called "the first celebrity of the Russian Federation" and "an excellent actor." He himself, touring with the Moscow Art Theatre in the town on the Neva River, in letters to his own aunt Do not be modest, "Your great nephew lust say that adopted at the Olin family wonderfully …" A year later, in 1916, the Czechs had a daughter, betrothed at baptism traditional family naming Olga, but her life was named Ada.

By the time Olga Sr. entered the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, the rights volnoslushatelnitsey, visiting Moscow Art Theater School. She had many friends — she trained with the offspring of the Stanislavsky and Katchalov in their house there were Vakhtangov, bitter, Dobuzhinskii.

None of her famous friends to creative pursuits "catastrophically captivating" Olga did not take seriously, considering untalented, though "seductive." It is frustrating and annoying. Business with her husband became a day of general relativity day or more intense. Misha krosotku adoring husband, nevertheless, drunken drinking, and after performances at their apartment roamed the crowd of young female fans talent Chekhov. What, by the way, indulged in-law, daughter-hated.

And they parted

"Divorce Misha Chekhov and his wife did not take place as suddenly as it may seem at first glance. He is adored by Olga K., and she him. Perhaps this played a disgraceful role Mishkin's mother Natalia, self-serving, having stuck with their own despotic love of offspring "- he wrote later, a close friend of Misha Smyshlyaev.

Mikhail Chekhov very upset by parting with Olga. "I remember leaving, already dressed, she saw how hard I experience separation, caress me and said," What are you ugly. Well, good-bye. Soon forget. "And kissing me friendly, gone." His senses a bit of a big loss, Misha said sarcastically to someone from friends: "She's Gone, and echoing the name of Chekhov left. Would like to share with me my name!"

Olga K. gone, taking with her daughter. Soon she married Frederick Yaroshi, Aus-Hungarian officer. According to Misha Chekhov, "it was an adventurer … a luxurious, beautiful, charming and professional. He disguised himself as a writer and often interesting themes expounded to us the stories of their own future."

With Misha Olga kept doing good. In June 1928 they met in Berlin in Germany Misha came with his wife. Olga took off her former spouse apartment acquainted with the leading German director Max Reinhardt, even agreed to remove the film as a director, where the main role was intended to Misha. But he "did not catch on," and went first to the Baltic states, and later in Paris.

Misha later emigrated to the United States and settled in Hollywood, made a school craftsmanship of Russian theater. Despite the latest family, he always tenderly loved his daughter Olga (Hell), remaining with her mother and left her villa near San Francisco.

Russian prima Nazi cinema"Municipal actress" Reich

In January 1921, Olga Chekhov managed to get in the RSFSR People's Commissar for Education Lunacharsky's permission to leave the country "for my health and the continuation of theater education." According to the available disk imaging, before leaving, she had a meeting with the head of the counter-intelligence department of the GPU AH Artuzov, known for operations "Trust."

In 1923, she stayed Larisa Reisner, who arrived in Berlin to cover the impending proletarian revolution. At the same time, according to the views of some researchers,
and began the relationship with Olga Chekhov Russian intelligence. Olga divorce from Frederick and in order to make ends meet, begins to play, to begin in malehankih Teatrika. All the same, despite the haughty reviews its Russian friends, the talent at the "charming Olga" was. Plus "mind-boggling girl power", noted by another of her famous aunt. For almost eight years, she has made a spectacular career.

Not having any support, not knowing the German language, a beautiful and intelligent lady, Olga Chekhov is one of the stars of German Cinématographe, and then, after the Nazis came to power, and the "state actor" of the Third Reich, entering the inner circle of Hitler and Goebbels. "Those years taught me to distinguish between major and minor," — she would write in his memoirs. The main course was a theater. In Germany, Olga Chekhov's debut in the movie "The Castle Fogeled" (1921). The premiere is over "success charming foreigner."

This was followed by shooting in the "Round Dance of death" and was a resounding success again with the German public. The actress was invited to discover such artists as Douglas Fairbanks, Harold Lloyd, Adolphe Manju. The famous director Alfred Hitchcock offered her a major role in one of his own films — detective, "Mary." In the middle of the most recognizable movie with her role — "Masquerade", "A world without a mask", "Why get married," "Beautiful orchids."

Sugary German public has recognized and loved Olga

The audience as often as possible want to build it on the display, and producers willingly used the glory of "newborn" star. In 1923, she perceives German citizenship. Offers roles poured in from all sides. "I work with an energy of 100 horses — she wrote to Moscow Olga Leonardovna — in fact, apart from training with Misha, no school I do not have." By the time the young actress starred in the movies 6-7 times a year, the name of Olga Chekhov became clear almost everything, and after the screen "Moulin Rouge", she woke up famous.

In 1930, Olga Chekhova appeared rival, Marlene Dietrich, in general, fairly rapidly disappeared in the overseas Hollywood. There, by the way, was invited to Olga, but, realizing that her career was not done, returned to Germany. With the coming to power of Hitler this act is appreciated.

"In January 1933, Hitler became chancellor, and Dr. Joseph Goebbels — Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Changed the nature of the Third Reich gives a point to know the extraordinary invitation: a beautiful day in the mother (mother, sister, and niece of actress lived together with her in Berlin — auth.) shall report to me at the studio on the phone that I expected in the second half of the day at the reception of the emperor propaganda minister. Will Fuhrer, who is also chancellor. How about to leave the studio in a hurry to meet inflated bureaucrat of the Ministry of Propaganda and takes me to nepereodetoy Wilhelmstrasse.

Before being placed in what served tea, is Hitler in civilian clothes. He immediately starts talking about my film "Burning border", showered me with compliments. My first recollection of him, a shy, awkward, but keeps himself with the ladies with the Austrian courtesy. Amazingly, almost incomprehensible, his reincarnation of the ranting of a downer on the fanatical firebrand when he appears before the masses. Goebbels … outside bypassed by nature, hardly moving people obviously sweetens ministerial posts and the ability to bring together a cultural figures. "So Olga K. describes in his book" My clock is running on another "(1973), the first meeting with the leaders of the Third Reich. Upon reception at Goebbels' and compliments Hitler's popularity grew Olga Chekhov "almost to frightening heights."

Of reference, signed in November 1945, the head of the 4th Division of Head Control "SMERSH" Major General Utekhin:

"In 1922 (the date is in the documents — auth.), Chekhov Olga to get an education in the field of cinema and went abroad to the nearest time resided in Germany — Berlin, Gross-Glienicke in his home. Staying abroad, to be known as a film actress and starred in films in Germany, France, Austria, Czechoslovakia, the Balkans and in Hollywood (USA). Immediately this day or with the surrender of Germany was played in various theaters in Berlin. In 1936 she received the title of "State actress Germany."

According to the materials of our agents also arrested on the testimony of the Office of the "Smersh" Group of Russian occupation forces in Germany, German intelligence agent Glazunov BF, knowing Chekhov DC since childhood, and supporting her acquaintance to the nearest time, Chekhov's Olga, a popular actress, not once been to a formal reception hosted by the leaders of Nazi Germany and was close to Hitler, Goebbels and other big Nazis ".

Her charming lady and very popular actress, indeed often invited to receptions leader of the Third Reich

Specifically, thanks to advice of Goebbels, Olga Chekhov in 1936 won the title of "State actress." A little later he gave her his Fuhrer photo with that inscription: "Mrs. Olga Chekhova — frankly stunned and delighted." Maybe because of "all the foreigners that come to Berlin, led me to the theater, as in the zoo," — ironically it in his memoirs.

Coming in 1936, married a Belgian millionaire Marcel Robins, "a decent man, but very pampered and indulged," Olga again disappointed. All her life she loved not weak-willed people. The couple parted. Actress vorachivaetsya in Berlin, where only four years of war was withdrawn in forty films. And all for his film career Olga Chekhov's starred in 145 tapes.

In 1937, vorachivayas from Paris after touring the Moscow Art Theatre, OL Knipper-Chekhov has called to Berlin to visit her niece. Olga left Leonardovna quickly — the very next morning after the reception given in her honor. In Moscow, "behind closed doors," she told a close with the fear that the house "adventuress Olga" she was introduced to the leaders of the Reich. She shook hands with Goering! Hitler called regretted that fails to arrive.

The Germans worshiped their "star." For their Olga Chekhov was a lady, "who was able to reopen the male angst", part of the German dream. During the war, soldiers and officers of the eagerly awaited each new film with her role.

"Double Agent" Hitler and Stalin

"We firmly lucky — read Hitler during one of the after-dinner conversations — that in Berlin at our disposal, there are ladies like Lil Dagover actress Olga Chekhov and Tiana Lemnits." Olga Chekhov, continuing to work "for the benefit of the majestic Germany," categorically renounce the role of the military in the reports from the eastern front. Speaking on the radio, never sang patriotic songs, preferring lyric.

Left photo, in which Olga Chekhov captures "arm in arm" with the leaders of Germany, — these appear at all the German newspapers. The actress felt like the Reichstag, writes Andrew Sudoplatov, "as in his villa, could allow themselves to very-independent judgment." Only at one point, "dark cat distrust and suspicion" runs between SAVE and its highest patrons. This, she wrote in a memoir, "My clock is running on another."

A month after the start of the war, Goebbels was a reception, which celebrated the further capture of Moscow. Suddenly, all Reich addressed to the actress with the matter.

— Do not you think, madam, that this war will be over before the winter, and we will celebrate Christmas in Moscow?
— No, — I answered quietly.

Goebbels cold:

— And why not?
— Napoleon ascertained what the Russian sp
— Between the French and the world is a big difference — smiles indulgently Goebbels. — We came to Russia as saviors. Will be overthrown by the Bolsheviks clique latest revolution!

I try to calm the nerves. This can be bad.

— Brand new revolution will, Herr Minister, the threat of Russian will be in solidarity as never before!
— Interestingly, Madam, — coldly Goebbels and leaned forward — which means you do not trust the German military power?
— I can not predict, Herr Minister, — said quietly actress — you just asked me a question about whether our soldiers for Christmas in Moscow, I said its outlook. It may be true, and false.

After that, the dialogue is established for a long silence. Goebbels was suspicious stares into the impassive face SAVE. In general, the incident with the Reich Minister of Propaganda not entailed any negative effects.

The favorite of the Fuhrer

The striking combination of "Star Third Reich and Hitler's favorite — an agent of Russian intelligence." Paul Sudoplatov reports that in 1940, to the old source disk imaging, "added co-operating with us on the basis of trust and recruiting duties eminent actress Olga Chekhov and Prince Janusz Radziwill …". And that was before the 40-year? This is Artuzov could tell, but he was shot as "enemy of the people" in 1937. Relationship with Olga Chekhova was lost and apparently only the other day the war, it was possible to return.

Russian prima Nazi cinema
Gala reception at the Ribbentrop 1939: Adolf Hitler with Olga Chekhova

By August of 1942 was in effect in Germany, "Reddish Chapel" — a powerful intelligence network, which included military intelligence agents and the NKVD, was destroyed by the German secret services. Despite the heavy failure in Germany survived a number of important sources of info and agents of influence. "Have not been compromised by Chekhov and Olga Polish Prince Janusz Radziwill — wrote in his memoirs, Paul Sudoplatov. — But there were no reliable courier with them."

Even in his own memoirs, she remained an actress, did not say anything about his own work for Soviet intelligence. Vladimir Knipper (a cousin of DC) in the book "Time hallucinations", according to the most Olga K. remembers such an episode. "In the spring of 1945, at the end of the war, over SAVE" hung the threat of arrest. "Share is Himmler. Indescribable how she managed to delay the arrest from evening to morning day or later, but it's a fact. When the morning the SS, headed by Heinrich Himmler came to the house SAVE, they found her morning coffee in the company of Hitler.

By Chekhov's story, Hitler "reported on her own goodwill in these terms:" I take you, Frau Chekhov's patronage over you, and not what Himmler hide you in their cellars. I can imagine what his dossier on you. "Did Hitler on intelligence activities Chekhov, and if he knew, why did not interfere? Or, was arrogant and not admit that it can impale this defenseless woman? ..

Trip to Moscow

At the end of May 1945 Olga Knipper-Chekhov received a parcel from Berlin to name his own niece. In the package were smart toilets, gloves, in short everything you need for evening receptions. By sending annexed a letter from the daughter of Olga (Ada). She was worried that her mother so hurriedly went on tour to Moscow, did not have time to bring along props, was interested in how things are touring the Art Theater mother, whether she is playing in the "3 Sisters"?

Meanwhile, there are no tours in Moscow, Olga Chekhov was not. Shocked, Olga Leonardovna rushed to Vasily Katchalov, who was familiar with the commandant of Berlin NE Berzarina.
The answer general Berzarina threw all into even greater turmoil. When Katchalov called the General, who is always razlyubezny, icily artist never recommend to anyone questions about Olga Chekhova not ask.

— Of Olga Chekhova I do not know, and do not call, forget about it.

Russian prima Nazi cinemaZahav lurking over that haunted the family of Olga Chekhova, though slightly opened. Yes, in 1945, Olga K. indeed visited the city of his own youth. In Berlin, fighting was still going on. April 29 SMERSH counterintelligence officers of the 1st Belorussian Front in the Russian zone of occupation was detained and deported by plane to Moscow, "the actress municipal Germany" Olga Chekhov. After all, almost everyone was clear about its links with the Nazi ringleaders.

Of reference, signed by the head of the 4th Division of Head Control SMERSH Maj. Utekhin:

"After the occupation of the Red Army in Berlin OK Chekhov was delivered to Moscow and placed on an illegal apartment Head Control SMERSH. While in Moscow, Chekhov carefully questioned about her relationship with the fascist leaders of Germany. Chekhov in his own clarification confirmed that not once visited as a guest at a reception at the Ministry of Propaganda in Germany and met with Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, Ribbentrop and others.

But, as pointed out by Chekhov, techniques were only official nature, there have been at their diplomats, scientists, writers, actors. Chekhov explained to that in Germany the envy of many of her as a celebrity, or from a desire to discredit it in the eyes of the Russian able to make a statement about the presence of her close relationship with Hitler or anyone else around him, but she has such links with these individuals were not. SMERSH operative worker who has resided along with SAVE in the apartment under the guise of an employee of "Intourist", Chekhov also said that in Germany, it will try to slander. "

From the diary OK SAVE:

"Messages that are distributed about me worthy of a novel. Apparently received information that I was close to Hitler. Oh my God, I have to laugh about it. How and why are conducted these intrigues? Indescribable and vile innuendo, When conscience is clear, then do not touch them. How great that you can read the truth. Zahochut Do I believe in — time will tell. " Interrogated her SMERSH counterintelligence chief Viktor Abakoumov. When reading archives created impression that Olga Chekhov brought only in order to hear the stories of the "high life of the Nazi bosses." Here's the relevant quote from the interview:

"I do not remember in what year was it when he came out of Yugoslavia master and his wife. Seems, in 1938, was a huge celebration day or four in a row. Hosted a reception at the Palace Sharloteburgskom. Goering is arranged. In an ancient palace of the Prussian rooms were lit candles in an old chandeliers, all present were in the suits the times of Frederick stateliness. Goering and his wife met the guests. After dinner, I was sitting with the royal couple in the garden, we talk about my films on my tour and the Metropolitan Art Theater. "

Only one detail in the archival documents attracts attention: Olga K. writes that Tipo specifically, she managed to convince their own fans and patrons not to touch the Chekhov House-Museum in Yalta.

Help from Major General Utehina:

"While in Moscow, Chekhov led diary on the German language, which is carefully hid. Hidden removal and photo diary w
as found in Chekhov's diary records his memories of your stay in Moscow."

From the diary OK SAVE:

"From the 1st of May, I'm in a locked room. Why? I sound toy that found the road and picked up, but no one knows what to do with her now. No time to play, but do not throw the hunt. Unfavorable views on factory with broken windows. Why am I suffering? "

Next Entries occurs subsequent entry:

"Now I have to NIGHT MODE, in the end, go to the 3rd time for Colonel-General" X ". I get the impression that he does not know what to do with me. I was brought here by political" suspicions. "I sure. How ridiculous! "

After a couple of days Chekhov wrote: "At two o'clock in the morning was at the Colonel. At three o'clock in the morning went on a quiet Moscow and headed out of town … Fabulous fine.'ve Already said that I did not once did plastic surgery, and I hide it. Why are conducted these intrigues? " However, with all this, Olga K. noted that all the officers and housekeeping staff were "polite, courteous and attentive to her."

"I am here and do indulge my desires. Sent best hairdresser, wine, foods: eggs, lemons … Enough was my 1st hint that Olga remaining in Berlin, may be in need of the products, as it is already settled. U I have a radio, flowers, perfume, best books. "

All that she had written in his diary Olga Chekhov was obviously designed for office ABAKUMOV. Neuzh something smershevtsy really believed in the innocence lady who writes on an illegal apartment diary and hopes that it is lurking? It is unlikely that she was trusting person. What a diary describing agree, more like a description of life in the resort vacationer than a "poor life of the prisoner." Comes first postwar May, and here caviar, lemon …

"During interrogations — writes in his book Sergo Gegechkori (son of Beria) — she behaved well done. Anyway, even Abakoumov, Chief of the Head of Defence Services Intelligence — Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, that the detainee in the Russian zone of occupation troops citizen of Germany Olga Chekhov was a Russian intelligence officer, never vyznat. What to read about the other. niskolechko does not strike me that the organs of state security of the former Soviet Union and now the Russian Federation, could not confirm the involvement of Olga Chekhova the activities of Russian intelligence. Probably no such documents. Clarification usual, my father, neither then, 40 5th or later decided not to open the door. event, forced to announce, quite normal. According to the card index of State Security did not pass — I know it's definitely — hundreds of names.'s father believed that "Real-illegal immigrant through the machine can not start."

Now it is no secret that the Russian intelligence service, headed by Beria, had its own agents in the German General Staff, in the Abwehr and the "holy of holies — Hitler's Reich Chancellery."

From the book Sergo Gegechkori:

"When my father learned that delayed the German actress Olga Chekhov asked what Abakoumov going to do with it and what kind of incriminating material that lady is in military intelligence. SMERSH any data for the arrest of Chekhov did not have.

— In this case, — said the father — it should be let go, let the leaves for Germany …

And Chekhov's really gone to Germany. As I know, and she and her daughter were well provided for and the Alliance did not return. Olga Chekhov was associated with cooperation with my dad for many years. I know who recruited her, and on what grounds it was done, but do not feel entitled to read about such details from the biography of scouts. I can only say that, for Olga Chekhov was not allowed any provocation, and it worked for the Soviet strategic intelligence not of real judgments.

Its contribution to the success of our exploration difficult to overestimate. Olga K. was truly invaluable source disk imaging, which is not in vain cherished Beria. Even in his memoirs, published in the Federal Republic of Germany, it is not a word not made a reservation on the property of another (the main one) life. "But in the fall of 40 fifth in the Western press called it" Russian spy, has mastered Hitler ", the" queen of the Nazi Reich " and even wrote that in Moscow and its perceived Stalin gave the Order of Lenin. This is not entirely true. For his work in intelligence Olga Chekhov really rewarded, providing it with a real well-being.

A suspicion that she worked for the Russian Alliance, and have remained in the West but only suspicions, not more. The post-war West suspected Olga Chekhov not only that. One time was common version, that "Chekhov — a double agent of Hitler and Stalin."

After keeping Olga Chekhov illegal apartment on the capital two months, bring it back to Berlin

The coming to see her relatives did not have allowed. "Chekhov's Olga K. with the family and its property relocated to the eastern part of Berlin" — reports ABAKUMOV head of SMERSH in Germany, General Vadis.

It is interesting that after the interrogation in Moscow Chekhov actress and head of SMERSH counterintelligence parted amicably, and Olga K. writes ABAKUMOV "thank you letter" in which asks "Dear Victor Sergeyevich" when they "will meet again." By Paul Sudoplatova disk imaging, Olga Chekhov "was assigned specifically to communicate ABAKUMOV, who became in 1946 the Minister gosbezopastnosti. With Abakumov she maintained personal correspondence, while in Germany, right up to his arrest in July 1951."

Save the document on which the November 22, 1945 Beria wrote: "Abakoumov that is being offered to do about Chekhov?" In response, counter-intelligence takes care of food products for the family Chekhov, on gasoline for her car, on the operation of the new materials to repair the house, "on the protection of the family and escorted by armed" in numerous trips. Olga allowed to drive everywhere — in the South American zone in Austria, on tour, on the subject. She worked a lot as before, reaching its own "pre-war level" — seven films a year.

Inidimo not the case Lawrence P. "fed the" so valuable frame

Beria, who hatched a plan combining 2-Germanium, "meant to use it for talks with German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer." In this regard, June 26, 1953 meeting was accomplished Olga Chekhov and outside the department head of the German intelligence Zoe Rybkina Resurrection, the future writer. The drama of fate on the same day he was arrested Beria, who conceived this "operation", and right behind him and the head of the 4th Department, Lieutenant General Paul Sudoplatov, "shoulder on shoulder" with which the Resurrection worked two 10-ka years, including an irregular situation.

Zoya Ivanovna said at the Party Committee, that they were friends with Sudoplatov families. Its rapidly led to Vorkuta to a provincial office of lieutenant, and later fired. So, apparently, there is no "practical continuation of the" meeting with Olga Chekhova had.

Information that Chekhov was a scout, not including articles V.Frishauera in "People" are in other relevant sources. In 1993, the security officer Paul Oldest Acquisition Sudoplatov Olga Chekhov called "one of the top-secret agents Beria and Stalin." The same read and Sergo Gegechkori (Beria) in his book "Personal Agents father," where he refers to Chekhov "experienced Russian intelligence officer." According to some reports, particularly Olga Chekhov told our command while a tank attack the Germans at Kursk.

It is interesting that the very Chekhov always categorically denied any involvement in the Russian secret service, "I do not take seriously these weird messages, as during the years of life in the spo
tlight has learned not to pay attention to the rumors and gossip," but "vaguely hinted" at some "spy history, "which allowed the British magazine" People "say: Chekhov was to provide" access to the NKVD agents to assassinate Hitler, the group was already in Germany, but Stalin refused to do the project. "

Unsuccessful attempt

In the book "Special operations" Sudoplatov Paul writes: "We have there a plan to assassinate Hitler, in accordance with which the Polish Prince Janusz Radziwill Chekhov and Olga had with his friends in the middle of the German nobility to provide our people with access to Hitler. Group agents neglected to Germany and is located in Berlin underground, absolutely subordinate fighter Igor Miklashevksy first arrived in Germany in 1942. "

Uncle Miklashevsky fled the Russian of in the first year of the war and became an active participant in the Committee for the Liberation of the USSR. He gladly took his nephew and gave him every support. In 1942 Miklashevsky at a reception managed to meet with Olga Chekhova. He conveyed to the Centre that will be easy to remove Goering, but the Kremlin has not shown to this special enthusiasm.

According to legend, the last favorite boxing Miklashevskii became a turncoat. In Berlin, he's got a lot of popularity after a fight with Max Schmeling, "the lord of the ring of German."

"There was, for example, is nothing unusual in the fact that I — said Igor Miklashevskii — came up with a bouquet of flowers to the machine on which Olga Chekhov came to the theater. My mother was familiar with her in Moscow. But to talk about the case of the long-term could. " Then Igor finds a way — he asks, "Uncle Sev" take it with you on one of the methods, which will shine Olga Chekhov to express her admiration. During the rout, the sound of music Miklashevskii going to the application, delivers a meaningless phrase that is password protected.

"In 1943 — report Sudoplatov — Stalin refused to own initial plan to assassinate Hitler, as feared: Hitler addressed, Nazi circles and the military will try to conclude a separate peace treaty with the Allies without the participation of the Union of Russian."

Recent footage

In 1954, Olga Chekhov leaves the world of cinema forever, and after eight years — to part with the stage, playing the last time in Oscar Wilde's play "Lady Fan Uindmier." After 10 years, it zasobiralas to Moscow together with his daughter and granddaughter Ada Vera (then — the West German actress and theater) and MAT wrote an old friend, is going to come "completely at home with me will only secretary, doctor and masseur. Want to visit grave Uncle Anton and Olga's aunt. "

A friend of youth Alla Tarasova horrified the 1st of the name of Chekhov, and flew to Berlin a letter stating that "the time has not yet come." And Olga K. did not write to Moscow, moreover, when the radio or television messages were from Russia, always here to turn them off.

Russian prima Nazi cinemaIn his declining years, ending his film — and theater career, Chekhov opens in 1965, the firm "Olga Chekhov cosmetics." Case "Chekhov cosmetics" immediately went over well. Client firmly believed in the fact that this lady of seventy, to preserve the beauty, and it will give a hint "secret endless youth."

After a year are killed in a plane crash daughter, Ada, and Olga K. devotes himself to his grandson Misha, named in honor of its own excellent grandfather. And later, in 1970, begins to write his memoirs, full of ambiguities, inaccuracies, misunderstandings. Olga Chekhov's published two books of memoirs and management on cosmetics and healthy lifestyle.

Watch the life of Olga Knipper-Chekhov Konstantinovny that "life went on another" braked in 1980. At the age of 83 years, the actress died of brain cancer. Even then there was a stunning version of that eminent Amber Room was hidden in a bunker with Hitler in Thuringia codenamed "Olga".

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