Russian Rust UAV Soviet-style

Russian Rust UAV Soviet-style

May 28, 1987 on Red Square has landed a light aircraft piloted by an athlete Mathias Rust. It was a shock, of strongest blow to the prestige of the country, its army and air defense. But not enough people know that just a few years later, history repeated itself, but from the other side. Defense of the NATO states "missed" is not light aircraft, and the present Russian fighter, managed to fly to the Far Belgium.

Timeline: July 4, 1989

11:21 (time here and beyond — Metropolitan). The MiG-23M, piloted by 1st class Colonel Nikolai Skuridina, took off from a military airfield 871 th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Red Pomeranian. Soaring in Kolobrzeg in Poland, the aircraft is fully operational, with the system switched recognition "friend or foe" gun with 260 rounds to the side 23-mm cannon. In general, it does not have any additional fuel tanks or bombs or missiles.

After 41 seconds Skuridin captures the reduction of engine revolutions and cotton in the left vozduhopoglotitele. As a result — a sharp drop in traction and slide. The situation is critical: it reverses the car into the sea, and he is catapulted. Deported after his fighter plane can not find and crashed MiG considered. But …

After 6 seconds after ejection (according to the flight recorder, found later on the scene), the engine has once again started to gain momentum. The plane slowly climbs until it headed for the ceiling of 12 km. It works automatically, based on signals onboard electrical system.

11:44. Air defense radars in West Germany fix a violation of the air border by air, moves at a speed of 740 km / h

11:46. In the air is raised two interceptor F-15 Eagle 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron U.S. Air Force.

12.00. Aviation commander of the Northern Group, Major General Ognyov report to the Air Force about the incident. He reports that the plane "crashed into the sea and no harm at all it did not cause."

12:05. "Needles" successfully intercept the offender and include him in the eye contact. The pilots report to the dispatcher that behold the Russian fighter with identification marks, without a pilot and a torn canopy. It is not recommended to shoot down it, because you can not predict where the plane will fall with such a great height. They continue to support.

MiG automatic flight continued until full development of fuel proparhav In total about 900 km. Whereupon slider it braked and the plane began to smooth down.

12:37. MiG falls on the terrain of Belgium, near the border with France in the residential farm building in the village of Bellegem. At this time, the house is a 19-year-old Wim De la Rey (Wim Delaere), who has died. (Then the Russian government to pay his family almost 700 thousand dollars compensation.) Circled above the crash still some time, F-15 vorachivayutsya on base.

Russian Rust UAV Soviet-style

Russian Rust UAV Soviet-style

Russian Rust UAV Soviet-style

Russian Rust UAV Soviet-style


Obviously, there have been most thoroughly investigated. It was found that the pilot's fault for what happened there — so hard to imagine that in the course of an ordinary flight ace and the incident at that time more than 1700 hours, is able to prevent some incredible mistake. Although there is a perception that spontaneously came off the afterburner, which led to a sharp drop in thrust, which the pilot mistook for engine failure. All the remaining distance fighter proparhal in besforsazhny mode.

On the background of the "missed" aircraft Mathias Rust, easy "plywood» Cessna 172B Skyhawk, which also once intercepted Russian fighter MiG incident looks more serious. In general, it has not received much publicity neither we, nor the West. Russian experts at have been admitted to the accident, and even fragments were taken to the Soviet Union. But the official reason is named and has not been — although established that the engine of the fighter over the last year 5 times cast off for repair.

Air Marshal Shaposhnikov, then, commented on the event: "The case, to our knowledge, in the history of military aviation is unique. At least, I do not remember that car, abandoned pilot made so far uncontrollable flight. Such, it's a plane — the MiG-23. " We'll see quickly what it did for the plane.


In short, it is a single multi-role fighter. The first time it was used differentiable swept wing (like the famous Tu-160, the heroes of our cult film "White Swans"). According to the same Shaposhnikov, "take-off or at low speeds its wing almost straight in plan, with a low sweep, solid swing. Plane, so to speak, not wade through the air, and really flies. "

Armament: 23-mm aerogun that can do up to 3200 rounds per minute (260 rounds ammunition) medium-range missiles (suspended on two underwing nodes) and up to 4 missiles close combat (2 podfyuzelyayunyh nodes). Perhaps equipment and bombs, the total mass of arms — up to 2 tons

The fighter was adopted in 1969 and served in the Russian Air Force until the mid-1990s, becoming one of the most popular in our military aviation. This was shipped to other countries, and participated in the mass of local conflicts.

Modification of the MiG-23M, which has made the ill-fated flight, was a significant refinement of the main plane. She has been increased wing area, improved aerodynamics, enhanced engines, improved on-board radar.

Strayed fighter

The Ministry of Defense of the USSR

July 4 in one of the air units of the Northern Group in carrying out a training flight over the territory of the Polish People's Republic due to a malfunction of aircraft at low altitude Russian military pilot had to eject from the aircraft, the MiG-23. The pilot alive. The aircraft continued uncontrollable flight to the West and fell to the Belgian countryside. Russian side is in contact with the governments of the countries through which the air space was that aircraft.

("The red
dish star" July 5, 1969)

What happened to the MiG-23M

In this regard, the Deputy Chief of the Air Force Colonel-General A.Borsuk told Tass: "The aircraft was piloted by a military pilot 1st class Colonel N.Skuridin. I talked to him on the phone. It has already passed the medical examination after bailout be in good health. experienced pilot. For Colonel Skuridina it was the first flight a day after the holiday. As expected, the ability to restore piloting it first made a control flight trainer aircraft, "Spark." In 11.18 flew without the help of others for training exercises for aerobatics. On board there was ammunition shells for the 28-millimeter cannon. Others had no ammunition. According to the report of the pilot after take-off when the engine in afterburner at an altitude of about 130 meters, he heard a clap in vozduhopoglotitelya, felt the drop in traction motor , lowering the aircraft. determine as reducing engine speed and speed. pilot reported to the head of the flight engine failure, and at an altitude of about 100 meters ejected.

Lt. Col. Balykin after a report the pilot followed the extinction of the flame afterburner and smoke formation of engine, also sinking aircraft. After the ejection plane going down and finished to the highest low altitude at a distance of 4-6 km disappeared from his sight. The development of an emergency on takeoff presumably can be explained as follows: spontaneous shutdown afterburner led to a sharp reduction in thrust, speed, altitude and was seen as a pilot engine failure. In the coming plane, being in the "stabilization" on besforsazhny mode, the motor continued flying until running out of fuel, proparhav about 900 km. "

("The reddish star" July 6, 1989)

Bolt from the blue

At 12.00, the acting commander of the air force of the Northern Group, Major General Aviation V.Ognev reported to Moscow on the Air Force flight accidents, that catapulted the pilot alive, what steps are being taken to investigate the incident. "Where fell off the plane?" — Asked Moscow. "Fell into the sea, no harm at all it did not cause." It was understood that did not hit, they say, neither the ship nor the fishing boat.

And after some time as a bolt in the middle of a clear, serene sky, came the news of the fall of Russian military aircraft in Belgium. In the words of our correspondent in Brussels Yu.Harlanov, at 10.55 local time Koigi inhabitants of the village, located between the Belgian town of Kortrijk and Tournai, heard the roar of the explosion, and then a few detonations. The scene by eyewitnesses place with amazement saw that on a farm owned by the family De la Rey, has fallen off the plane. Protruded from the ruins of his tail with the identification mark of Russian Air Force. In the house at the time was 18-year-old son of the owner View Delarue. He died.

And one more detail. Two American fighter aircraft coming from bases Susterberg that in the Netherlands, found and comped our MiG at a height of more than 10 thousand meters. Litsezrev that the cockpit is empty, the lamp is off, the two F-15 retired …

("The Truth", July 6, 1989)

MiG: another MIG?

July 4 at 9:00. 44 minutes. South American observational service detected an air space to fly over the border between East and West Germany MiG-23. At 10.05 it was intercepted two aircraft the U.S. Air Force, and here the South American pilots found that the MiG flies without a pilot. In such cases, usually given orders to shoot down the plane, but the flight was over densely populated areas. In the end, the plane fell to 10.37 Bellegem village near Kortrijk (Belgium), a little short of the Belgian-French border, for which a specific proximity lay directly ahead of Lille. Do not hit a big city, not flared up in the whole village — the only one destroyed house. But the parents of the young men, whose charred corpse was found in the ruins of his home, not easier by the fact that there are more victims. The governments of Belgium and the Netherlands have sent notes of protest the Soviet Union: Russian command was n e m e l l e n n o notify the flight of all the countries for which plane could be dangerous.

Despite the tragedy happened, MiG, for the first time, "escaped" to the West without a pilot, of course, became the subject of jokes for the French. We, in turn, does not rule out the possibility that the real MiG pursued at the forefront of advocacy MIGs — Gorbachev's peace initiatives. And if you stick to a popular destination for the concept of limited forces that threaten to Gorbachev, namely, in the army (which, indeed, is unlikely to have forgotten cleanup after another flight — "Cessna" Mathias Rust), you can push and a semi-fantastic version according to which the military air marshals shot by MiG MiGs, in conjunction with a blow to the "common European home" to the days when the French Republic met the creator of numerous peace initiatives.

("Russian idea" July 7, 1989)

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