Russian savagery is no limit

— You're so wild and scary snore during sleep, that I can not sleep! ..
My fragile, resilient, warm model, partly educated women's magazine with the views of the civilized feminists of the peasants and fucking wild with me for a couple of sessions of our feral merrymaking before she learned to climb with passion on the wall, ask questions and experienced cook soup, still makes me smile sometimes moderate forest. Trying to out of habit, not a gleaming rows rovnenky own teeth, I patiently and gently explain this amazing creation of tailored basics of real life, very far from its virtual world glamurnyatiny:
— Males are larger mammal predators, to which belong the Anthropos as guys do not snore. They just growl subconsciously, driving away from their own rookery smaller predators and rodents …

It is filled with uncontrollable laughter and a bell, bodnuv my head against his shoulder, floats majestically to cook soup in the kitchen — this endless majestic cradle of thoughts and philosophies of the world population. But — the only cradle. As long as you do not learn to restrain their natural impulses, rushing out, and without the help of others to seek out their intended place …

Russian savagery is no limit

This fact of suggested. Although, allegories and there are obvious.

And I, as an ordinary Russian savage, wildly intolerant and think about how much of a difference in the perception of the world around us, we interminable savage pervovozvestnikov Reason on the planet, and civilized, seeking the remains of the Mind to kill or reduce to a mindless existence for the sake of bread and circuses. With the tools, first serving in the use of reason.

Today, and for some reason tutoshnie civilized announced the ultimate goal of specifically whole this tool. Freedom of expression, pluralism, tolerance, tolerance, human rights, consensus, political correctness.

"More ratfiley for ratfiley!"
"Give not give!"
"We need to kill every need!"

Panopticon, right word …

Yes, for the sake of things, who do not give them all? Obviously we did not! Well, not savage thing — prohibit, this is the invention of the civilized, well in advance knowing everything, "as if something happens." And we are not even against the very curious as to what these are civilized. What will come out of something?

Well, it turns out now, couples and accompanying howling, as it should be simple just an old teapot …

Tired of listening. Behave differently.

Look. Deco look, in other words, is unpredictable.

… Russian nuclear icebreakers lead Western ships in the polar ice caps. Where sverhtehnologichny icebreakers civilized?

RD-180 unmanned American missiles sold our home. Well, gallaktichesky engine — it's a backward development, here's iPod — it is better! We look forward to Aynada and Ayokolo …

Spaceport in French Guiana, built and serviced by Russian spec. Hooray, France — self gallakticheskaya Power! We are waiting for the others, chasing bears and birds on the broad Russian expanse …

The Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" is able to single-handedly, by carrier-based aircraft and its air defense, repel serious opponent, unlike the U.S. aircraft carriers that use of a squadron maintenance. But how many people of the U.S. have a guaranteed job, benefits, insurance!

Russian household water filters clean water "Barrier" half the price of western and three times longer serve. But the civilized inhabitants consume less clean water. Economical.

Our homeland exported from July 1, 2011 to April 1, 2012, the 18.5 million tons of wheat, which was the historical record. Just think, has sold something wild and uncivilized. But in the 30 years of the last century, the United States abandoned the settlement with the USSR in gold and selling machine tools and technology only for grain! And they say, greedy for gold …

Our homeland is now ready to export poultry meat to increment by 10-12 times. And what to do with the American broilers grown on aspirin, and hormones, and the dead charming, civilized and natural death under the supervision of the defenders of the rights of nature? ..

Russian own making milk and milk products from the profits to be higher than the export of gas. Why Europe does not invent the technology of heating milk? ..

About Russian vodka will not say anything. Have. And if I suddenly became probably heard: "Well, even vodka are no longer able to create!"
Yes figs with you, civilized, vodka on you enough. And we can.

And with balalaika — strain. Russia will be able to easily incriminate that here, they say, not fussing about the musical development of this, as it is there … but, people!

But … in September at Red Square will once yearly festival of military orchestras in the world. Come, look at the little touching Mademoiselle Mireille Mathieu, who once a year playing on it. For us run wild hares, and not for the sake of Hollywood antics. And the vote, whose orchestra professional. Unless, of course, to understand the brass music, not pop music …

Something we absolutely, I look to bend. Just can not achieve the level of U.S. mass obese adolescents and the working population. It is necessary to strengthen the propaganda of the western kind of civilized life, you see — pull up. We sit side by side, adjacent to the toilet. So far — only gold-plated …
And higher education in our free (until a certain time) the world is not really listed. But the former free physicists and engineers in the United States, and now free hard workers, more than 40% — with this most Russian education. Let not those that laboratory technicians, and those that govern projects. Do not believe me? Do not have faith. Rassekrette lists. And what about the "bloody gebnya" has become boring to listen to and read. I can say with even more wild imagination to develop this theme. With all of this, focusing on the four main laws of logic, and not deviating from them one iota. We, the savages are — are responsible for the market. And for feral the market will answer you …

But Harvard graduates we often beheld on the TV screen in the form of a tongue-tied macaques. This is me about Bush-junior. And what are you having thought? How shameful for you to evaluate us, savages, by his own style of civilized thinking! We have at least some Malchish knows from childhood: "Freedom for Angela Davis!" …

In general, hard to live our homeland. The usual.

A hard worker with a bowl and spoon with seven defenders (Russian proverb).

But why, then, to the "football field" discussions are always only one gate? And and — specifically ours, Russian acceptable? ..
Such a civilized's "football" …

Apparently, live quietly civilized do not give specific philosophical ideas and concepts. In another, which so brazenly and blatantly misinterpret them and try to plug in general? Especially when your own ideas is not sane.

Unlike us, say, wild and insatiable sense and vibration absorbing Mother Nature, they are civilized, such pustoslovnye proud and do not even think that they say. But the word — there's Cause.

You look, and would have learned about the Greek origin of their own definition of "civilized." Liter
ally meaning "tamed" …
Such is the level of children's surprise.

Well, I have something with my boyfriend and girlfriend — hell tame. Quickly, he is wildly. To the level of the academician, the ring will go hunting.

Yes, but who at the moment is that instead of hunting grantoedstva and dynamite-nobelevstva do science, as opposed to pseudo-scientific? Is that the feral Russian Jew arithmetic Perelman. Yes, even those who, even with all this Straseni collision thoughts with unprincipled and sight loss in a close race for right although to be, creates and builds. Builds, creates and protects.

From time to time, the last effort.

But there and in Russia already sparsely. Many have finished, dovintili, dodavit. Civilized way demokratichnenko. And for those glades and clearings, where grants are growing, and even more so those will not find, even with nanofonarem. According to another as to clarify that for two 10-ka years after the collapse of the Union of all selected and purchased samples, models, scientific research and technology, exported to the back side of the planet, in a move to mass production, a civilization so did not matter?

"… Yes grenades at it the wrong system! .."
Know. Wildly, in other words, quite unexpectedly, passed …
Even in the first five years. Feel the difference. And so I listen. Not what they say, and — as. And about. Very revealing.
Endless slaves — of freedom. With the frenzy.
Everlasting uncertainty — about the strong host. With breathless.
Eternally hungry — a feeding trough. With reverence.
Endless criminals — on the right. With annoyance.
Forever stinking — about deodorants. With the conviction.
About copulate — nedosovokupivshiesya. With a sniff.
About comfort — nedookomfortivshiesya. With anguish.
And all of these well-fed, scabrous.
And even dare to say, "For power sad!".

But where were you, civilized when Underbelly powers Caucasian dagger stuck in the form of Khattab and Raduev? Rights protected. We remember. And, no one civilized, ordinary Russian bayonets Malchish yes shovels leveled mountains with gorges around Sunzhensk plain. And their heads, acceptable Mongoloid: snub-nosed, bright-eyed blonde yes, flew for the sake of your civilized cries about the necessity of freedom and human tshelavekov …
Savages, by the way, unlike some, the memory strong.

Iron, for example wildly …

Fun, but civilized, indeed, just on how to calculate their kindred, Freud's grandfather, who took these methods have dreams and fortune-tellers on hitrovanok of Roma. And, before the creation of psychoanalysis, studied sexually active acne. What a coincidence that one! Who it hurts and at what level. And later he cured the European elite, for the first time successfully using cocaine, plus free association. After that Europe went through three waves kokainizatsii upper and crawled to the first section in the form of the World. World youth, this grandpa! Was able to pick open a Pandora's box, still …

But because the worlds we, savages, and the domestication-kokainizirovannyh, multidirectional, doing purely as a savage. Appreciate us ordinary savages on the other, savage scale. According to stray, in other words completely free. From Dzerzhinsky to Makarenko and Sukhomlinsky. What level of feelings, beliefs, and the height of the objectives it was necessary to have to reforge the homeless in the best Spiritual World Steel! This is not your sex life eels engage the citizens tamed …

From the plow … patriarchal
For any 20 years
Russia has become the industrial,
Made armor and bread.
Whoever it was, an hour was breached —
All dream bless!
That Russia does not ruin —
And then it will revive!
Not for a German, not for godmother
Neva saved granite.
What would Teuton or invented —
Russia all too clever by half! ..
From the plow but from gems
Before the machinery and tractors
Crawled out of the stagnation
World hungry and slaves.
Millions of homeless
Grow a host of heroes —
It's not in the nose boogers
Generously Kolupaev!
Russ lunging at North sour,
Broke through the East,
Kilometers of air
And rail-road paths!
There was no beggar,
Do not groan within ourselves to nowhere
And not speculating gang
Created a small town!
Well now shun those years?
It was the citadel of power:
Network of its own power plants,
Navy sea, air fleet.
Learning is all-embracing,
Plans and Sciences success.
Medical treatment —
Not someone, but for everyone!
And when, in the person of Adolf
West rushed at us,
It was scary, it was painful,
But — RF hour has come!
Whoever was at the beginning —
From Tuvinians to crest —
Bird-wing Russ sad
All as brothers, embraced …
Because, certainly,
And our Russian people
All of Europe affronted
Everywhere Russian calls.
We have insulted Europe:
Do not give up and do not lie down.
What! Former slaves
Half of Europe hitched!
Abandon the colony,
After removing some servile yoke,
They are not forced plutonium
But Gagarin's flight.
The last slave belt slap
All Imperial stronghold —
Enlightened Europe
Democracy Hot! ..
… As much as we have done,
Nothing we did not forgive —
Neither liberty nor sorrow —
While you're at least a hundred times! ..

So we, the ordinary Russian feral, think of what-nibudt new, interesting. Be sure and soon. After all, as you know, we have just harnessed slowly. With feeling, really, with the arrangement. And on the stove, byvalocha, three 10-ka years can sit out. But here come the same three gray-haired old man, asked to drink water …

What happens next, knows everything, from the walls of Kya-town, to Jerusalem and back, so millennium the earth.
Since there is no limit nor our thoughts, nor the eternal wildness, the firstborn.

For it is written in modern Russian proverb savages.

Free idea is capable of moving in a universe with at least some, the most incredible speed. And the idea of a modern civilized physics, according to relativism — less than the speed of light …

And so — often look up at the stars. People — the only of the entire fauna is able to …

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