Russian surprises Bangalore

Russian surprises BangaloreOur homeland continues to fight for the Indian arms market

February 6 in Bangalore, India (Karnataka State) on the military base in Yelahanka 20 kilometers from the town opened the 9th International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition Aero India-2013 ("Aero India 2013"). It will close on February 11 and will be, as is already happening according to tradition, naikrupneyshey in this region of the world a demonstration of modern equipment and weapons systems, combat support, in what will perceive the role of the most famous defense and the armed forces of virtually all the leading countries of the planet. Including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, China, Israel, South Africa, India itself … You can enumerate a very long time. Do not get lost in this show of high-tech science and technology, embodied in military systems, and our country.

At the exhibition in Bangalore, their products have brought several 10-s Russian companies and companies. Among them are "Rostekhnadzor" (a new brand of "Russian Technologies"), "Rosoboronexport", the United Aircraft Company (UAC), Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", "Russian Helicopters" and many others. But perfectly understandable that, perhaps for the first time in the "Aero India 2013" will perceive the role of our aviation aerobatic team "Russian Knights", which is 5 combat the Su-27 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Alexeev show guests Yelahanka inimitable figures celestial acrobatics, admiring spectators airshow in various countries around the world. By the way, the pilots of the Russian Air Force suburban Cuban women, from the Center for display aircraft, which in today's March will be 75 years old, should come forward this year to 20 aircraft prazdnichkom and exhibitions. Apart from Bangalore, even on the peninsula Langkawi in Malaysia "LIMA 2013", in Le Bourget, near Paris, in Beijing for "Airshow China 2013" in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. "Aero India 2013", which is scheduled for 10 shows, will become their debut this year, where they plan to show the world famous aircraft building a "big diamond" ("big diamond"), performed in a mixed order and officially entered in the Record Book Guinness World of Records.

But the role of the "Russian Knights" and "Swifts" at the International Air Show in Bangalore — is not the only surprise which prepared for the participants and guests of the "Aero India" united Russian delegation. Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", for example, carries on the Yelahanka air base anti-aircraft short-range missile system "Tor-M2KM." Our readers are familiar with this system, in the pages of her "NVO" already told more than once or twice. On the machines on the platform and track at the wheel. "Tor-M2KM" differs from them in that it is an autonomous combat module and can be located on a variety of platforms and do battle tasks of air defense units in the interests of the Army and the Air Force and the Navy to protect them from air strikes strategic and important military and municipal facilities.

Module (ABM) "Tor-M2KM" — an autonomous combat unit, which is located in radar and optical means, the special equipment, anti-aircraft missiles (SAM), the primary and alternate power sources, battle calculation.

For him, a special body designed with standardized device support, the module provides installation on car chassis, semi-trailer, trailer or other platforms, including on the train, on the ship. Moreover, it can be hung from a helicopter Mi-26T (module weighs 15 tons), and throw in any inaccessible places: in the mountains, on the roofs of buildings and structures, where the enemy is unlikely to guess or wait for it to find its capture radar and missile launch.

Specialists Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant "Dome", which comes in Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" — the creators of this module — say that the whole process of combat operations "Tor-M2KM" one hundred percent automated. The man only chooses from among the proposed goals to defeat the machine and presses the button "start". Anti-aircraft guided missile automatically zooms to the target, and at the point where the rocket and the target is undermining battle of the SAM. Its combat gear weighing 14 kg contains fragments of complex geometric shapes made of a special alloy (tungsten-nickel-iron), which provides high penetrating power of the fragment, and in fact completely eliminates the possibility of ricochet. Small errors in the collision point, the adaptation of radio controlled fuses of the type of aerial target in conjunction with a special combat gear warhead missiles, they say they will provide the highest possibility of complex lesions of all types of air targets. And when you consider that military service module "Torah" only two people, it is clear that this machine will cause a great deal of enthusiasm and owners of "Aero India 2013".

However, Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" unlucky in Bangalore in the form of models, posters, posters and videos not only the "Tor-M2KM", and another 20 samples anti-aircraft missile systems. Among which the long-range air defense missile systems S-300VM ("Antey-2500) that can affect all air and ballistic targets at a distance of 350 km, medium-range air defense missile systems" Buk-M2E "made in the NIIP Tikhomirov, automatic control systems, radars, also repair and diagnostic equipment. Indian air defense equipment market is very saturated, our companies there are quite a few competitors, but the Russian air defenses, said experts at very competitive. And if you want to update divide their air defenses, the choice had to be secured, although Russian systems on price and efficiency are unlikely to who beats.

Another sensational "Aero India 2013" should be a full simulator based fighter MiG-29K/KUB which shows in Bangalore Russian company of the same name. Our readers know Divide purchased from the Russian Federation two 10-ka such aircraft for its own aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya", which takes place at the moment ends with the stage of repair and modernization at Severodvinsk machine-building enterprise and at the end of the present year should be transferred to the Indian Navy. A fighter for the cruiser was already coming into service of the Naval Forces of the country, the pilots begin to master them. Moreover, the Indian military ordered Russian companies more 2-10-s of these machines. But without the respective trainers, not only such as Ukrainian yarn that is placed in Saki, at Sevastopol, and the pilot's cabin, replicas of engines and other systems fighter to do all of this, of course, more difficult and costly.

And for that to lower this the real and the financial burden, and at the same time facilitate the naval aviation pilots (including Russian) development of the fighter, the MiG spetsy made a special simulator — cockpit MiG-29K/KUB where on television in 3D system records all actions Pilot to launch an aircraft engine, its take-off from the deck of an aircraft carrier, flying on a combat mission, and, most importantly, the most difficult operation — landing on the ship. At the same time, as they say those who sat in the simulator on site pilot (here can pass workout at once and the two pilots) whole this process is so real that you almost the whole body trembling hard chuvstvuesch machine, ready to take off into the sky,
all the congestion caused by the complicated aerial maneuvers, set to the bombing or the meeting engagement with the enemy missile launch, see the landmarks on the deck of the cruiser on which to throw the aircraft's speed to zero, the lower the hook, throw the drogue parachute …

Specialists MiG convinced that their simulator will use the popular not only among the guests "Aero India 2013", and, at first, in pilots of naval aviation.

By the way, full-scale models of aircraft, except for the fighters, "Russian Knights" and "Swifts" Our exhibitors in Bangalore is not driven. Why, they wonder. Virtually all of the Indian Air Force made up of Russian military vehicles, and the military base will be fully Yelahanka is enough to show how rich our country is and what it can offer to the customer. In general, not only for implementation.

"In cooperation with India de facto we have already fled from the buyer-seller relationship to joint development of new equipment successfully completed the first step in the engineering design sketched-fighter fifth generation — told reporters Victor Komardin, Deputy General Director of JSC" Rosoboronexport ", the head of the joint delegation of" Rostekhnadzor "and JSC" Rosoboronexport "on the show. — In accordance with the schedule and is working on a multi-purpose transport aircraft and is supersonic missile "BrahMos" that the Indian side is planning to integrate Russian aerial system (Su-30MKI. — Ed.). Specifically, along with Russia India is working on a mutually exclusive and ambitious project, which is explained very simply: no one, apart from the Russian Federation, will not give India advanced military technology. "

Questions such projects will certainly be raised in Bangalore, has promised the emperor Komardin. In addition, the airshow will continue to discuss the upcoming programs from the modernization of Su-30MKI fighters, which are expected to affect virtually all components of the aircraft. A more fundamental issue for discussion in the context of Russian-Indian military-technical cooperation is the realization Russian side offset programs in a wide cooperation with Indian partners also discussed the prospects for future development cooperation.

One of these projects, the prospects for the implementation of which is expected to be determined by India in recent times, is the program that offered "Rosoboronexport" in the role of a tender for the supply of 197 helicopters, intelligence and surveillance. The unique Russian proposal is that by its flight performance features a new multi-purpose helicopter Ka-226T perfectly suited to address the problems identified by the customer. Nice for the Indian industry is also offered along with the Ka-226T offset programm.

In general, said the head of the delegation of "Rosoboronexport", the agenda of the upcoming meeting in Bangalore and presentations promises to be eventful. And based on the fact that during a meeting in December 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has identified the need for ongoing development of the upcoming special privileged strategic partnership of Russia and India on all major fronts, including military-technical cooperation , Aviation and Space Salon "Aero India 2013" should give a new impetus to relations between powerful 2-states in this field.

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