Russian-Ukrainian Gaddafi mercenaries told about the prison and fears of judgment by the will of Allah

Russian-Ukrainian "Gaddafi mercenaries" told of the horrors of the prison, and of judgment "by the will of Allah"

Sentenced by a military tribunal for aiding Libya's ousted regime in the last year of Muammar Gaddafi's favorite for a long period of 24 who came from the CIS-19 Ukrainians, three Russians and two Belarusians — outraged by the decision of the court and complain about the conditions of detention in the slammer, reports "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

"No evidence of our guilt is not, well, the fact of the crime is not. Honestly came to earn money, work, — said the publication by secretly zipped into the camera mobile phone is one of the Ukrainians Dmitry Pisarenko. — For something we have decided to write off the revolutionary exploits. Here obviously did not work without the policy. We already were sitting on their suitcases. us and so kept for almost a year for nothing, is brutally treated. We were convinced that here he is, out on the horizon. And here — again! — and 10 years . "

"There is ex-military. But all went to service equipment on the wells. War began in the country — the French, the British abandoned in the desert rigs, and fled. To start it all, it is necessary to make these conservation units. Us for this and invited and later made Offenders "- complained Pisarenko.

"We blame the fact that we came here Tipo on call Gaddafi work on military equipment, or from any missile systems to shoot down NATO aircraft and, of course, to prevent the accomplishment of the revolution. Can you imagine what level you need to have, what kind of training, so that 20 elderly people could bring down a plane? Insanity and absurd "- said the Ukrainian.

"Wrong" condemned "by the will of Allah"

With all of this convict sure that a competent lawyer would be able to easily destroy fabricated by the views of prisoners, the case. But human rights such prisoners have no money. Because of their protected free local lawyers, who were not interested in the liberation of Slavs. "Especially since we are wrong for them. And in the first sentence that was uttered:" By the will of Allah. "Not on the Constitution, not by law, but the naming of Allah," — said Pisarenko. Now the prisoners waiting ten years serving a sentence with hard labor, that, taking into account the average age of "mercenary Gaddafi"55-60 years, can completely transform an indefinite period of time. General, led a group of workers of Russian Alexander Shadrova indefinite sentence was imposed immediately.

"I'm not a sniper!"

Meanwhile complain prisoners and the conditions of detention in jail. "We live in a stockroom, in some places 60 square meters to 30 people. To wash nowhere in eating a lot of spices, many prepyadstviya with the stomach. 'Cause trying to wash the food — shared by Russia's Vladimir Dolgov. — Not so long ago intervened Reddish Cross and we began to give juice and allowed to walk. sniper I do not, I really hope that we posodeystvuyut prove his innocence and return home ".

In turn, the Russian Embassy also hope for repeal of the sentence. "On the consular register Dolgov not — said the head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Tripoli Ilya Samunin. — At the consulate person stands up without the help of others. Vladimir Dolgov arrived in Libya illegally, without a visa — it had a cross-border local residents. Such people we know only when something happens to them. But even at this point, after the verdict, there is a chance to work on his fate. At the moment we appeal to the supreme court-martial Libya. We believe that the sentence imposed by the Tribunal unreasonably cruel, and will work to send our fellow citizens back home. "

27 people 3 former Russian republics, who worked at the joint Russian-Libyan oil company "Dakar", were detained rebel battalion "Cacao" August 27, 2011 during the battle for Tripoli.

At first they thought snipers, mercenaries who fought on the side Gaddafi. But later, when it became clear that the detainees were not in themselves for guns, and about half of them — people are inclined their age, the group presented the other charges. The detainees were suspected in the restoration of military equipment that was used mode Gaddafi for the "destruction of the Libyan people."

September 3, 2011 through the efforts of Russian embassy in Tripoli the accused were released, but only after three day or they were re-arrested for investigation of the likely involvement in repair and modernization of military equipment, were armed with the former Libyan leader.

Later, two people of Ukraine, including the only lady captured, were released and sent home.

For a long time the prisoners did not show any formal charges. Shortly before the trial in April, the suspects were transferred to the building of the police station of the 1st district of the Libyan capital, with the result that their conditions worsened palpable.

Russians together with the citizens of Belarus and Ukraine were kept locked up in a languid criteria — the room lacked basic facilities for hygiene. Last month, a legal consultant on international issues of Ukrainian company "Legal protection" Stanislav Selivanov told Russian reporters that being in such criteria already beginning to affect the health of prisoners have their hair fall out, crumbling teeth revealed acquired diseases.

Always detention of detainees and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Embassy in Tripoli is closely coordinating with staff from Ukraine and Belarus, also with the assistance of lawyers have made efforts to improve the criterion of detention and their speedy release. The Libyan side definitely given to understand that the decision by the detainees to be taken tribunal.

April 4, a military court of Tripoli on trial. Second meeting was held on April 9. Then read out the text of the indictment — defendants in the case were accused of aiding the Gaddafi regime. A 4 June, they were found guilty.

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