Russian writing, there are several 10-s of thousands of years

Russian writing, there are several tens of thousands of yearsNow "Russians," whose memory Letopisnye cut and shred all whom laziness, once again reminded of the so-called the "Day of Slavic Writing and Culture." For the modern Russian Federation's quite normal to celebrate a day from which the Slavic written language and culture began to distort and uniformly replaced by Greek, Byzantine, Jewish and other foreign cultural borrowings (ie, practically destroying).

One of those who has not longed to be Ivan, oblivious of kinship, was a scientist Valery CHudinov. He is known for decrypting Slavic dokirillovskoe syllabary — Runica, read to the true time over 2000 inscriptions; substantiated the existence of three kinds of writing their own among the Slavic peoples — Cyrillic and Glagolitic Runica (the presence of 3-own kinds of writing among the Slavic peoples — a phenomenon unprecedented in the history of culture and indicates the presence of the Slavs of high spiritual culture in ancient times), found that the Slavic Runica made secret inscriptions on many of the figures of German books, as the Slavic language, as it turns out, was an old sacred language of Europe; substantiated that Cyril did Christian letter ("Cyrillic") by many thousands of tracks available Slavic alphabet and the Greek alphabet, essentially "legalize" Slavic alphabet, which made plausible interpretation of Christian texts in Greek language with preservation of their sacred meaning.

Chudinov found hidden sacred inscriptions Slavic Runica as the Greek medieval (VX centuries). Icons, and the Greek (VI-II centuries. BCE) vases. Also found inscriptions older ages right up to the Paleolithic Age. Their reading sheds light on the history of the Slavic mythology and culture in the past 30 000 years. By studying numerous religious sites, CHudinov found evidence of the presence of the Slavic culture in space (on the coast of Portugal to the Trans-Ural Arkaima) and time (from the Neolithic to the first half of the 17th century), which led to a sensational conclusion: Eurasian culture — a culture of Slavs and Eurasia — this is Russia.

With an emphasis on research that Dr. CHudinov outlined in the book "Sacred stones and pagan temples of ancient Slavs," by itself imposes the conclusion that the Russian language — one of the oldest languages in the world and one of the pillars of all languages. The results of this research can without exaggeration be called sensational and able to radically change the current understanding of the history of Euro-Asian countries and the impact of the old culture of the Slavs to the entire European (and possibly the entire world) civilization.

From an interview with Dr. Valery Chudinov on KM.RU:

— Your discoveries are very serious, they are completely knocked out of the awareness of the history, we are used to …

— It's just a huge part of the plan. A creative plan for me — to prove that the first Slavic alphabet and the Russian alphabet is, at least, a few 10 s of thousands of years.

— Why did earlier to you, no one gets similar results, probably because the studies were conducted?

— Indeed, for the execution of tasks were taken by many researchers, but they just were buried in a heap of facts. Distinguishes me from them that I assume the existence of dokirillovskoy writing as a given, without a writing system of the Slavs, and many of which one, namely syllable Runica, I was not only known for the fact of its existence, but after decryption gave I can read and understand a lot of texts. Now I read them more than a thousand each month and read by 10 of the new ones. And now has come to light the logic of historical development of the Slavic writing. At the moment, quite naturally, that our forefathers for many 1000 lety possessed traditions letters, very obmyslennogo and perfect in its own way — and this at a time when most of the European nations to write and did not know how to read.

— Indescribable. How to apply your discoveries to your fellow scientists?

— The first reaction of people who are known to the results of my research: do not be! And you can understand their surprise. Scientists also recognize it is simply not profitable — it breaks a lot of stereotypes and ingrained attitudes and they are not very fun, because they are up to now they say that the original letters from the Cyrillic alphabet to the Slavs were not. Therefore, the problem itself dokirillovskogo writing is almost a scientific lie, and patron similar view seems to scientists perk impostor. Because of the great explorers of the solutions prepyadstviya avoided. I also did not immediately ventured to publish their own works. Unfortunately, in Russia's own decipherers not found. This is explained not so much by the weakness of Russian science, as its position: the tone in the history of the Germans asked, followers of the Norman theory that Russia borrowed from the Scandinavians not only princes and statehood, and writing. In general, this problem is, in my opinion, is even harsh political color because it leads to reconsider the place of the old Slavs in history. Throughout the country — from England to Alaska — in the Stone Age lived Russian.

Russian writing, there are several tens of thousands of years

— By focusing on your research, you can come to the conclusion that the Slavic language and means, and the Russian language — one of the oldest languages in the world?

— As long as it turns out, but the fact that I did not address, for example, the southern regions of Asia, perhaps Chinese such as old. But if you take the whole of Eurasia, from England, and ending even Alaska, the entire north is really in the Stone Age was a Russian. One gets the impression that the Russian language was the common language, which in the Bible wrote that there was one language to build the tower of Babel. In fact, probably because it is.

How to read one of my staff, "we are living in an occupied country," and it very nearly everything is explained. Because, seriously do it, will have to review the whole story. For example, the Germans came to the Slavic areas in the I century of our era and began to force the Slavs. In Germany remained strong Slavic many titles, one of Rostock is worth. And here's another Slavic title: Brandenburg was called Bran Bor, in other words the defense forest.

— How do we prove that it is exactly this way and not the contrary? What previously was not a "burg" in them, and we, in Russia, "book"?

— First, you can have a look at the legend — the Germans as a nation of Europe appear in the I century of our era. They come from somewhere in Asia. 2nd: You can conduct archaeological excavations. Such a funny story was: Hitler, when it began to lose the war, he decided to inspire their own soldiers — unearth anything in the environment of Berlin to say: here are our sanctuary, where we have lived up to the German farmers. Unearthed — the terms of the Slavic settlement.

Well now, behold, the Germans came in I century, they lived quietly for several centuries until it got stronger, and in IX-X centuries, they began to push the Slavs "with fire and sword." For example, was the city Lipsky, they r
enamed it to Leipzig, Dresden, too, was at first not Dresden, and something like Drozdov. All these town was Slavic, Germanic, and from there all the Slavs were expelled. The second phase, when the gradual Germanization remaining Slavs — the Germans began to make fun of them. For example, in the Renaissance, they wrote books such as "Ship of Fools": when you begin to read, you can see — everywhere it says "Slav." All the fool — the Slavs. This was the beginning of their moral repression. And in the end to take the XIX century, when there is the German historical school. And in the German historical school has two positions. 1st position: who first came to Europe, and that Europe belongs. And the second position: first came to Europe the Germans. Everything else follows from this. Next — Peter first of the year did not live up to the opening of the Academy. In fact the case, a complete set of the Academy took over Ekaterina second. Russian historical science led three men — Miller, Bayer, Schletzer. What could they say about Russian science? They never uttered: RF for statehood in the Middle Ages did not have any, they borrowed it from the Germans. When starting to look — in IX, X centuries we have been statehood, the Germans it was not. We could not have her borrow them for one simple reason — it just was not there.

Writing us, it turns out that the Germans have taken. How could we take from their writing, if, when they came in, they have no written language was not? There are so called Germanic runes, but they took them from the Slavic Wends, and took from wends Wends. And again, what was the Germans, — the product of Slavic art. But the Germans are always in front of everything they say. And they pushed the story. Earlier, in the XVI century, not only we, but the Poles Stroyakovsky, Belsky write true that Russia helped not only to Alexander the Great, but also his father Philip. Catherine Lofty also refers to them, and they wrote that the Russian letter for a long time before Rurik had. For their help to Alexander the Great was given a golden diploma, but she was in Constantinople, later the Turks took Constantinople, and the Turkish baths were stoked by these documents, and the charter was lost. And really, so it was lucky one Bulgarian ambassador who bought one at random impact papers, it later turned out that this paper is an old Bulgarian kingdom, and they have found for themselves a few centuries of recorded history. Because even officially comes out that Russian history — is IV century before our era (Alexander the Great). But if you take the moment at least some textbook Slavic history, they say to you: I'm sorry, it's premature — that's V century of our era. In other words, we simply cut off the 9th centuries.

Russian writing, there are several tens of thousands of years

Now take the modern Ukrainian historiography: it says that the Kiev government was Ukrainian, all the princes were purely Ukrainian. So after all of Ukraine it was not. Ukraine appears only in the XVI century. It was a Polish suburb. As the dignified Duchy of Lithuania united with Poland, Rzeczpospolita there, that's when these lands became a suburb. In general, Ukraine — it is an artificial creation. If you follow the Ukrainian historiography, our homeland there is not even a V, and the XIV century. And we are at the moment only 6 centuries. I get the impression that this is a historical model — comes some people in the Slavic lands, takes the land, crowding out the Slavs fire and sword, the remaining translates into the culture, these people begin to read the language. And after a while there is a cabinet historiography.

— So, maybe Russian, Slavs are feeble, once someone comes in and their close?

— They are not frail, they are good.

— You said, that Latin came from the Russian language?

— As the whole of Eurasia was occupied not only the Slavs and Russian, quite clear that at least some people who came, got involved in the culture and the first in that language. Jaroslaw Kessler writes that all Romance languages — it's just distorted Slavic language. You barely scrape any European words and get a Russian. In his book I cite these examples, although there are thousands of them.

— What sources do you use? How could the process of deciphering and reading old texts?

— In the last own book "Sacred stones and pagan temples of ancient Slavs" I bring more than 200 illustrations of objects — from pebbles to the temples. On these stones and stone structures can create these labels, it can cross-check at least some hope for a certain diligence. The fact is that we have to invert for the best contrast in the dark snow-white color and contrast, while the inscriptions look much more contrast and easier to read. In the book I present the image of pebbles on the ground and structures of modern Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England, Poland, Lithuania, Greece and Italy. I usvoyu surprise and possible distrust my words, but, read the material to at least one of the books. I am sure the reader will be my confirmation and acquired the fruits of research hundred percent satisfied and open yourself cool world of old Slavs.

— Many thanks, Valery! We want you to new creative discoveries.

— Thank you.

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