Russias Wasp in Africa

Russian "Wasp" in Africa

Unlike most of the creators of "Soldier of Fortune," I was not a super agent, or simply an agent. Even the ranks of the military had not. And yet, spent two years in Angola, on the border with Namibia.

First-1980s, I was the lead engineer of the Bryansk Automobile Plant, spices on a self-propelled chassis 5937, which was based air defense missile system "Osa". For their own time, this complex was good, could hit targets at altitudes of up to 6 thousand meters even without eye contact (for example, for the terrain). A chassis had a good powerful engine and has the highest cross.

In Angola, I suddenly hit. First, in 1983 I sent on request to Moscow, where I listened to the instructions about how to behave in a strange land sovgrazhdanam. Then, similar to sleep on the flight, "Boeing-707" with a stopover in Paris, and here it is — Africa.

Luanda, capital of Angola, was like one big dustbin. Elevator shafts in buildings has long been clogged with rotting garbage, because waste is thrown directly into the window. The water in huge ditches. Here wash, wash clothes and wash cars. Fortunately, my stay here limited to just a few days are. Later, I was sent to the town of Rio de Rea and in the province of Will. Nearby, in the town of Chebembe, stationed division Angolan air defense forces. Here already served 10 officers and warrant officers of the Russian army, who met me very warmly. I was given a baggy form of Angolan and Dutch clogs with the highest ankle boots.

We lived in tents that looked completely comfortable in comparison to how Angolans lived. Their soldiers were dressed in the most various picturesque rags. Their life was either a service or avoiding it. Conscription in Angola then passed quite easily, without agendas, wires and Committees of Soldiers' Mothers. The patrol stopped the first comer regular bus, drew from him and all the guys have their documents inspected. If something does not turn out right, the person declared to be that of "soldier of the revolution" and to transmit to the nearest military unit. Here he was handed an AK-47 or PCA, and a mattress to sleep somewhere under the car.

Teach these men were incredibly difficult. Now you're all explained to him one day and he ran away as soon as the ability of home. And start all over again.
Angolan officers tried to restore order, but also peculiar. At one point, turned over a truck with missiles. The commander did not scold the driver, stomp their feet and scold, but just pulled out a gun and shot him in the hand.

At the beginning of each month, the men were given a little rice and flour. All this is destroyed for several days, then open the hunt for gerbils, beetles and other creatures. Russian experts at trying to organize meals with field kitchens, but the venture failed. The soldiers were afraid that their okolpachat at hand, and the officers had nothing to trade. In addition, no one agreed to wash boilers.

In 1984, the war began in earnest. South Africans have fled abroad and tried to overthrow the Angolan division covers it. Position without annoying Division attacked from the air. Israeli and German pilots, mercenaries head does not stick out of the trenches were given. With YuARovskih "Mirage", "Impala" and "Cougars" they just covered truck with a height of 8,000 meters. Yet division shot down 10 enemy aircraft and helicopters. A "Cougar" had stopped when she walked down the canyon out of sight of the radar. The rocket went into the canyon, headed for the helicopter and jerked a few meters away from him. The crew was burned together with the car. But usually pilots shot down machines managed to hold out to the border.

Our position of languid became threatening when YuARovtsy threw back the next Angolan division that covered our flank, as much as 70 km. YuARovskie self-propelled Accuracy Increasing the positions of division. Again, we sat down in the trenches. From Moscow to fire order was sent to General Varennikov. He vzgrel voensovetnikov adjacent brigades and forces Cubans back the front line.

Russian "Wasp" in Africa

Scrapped YuARovtsami Angolan air defense system "Osa-AKM"

YuARovtsy moved away, but much safer to live no more. Rumor has it that YuARovtsy prepared special division "buffalo" for the elimination of Russian "experts." Vpribavok activated UNITA keep control of 40 percent of the area of the country. Russian experts at trying to stay together, and when it happened absent on need, grab two grenades and hung on the neck of the gun. Helped the Cubans, even in public was the motto: "Give me the Russian for his blood!"

The war put the rainy season. Blowing strong winds, lightning flashed, water gushed to the ground as from the tap. Tents to run down everything around him had accumulated moisture and make trouble. Swooped malarial mosquitoes. Moscow vaccinations did not help, almost all fallen ill, and one of the specialists, A. Alexandrov, even died from malaria. Someone has extracted the Cubans delagil: lechuschee a powerful tool that did not have a certificate Reddish Cross, as in the liver. Vpribavok raged amoebic dysentery, which is practically devoured the intestinal tract. Plus flies, which lay their eggs under the skin, worms, beetles, and a lot of skin and digestive diseases. But they already were considered nonsense. Angolans cured these diseases toothpaste and moxibustion, our more leaned on alcohol and drugs.

I returned to the Soviet Union in 1985. At the border I painstakingly searched and confiscated the film and had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. I returned back to the factory — with no reference as to where I was, no benefits. Only several pictures that I was able to smuggle inside the Dutch shoe with the highest ankle boots.

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