Saadi Gaddafi urged Libya to revolt

Saadi Gaddafi urged Libya to revoltAs reported by "," Saadi, the son of slain Muammar Gaddafi, is under threat issuance of the Libyan authorities.

According to the source the TV channel «Al-Arabiya», the Nigerian government has delayed Saadi few hours later after a phone interview with the channel. During the interview Saadi urged own citizens to revolt. And Saadi Gaddafi was ready to lead the alleged rebellion. According to Gaddafi himself, rebellion Libya is not limited to a few areas, and shrink on the entire country.

Until now, the Nigerian government provided 38-year-old Saadi asylum and did not respond to the requirements of the new Libyan government to extradite. In general, and now son Gaddafi in no hurry to issue a Libya. The authorities in Niger fluctuate that tribunal over Saadi would be impartial

If the authorities of Niger, reports "" will continue to insist on their own criteria, that Saadi Gaddafi can completely avoid the issue of the Libyan authorities. It is noted that the new Libyan authorities have not provided evidence that the arrested in October, Seif al-Islam — another son of Gaddafi — a living, and that Libya conducted to investigate his activities.

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