Saakashvili accused Russia of organizing demonstrations

Saakashvili accused Russia of organizing demonstrationsThe President of Georgia Misha Saakashvili accused Russia in the company of mass anti-government demonstrations in Tbilisi on May 25.

According to the views of the President, this day and place of the meetings was not chosen by chance. The fact that on May 26 at the building of the Georgian Parliament had to pass Military parade after days of independence.

"In an unequal struggle in August 2008 had a heroic resistance to the enemy's forces and caused even more damage to them than ever before that they received on any other front. That's why the occupants have chosen their own target of our armed forces and the present day "- quoted the Georgian presidency agency Regnum.

On May 25, the opposition held an anti-government rally in the center of Tbilisi, where on May 26, was to be held military Parade. Meeting Police broke up, using batons with all this, water cannons and tear gas. As a result of the law enforcement bodies of two people were killed. More than 90 opposition members were detained.

Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed its own protest against the actions of the authorities Georgia and claimed to have started international investigation.

Opposition rallies, which asks for the resignation of President Misha Saakashvili, began in Georgia on May 21. Representatives of anti-government parties have already said they are the manifestation of a lifelong character.

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