Saakashvili promises not allowed Russia to arrange the war in Georgia

Saakashvili promises not to allow Russia to arrange the war in Georgia

Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili said it would not allow the transfer of the armed conflict in Russia for his views. Thus he commented on the action in the gorge Lopotskom Georgia, where the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Defence Georgia carried out a special operation against the invading from the territory of Dagestan subversive group, reported "Georgia-Online".

"In 90 years in the adjacent side was a case — Our homeland has exported its conflict in the area of Georgia, which followed by an armed confrontation. I wish to say that we are now in a different situation, and not to let the mess and violence are available on the local neighbor in any form is submitted to Georgia and made the danger to our population, "- Saakashvili said.

In addition, the Georgian president urged North Caucasians do not become blind tool in anyone's hands, again referring to Russia.

"I wish to ask our neighbors to the North Caucasian brothers — we have our exact vision of the Caucasus as a united, peaceful setting with culture, politics, the economy, and people with similar political and historical destiny. Because we opened to all kinds of relations with them, with our neighbors. We have a visa-free regime with the Russian Federation and we welcome visitors from Russia, but will not allow any form of action against the civilian population in the area Georgia, mayhem of armed men. Georgia — a government that is growing rapidly. Because I want to appeal to everyone of them, do not allow themselves to be used as a blind tool. That fickleness and mess that take place over the ridge will remain there and will not be able to be transferred to us. We have a highly trained law enforcement agencies and we have the political will to protect our innocent people, "- said Saakashvili.

Recall, as said earlier Georgian TV channel "Imedi", the Georgian countryside from Dagestan leaked well armed group, consisting of about 20 man. Gunmen kidnapped about 10 man from the local population, with all this, the prisoners were divided into several groups.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, in the course of a special operation near the border of Georgia and Dagestan were killed 11 members of an armed group. Six more militants were surrounded. It was also noted that the law enforcement authorities killed three people (employees of the Interior Ministry special forces) and five others were injured.

Georgian Interior Ministry also announced the release of hostages held by the guerrillas.

Meanwhile, the other day it was reported that Russian troops did not record any violations on the border with Georgia in the last days. "In Tbilisi, at times make provocative statements that exacerbate an already difficult situation on the Russian-Georgian border," — said a source in the security services.

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