Saakashvili: Russian Government imposed on the removal from power

Saakashvili: Russian government is asking for removal from powerSaakashvili predicts once the government RF moves the same way as the regimes of Mubarak and Gaddafi, he is also waiting for removal from power. So president Georgia said in an interview «The Cable» — the blog, that went out on the website of the magazine «Foreign Policy».

Saakashvili believes that the Russian government refuses to heed the aspirations of the people and, in addition, leads the resistance of the people's revolution. The most latest example, in the views of Saakashvili — is assistance to Russian fierce Assad regime in Syria. The President of Georgia considers that such a policy approach does not help Syria but will harm Russia.

Saakashvili says that America continues its policy of "reset," but Our homeland moves back to the "doperezagruzochnomu" course. According to the views of the Georgian president, Our homeland hast elasticity and joined the World Trade Company, now, when coming from behind, our home back to confrontation. «Inopressa» transmits "Our homeland fueling rumors that the United States are going to locate in Georgia missile defense. But Saakashvili claims that it is not true. "

Speaking in Washington, DC, «United States Institute of Peace», Saakashvili contrasted approaches to the "Arab Spring" of Turkey and Russia. He said that our homeland is trying to warn the international support for democracy movements, but Turkey is asserting itself as a benchmark for the post-revolutionary states. "It is no accident impact RF decreases and the leadership of Turkey in the region is growing, "- concluded Saakashvili.

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