Salvador Allende: life and death

Salvador Allende: Life and Death
"Democracy in itself carries the seed of its own destruction."
Augusto Pinochet Ugarte

Salvador Allende Goossens was born June 26, 1908 in the family of the Chilean aristocracy. In 1932 he graduated from the success of Chile's Institute for medical faculty. A couple of years as the Minister of Health. Did the Socialist Party of Chile, and in 1942 was appointed secretary general of the party. In the 52nd, 58th and 64th years of running for president from the front "Popular Action". In 1969 the front was reorganized into the alliance "Popular Unity", which included the socialists, the communists, the faction of the Christian Democrats and members of the Constructive Party. With their support in 1970, Allende won the presidential election, promising to never break the framework of democracy.

Over the years spent at the helm of the country Allende, experienced great economic growth, accompanied by prominent achievements in the social sphere. For one only in 1971 year gross national product rose by 8.5%. The scope of work for the construction of dwellings increased by more than 3 times, unemployment has decreased by half. Over the next 2-year cost of living has increased by 330%, the low salary and pension — by 500%. But these achievements were partially offset by strong inflation, rising prices reached 280%. In the process of land reform, huge estates large earth tycoons were expropriated, which gave rise to them not a good response. Pastoralists have their own slaughter cattle herds or distill to Argentina. Also naikrupneyshie Allende nationalized private companies and banks in the mass of self-owned U.S. monopolies. Brand new policy to anticipate the development of the companies under the control of the country. South American companies that have invested heavily in the industry that Latin American countries refused to accept monetary compensation. U.S. has unparalleled measures to undermine the economy of Chile, throwing the world market part of the strategic supplies of molybdenum and copper at low prices, depriving such Makarov, head of Chileans source of export revenue.

Salvador Allende: Life and Death

Allende declared a temporary moratorium on the payment of the external debt, which led to the termination of the loan and the flight of capital and the country. But the new order of social protection of the population noticeably eased the lives of ordinary citizens. In the spring of 1973, the country began the expected economic stagnation, evenly turning into a crisis. In the volatile environment, many residents wanted a "firm hand", and the military, especially the young officers — and about the real social benefits. After all, many of the officers previously put off for training in the area of the Panama Canal, returning whence they could afford to buy for themselves is not the same machine, and from time to time and the whole house. And under the present government they began to detach Cuba.

Sponsored by the Nazis outside of the group "Patria y Libertad" blew up oil pipelines, power lines, bridges and steel road along the coast Chile, in breach of the infrastructure of entire province. In some days are in Chile to perform up to 50 terrorist attacks. Economy least some prosperous country would not stand such diversionary war. But Allende was very democratic, that the criteria to solve virtually any civilian war forcefully. Fueled by his opponents mass strikes and demonstrations led to the fact that in November 1972 in full cabinet Allende went down. President spent a long meeting with the top leaders of the country's armed forces, which resulted in the formation of the third November 72 th year of the new government of the 3 military: General Carlos Prats, Rear Admiral Ismael Huerta and General Aviation Claudio Sepulveda.

Americans could not stay away, because Allende has affected their company, the holy shrines of all foreign economic policy. In addition, he made friends with the Russian unsafe Union and Cuba. At the time of the bombing, in which established objectionable regimes, the United States has not practiced because it does not come down to pay tribute to the level of development of democracy and feared Russian Union. Because of this discrepancy is not involved in the Pentagon and the CIA. Several 10-s experienced intelligence officers working with the country's highest military circles. When, in 1973, despite the prepyadstviya in the economy, Allende defeated by-elections, and sympathy for him and the authority of the people only have increased, it has become clear that it is necessary to stop and stop immediately. Here in handy fallback municipal coup. The operational plan to take over the capital Santiago was designed for the 6 months prior to the rebellion.

Allende knew that something is brewing in the country. He desperately tried to find a way out of the situation. This is confirmed by the fact that he did not once met with the military, trying to convey to them the true meaning of the reforms took place in the country. He raised them currency allowance, but it was obviously not enough. William Colby, the last director of the CIA, and later admitted that from 1970 to 1973, the U.S. government izderzhalo more than 8 million dollars on clandestine CIA actions in Chile. The main obstacle to the coup remained Gen. Carlos Prats, who was strongly opposed to military intervention in the affairs of the country and politics. Action has been made to discredit neposlushlivogo general, when one of the wives of officers in public gave brave warriors face. Disgraced man was obliged to resign. His successor Pinochet had long conversation with Allende, convincing the latter that is worthy of the position and shall do our utmost to support the government. Responsible, disciplined, loyal military duty officer, a qualified special in fact since 1972, cooperated with the CIA and was one of the most active developers plan rebellion. First, in September 1973 Nathaniel Davis, the last South American ambassador to Chile, went to Washington, where, of course, was the last of the directive. After a number of days, September 11, 1973, in Chile, a military coup.

It was a perfectly planned military action with the combined use of infantry, artillery, and aircraft, which allowed the rebels immediately grab all the governmental and municipal institutions. The officers, who refused to support the rebellion, have been destroyed. After taking one or the other object, the soldiers shot the Socialists, Communists, and even union favorites. The houses were mass arrests and searches. Night 11 by Allende spent at home. When he was notified of the revolt, he unsuccessfully for a long time on the phone trying to contact Augusto Pinochet and the rest of the team until he realized explicit. After that Allende decided to go to La Moneda, the presidential palace. In parting, he said his own wife, that will not commit suicide, and palace leaving only the dead. In La Moneda except Allende gathered weaving people, guys and ladies. Of them were armed with at least forty other ordinary civilians. The President decl
ares loudly that he wanted to give the uprising the most decisive rebuff, and invites all who fear to go. But no one leaves it. After that, the palace beginning to prepare for defense.

Salvador Allende: Life and Death

It is clear that the rebels had called Allende and put forward an ultimatum. If the president would surrender voluntarily, he will live forever, and even be able to leave the country, taking their family. Allende's response was brief: "Threats to obey the boxers. And the prisoner shall only cowards. For example, like you. "
The President goes on the air next to the La Manedoy radio station "Magallanes" and delivered his last speech, which then will bypass all the countries and continents: "Compatriots! This is the last opportunity to address to you. In the face of these events is to say one thing — I do not go down!
History belongs to us … and it makes the people.
Be aware … that close that day, when revealed a path that will be worthy of a man, that make the best society.
… My death will be a lesson and a moral retribution cowardice, treachery and betrayal. "

Soon the radio station "Magallanes" bombed, and the rebels opened fire on the presidential palace with tanks and armored personnel carriers. At 11:00 the assault began. Salvador Allende defended the palace together with everyone. In his hands was a Kalashnikov rifle, a gift of Fidel Castro in 1971. President urged to put on a bulletproof vest, but for some unknown reason, he refused. More than 2-a-half hours Forty people are kicking against rebel fighter. Were destroyed several tanks. At 12 planes start firing rockets La Moneda, the fire covers palace. By that time, were still alive at least 2-10-s defenders of the palace. At 13:30 in the courtyard break into tanks, fighters attacking them. They start up again fight at the front staircase. In the process of shooting Salvador Allende dies, the defense of the palace lasts. It was completed in only 15 hours.

There are many versions of how this man died. Seem more plausible stories themselves forwards, according to which President Allende was shot machine gun captain Roberto Garrido. Pinochet later claimed he never gave the order to destroy it. Allende was killed by the sufferer and delivered Teran much more wraith than would bring, whether it is sent into exile. The officer led a retaliatory fire, and only later realized that shot the president. How to counter Palace defenders threw back the rebels, Allende's body was moved to his office and sat in the chair. On his chest wearing a blue ribbon presidential and covered shoulders Chilean flag. After the fall the last defender of the palace, the rebels stormed the presidential office and allegiance were shot dead at point blank range.

In another version of the president committed suicide at a time when the rebels have captured the palace. He just could not be captive in the hands of a fighter to become a hostage of the criminal junta, humiliated and tortured. The next day Allende was secretly buried in an unmarked grave by the decree of the new authorities in the cemetery in the town of Vina del Mar. With the return of democratic government in Chile remains president in 1990 were exhumed for reburial 4 September 90th, in the town of Santiago. In spring 2011, the remains of Allende was again exhumed to conduct research about death. According to the commission of 7 Chilean pathologists and 5 international forensic experts Salvador Allende killed himself, firing two bullets to the head of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, which he kept clamped between his legs. Palace coup seized shot dead body, stabbed another thirteen additional bullets. September 4, 2011 the remains of the late Chilean President Salvador Allende finally found an endless peace at the central cemetery of the capital in the family crypt.

Salvador Allende: Life and Death

A couple of years back in Paris published a book "Cuba Nostra: Undercover municipal Fidel Castro" owned by the well-known French journalist, specialist on Latin America Alain Ammar. The book is written based on the testimony of former employees of security Liberty Island — Daniel Alarcon Ramirez and Juan Vives. It's very impressive explains that Salvador Allende was shot and killed on the orders of Fidel Castro.

"The President of Chile, to die as a hero. Other, less heroic or fearful behavior will be the most disastrous results for the cause of the revolution in all of Latin America, "- explained earlier Chilean ally Fidel Castro.

Cuban intelligence service has made Chile a wide network of agents. Not very trusting of Valor Allende, Fidel Castro gave the chief bodyguard Allende, Patricio de la Guardia, immediately is the security guard Cuba, to remove the president if he succumbs to the horror. At the very last moment of the assault, when it became clear that Salvador Allende's going to seek shelter at the Embassy of Sweden, de la Guardia, strength, seated behind his desk, with the words "the President would die on his own post," head shot him with a machine gun.

In the book "The World sailed into our hands: the KGB and the battle for third world" made in the union of the former head of the KGB archive department Vasili Mitrokhin, who fled to the West, and renowned historian Christopher Andrew, the facts that Salvador Allende was a KGB agent, Code nickname of "Leader", a lover of women and playboy. Dossier on Allende shows that he was hit by another first sight of the 50's, and constant contact with him had been established in 1961, when Santiago appeared in Russian trade consulate, as a cover for espionage operations. Only thanks to the KGB he defeated in the elections in 1970. Russian exploration in Chile has spent more money than all the other countries of Latin America. More than 420 thousand dollars alone funds for all the years of cooperation was given Allende. Russian intelligence is also in contact with Hortensia — Allende's wife and their daughter Beatrice. Interestingly, in the KGB files on Allende's no mention of the involvement of U.S. intelligence agencies to a military coup in the country.

When the power in Chile came under the control of the military, General Augusto Pinochet, was immediately abolished the constitution, disbanded National Congress, declared illegal all the mass and political organizations. According to various sources, there is evidence that only the first few months after the coup had been killed over 20 thousand people, 35 thousand were in jail and tortured, some 200 thousand were left without work. The junta removed the socio-economic transformation of Allende, the enterprise and the land returned to their former owners, which are paid monetary compensation to foreign companies. And here is where Chile's economy was falling apart. During the first half of the year a couple of times vymahala prices for staples increased mortality. Free medical assistance was canceled, a third of all babies are not walking to school because of lack of funds, people are moved to the slums or emigrated. And that was only the beginning of
the recession, which lasted until 1983. But the military regime has provided the North American capital exceptional profits. The Pentagon has built in Chile Baikonur, tracking stations and befitting infrastructure within the Strategic Defense Initiative. Pinochet left a legacy of external debt of the country in the amount of 2200 dollars per capita. The level of development, the last under Allende, the Chilean economy was not headed for. Only in December 2010 to a prison in France were sentenced in absentia 13 associates of the Chilean dictator, elderly people aged 60 to 90 years.

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