Sansluzhby Altai asked to pass a law catching stray dogs

The law on catching stray animals to be taken in the Altai Republic, where every year they have been attacked hundreds of people and there is a risk of rabies infection, told RIA Novosti the Republican Rospotrebnadzor.

During 10 months of 2012, according to sansluzhb, to physicians in the region, called for help 524, bite animals. Weekly from the attack of stray dogs suffer five or ten people. Most often, the victims are children and pensioners. This year, from animal bites have been affected by 199 children. While dogs are carriers of rabies, which can be fatal to humans.

At the same time, the region is a zone with a high risk of rabies infection, as in the neighboring territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan are active natural foci of rabies in animals that may be infected, and from them — the people.

"Meanwhile, for 1.5 years in the delayed adoption of a law ordering catching stray animals, despite reminders Prokuratov and epidemiological commission. Currently except Gorno-Altaisk, Ust-Koksinsky, Ulagansky, Kosh-Agaskogo areas, work catching stray animals never performed, "- said the source.

Representatives of regional administrations motivate this situation is the fact that they have no legal right to catch stray animals.

"In addition to the risk of rabies, stray dogs, and improper their contents are spread toxocarosis — disease, the main cause of which humans are just dogs, especially puppies. Unfortunately, none of the municipality no special areas for walking pets often they become a playground for children. soil tests taken from children's playgrounds, parks, lawns, show the presence of tapeworm eggs toxocara "- said employee management.

He stressed that as in any municipality Altai not keep records pets, and it is not possible to supervise all of the animals in a timely manner to carry out preventive vaccination.

According to experts, now the municipal authorities should closely monitor the issue of maintenance, pets, as well as taking control of the fight against the problem of homeless animals.

Representatives of regional administrations explain the situation that they have no legal right to catch stray animals.

The representative of the regional committee of the State Assembly on Agrarian Policy, Natural Resources and Rural Development Yuri Zemir confirmed that the region needs a law. Its adoption is still delayed for several reasons: lack of study of the bill, the lack of a similar law at the federal level.

"We can only come up with the initiative of the bill in the State Duma, but we can not jump over them and take a bill first," — he explained.

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