Santa vs. Santa Claus

Differences of Santa Claus from Santa Claus

1. Red. Santa Claus can also be in the red, but he can wear and other apparel — it is desirable for it to be white, blue, it can be yellow, and green. Also garb of Santa Claus this does not cover solid color — it is diluted patterns, embroidered, trimmed (white or blue), etc. And in Santa Claus clothes prevails aggressive solid red color (only this!), And only a fringe of his miserable kurtenki sometimes white .

The color of clothes — red:
This is hardly Russian Santa! [Cut]

2. Cap. The most typical feature of! Real Santa Claus could never be in the hood — it Boyar hat. And Santa Claus — the ugly clown cap with pom-poms, like a mischievous gnome, that immediately makes him atypical for Santa Claus frivolity and parody.

As you will see cap —
Be assured: this is — the enemy!

3. Outerwear. On Santa Claus wearing a short jacket (sometimes a little below the waist, sometimes even to the waist), intercepted a belt. Below katsaveyki — red pants. Remember that in such reprehensible true rags to Santa Claus our Russian winter would never endure. At Grandfather Frost should be a long coat to the ground from under which you should not see any pants. Kind of pants sticking out from under a short coat, destroy any solidity. What do Santa Claus in a fur coat — is sacred and putting up for review can not be!

If Dede saw pants —
Know this: this is not from the Father of our country!

4. Footwear. On Santa Claus always wore boots, often short version, which again is ridiculously for our climate. Santa Claus should be only boots!

Kohl on Dede boots —
Know that go into them enemies!

5. Beard. At Santa's beard cut short, like a civilized edakogo old man, and still curled like a lamb with baby otkrytochku. All this is absolutely not the case for Santa Claus. Beard Santa Claus — lush, long, unkempt free wind, and in most cases it lacks any sugary fuzziness.

Short at the Santa beard?
Threatens the nation's trouble!

6. Height and volume. Of all the previous ranting, in general, it is clear that the growth of Santa Claus obscenely shallow. And Santa Claus is impressive for growth as a true master of the New Year! As for the volume, the Santa Claus is quite lean. Well-clothes then he sucks so, for the sake of formality. But on Grandfather Frost in accordance with the Russian winter, wearing a lot of warm clothes, and all the clothes — the real, fur, thick. So Santa Claus is impressive and on the volume!

If Grandfather and skinny and shallow —
Chase away such a bold!

Sometimes it happens that in the scope of Santa Claus, on the contrary, throws to the opposite extreme and become thick and round. But remember that the thickness always looks unnatural and cartoonish, while the proportion of all Santa Claus is always harmonious, and its thickness is never at odds with its growth.


Russian fireworks "Santa Claus", well, not nonsense?

7. Points. Also for Santa Claus is typical of such a sign okulturennosti as ochochki. Santa Claus does not have this feature. How could this all-powerful Spirit of Nature — Santa Claus — have the disadvantage of short-sightedness? Myopia is inherent only to those who ruined ruinous civilization, who tamed and domesticated to complete degeneration, as was the case with Santa Claus.

8. The Snow Maiden. Also hallmark. In Santa Claus has never been and never will granddaughter because his mutilated prototype — St. Nicholas — almost like every saint, was sober. And our natural Grandfather granddaughter is, it's everyone's favorite Maiden! So our — two, and Santa Claus — only one!

9. Staff. Please note: The staff at Santa Claus — is a standard stick Catholic bishop (for good reason Santa Claus is derived from St.. Nicholas, bishop of Myra): stick with a curved top. But Santa Claus has nothing to St.. Nicholas nothing to do, so his staff should be just a straight stick on it may be a round knob (or, at least, in the form of a star, the staff does not have to wrap it in any time.)

10. Deer. Only Santa Claus moves as taught to us Americans in their movies and cartoons, a reindeer in the sky. Way to get around Santa Claus reindeer have never been. For our Father too small deer and slabosilen. Santa Claus can go to the Russian troika, not in the sky, and it is currently on the ground, or rather the snow — he's the flesh and blood of the snow, the land, of this nature, why would he break away from their native roots, soared up from under the snow skids dust, frosty wind slap in the face, Santa Claus rolls with boldness and bells! Hurtling dashing Russian troika on Earth — The owner of the Santa Claus Winter toured its vast possessions!

And in general, as already mentioned, Santa Claus moves mysteriously, and there is nothing to climb into the sacred matter.

11. Socks on the fireplace. This applies only to Santa Claus, but not to Santa Claus. Socks on the fireplace — a purely Western Gimmick: that Santa Claus comes down the chimney and puts the gift in a sock. However, to explain that — fool understand that no fireplaces in Russia never did things. And do not get through our Father in a narrow chimney, why should he? In addition, Santa Claus would never have appeared here in such a primitive and down to earth manner, as they "got into the house through pipes and vents, he lays out the gifts in stockings, often hanging on the fireplace and tinkles bells, as if heralding the coming of the New Year. "

Santa Claus appears in our homes some mysterious way, truly, as a spirit, and no one really knows how it appears — we only know that he was … and try to explain this Western-style sacred secret of a rational manner — blasphemy.

And more. Our Santa Claus — a real generous Russian soul, it is not as lame and zazhimist to limit the size of the gift of idiotic and often striped socks!

12. Other accompanying paraphernalia — all sorts of wreaths, bells, etc., including the song "Jingle Bells" and others. That's it — pure and Christmas paraphernalia associated only with Santa Claus, and attributed the whole western consumer goods and rubbish the image of Santa Claus should not be.

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