Scientist Miassa invented a time machine

Scientist Miass (Chelyabinsk region) created a time machine. Engineer and inventor Viktor Bulaev recognized in the scientific community. From his house he made a mini-lab. Two of its facilities are in an apartment, where he was conducting scientific experiments.

Participant of the experiment from Chelyabinsk Natalia — the third time in a time machine. The prototype installation was the invention of special mirrors Russian scientist Vasily Kozyrev.

"The measurement of bio — this is standard procedure. It is required before we get into the setup. His aura need to know "- the correspondent of the" First Regional "Svetlana Tikhonova.

Restoration of bio was a side effect, and now this method has found practical applications in medicine, and the work of the brain during the session to install gives view of the past and the future. And positive effects on health, and the prophecy of the fate suffered the participant experiment.

"Pictures that I saw last time — this is unrealistic, but it's coming true," — said Natalia participant experiment.

I can not believe, but — a fact confirmed by many years of scientific research.

"The farther north, the more the effects of information displays. This is especially good in the "Dixie", where the northern lights. The atmosphere should be ionized. But, nevertheless, in our latitude, we get the effect of information from the past and from the future, "- said the head of the center of radiation and biological safety Ural Rosay Victor clubs.

Scientist Miassa invented a time machine

Engineer, inventor and author of patented plants Victor Bulaev internationally renowned scientists. His research filmed. The author explains that to understand the effect of a time machine you can just take over the world in another dimension. His colleague Konstantin Golodov arranges the space surrounding us on hologram.

"Any event leaves a trace in the form of a hologram, and not only did they leave this track, this track will never disappear," — said the engineer, psychologist Konstantin hunger.

Information, even in thought, is material. This explains the ability of psychics and clairvoyants. Therefore, the installation, as the practice of scientists may uncover such a gift to some people.

Now Miass scientist develops two more cars. They, like the present, hopes Victor Bulaev will bring practical benefits in medicine and bioenergetics.

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