Scientists argue that the end of the world will be followed by the northern lights.

The U.S. space agency back in 2009 predicted a far end of the world. They assumed a significant activity of the sun (explosions on it) will lead to the scrapping of the transformers. Result — termination of power supply and operation of all electrical appliances. According to the description of scientists, a must-end light will be the northern lights, but it was not in Kharkov time.

It is known that the northern lights caused by solar activity. Fall 1848 concerned citizens took first crimson glow of the aurora over the giant fire. When he came to, the people, with his head, considered one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. It lasted 35 minutes. The following will happen in just 12 years.

In 1869, the residents of the city once again fascinated looking at the sky. He unfolded the beauty of the aurora. It is by the way, great job spoiled telegraph. In St. Petersburg, where it was also observed with a 3-day and 3-night, dozens of telegrams were not sent because of noise on the lines. This is our ancestors were lucky that only the telegraph worked on electricity …

Radiant, shiny poles near the moon could be seen in 1871 in Starobelsk. However, a truly unprecedented hitherto beauty and scale spectacle was the Northern Lights 1872. Now it is not part of the sky, and all it was a stage for the game perelivistoy paints. This game, according to his contemporaries, may not transfer any word of the writer, not brush genius artist. People, once again taking the northern lights for the fire, and now he is treated, complain, considering it an omen of war. Impression and impact on people shine was different. "A venerable old man ran to report to their home their delight and surprise of what he saw in the sky. A kind old woman spent the night in neubyvnom fear, and has not been able to sleep the glare of the heavenly phenomenon was happening before the windows of her bedroom. A respectable lady assured contemporary, even in his sleep it seemed like from the ceiling of her bedroom flickered to the floor then white, then red columns, he had seen her in the evening during Scorchlings. " At the same time, the other lady did not want to even let her husband when he was called to look shine, fearing that he will catch a cold. The third, walking down the street and looking at the sky, on the proposal of one of the watchers, not finding anything interesting in it, went dalshe.Poslednim a remarkable phenomenon is the light aurora borealis over 1893 Sloboda Nikolaevka Izyumske County.

But more interesting were svetovyya phenomenon. Thus, for nearly two weeks in 1843 residents speculated that a bright white line visible at the going down of the sun in the south-western sky.

No less puzzled people over the head and mystery circles around the sun, seen by the Framework in the same year. At the time of this action is no temperature change was not. However, at 4:00 pm a terrible storm arose, which lasted about 5 minutes and "continue severe thunderstorms in different parts of the horizon."

Extreme anxiety of the people caused by the phenomenon of 1855. Then, the afternoon air was filled with mist, covered with a sky and ground dry bluish haze. It remained dry, even in spite of the rain, who had gone later. The air was opaque. "Sadness and fear were common feelings of all" — said an eyewitness. Moreover, the event coincided with the peak of the cholera epidemic in the city, which is especially grim effect on citizens. In some people have argued that this phenomenon — some of the fierce battle in the Crimea. Others were convinced that somewhere off city or forest. They remembered how to Kharkov allegedly reached the smoke from the fire in Moscow in 1812.

In 1873 occurred a lunar eclipse observed by scientists of the University. In 1874 over Kharkiv flying meteor, brightly illuminating all around. He fell near Belgorod. Comet 1881 was visible to the naked eye. But 1887 marked the first solar eclipse.

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