Scientists have come to the conclusion that there are creatures in the Kuzbass like Bigfoot

Bigfoot population in the region can reach 200 individuals

In St. Petersburg, completed a study of the DNA pieces of wool, found in a cave Azasskoy (Tashtagol Kemerovo region) during an expedition to find the yeti in the past year, the press service of the regional administration on Monday.

"In the northern capital of the study was conducted at the university and in the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. We conclude by examining the sample under the electron microscope, that got us 10 hairs from Azasskoy cave did not belong to man. They — from a mammal, not a bear, goat, wolves and other animals that are found in Mountain Shoria "- are words in the message chief scientific officer of the Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Doctor of Science Valentine Sapunova.

The analysis revealed the identity of wool from Azasskoy cave samples found earlier in the Urals, in the U.S. and in the Leningrad region, and presumably belonging to the yeti.

As explained by the agency "Interfax-Siberia" V.Sapunov, genetically distinct from human beings, the wool of which went to the researchers, is about 1%. Although the absence of hair follicles DNA becomes more difficult, the reliability of the study is 70%. This allows scientists to talk about the fact that this creature is genetically between man and ape, and completely covered with hair.

Despite the results of the studies say that coat belongs yeti, the scientist is not taken, though fully convinced of the existence of the Yeti.

On the issue of the mysterious creatures living geography, V.Sapunov noted that Russell is almost all over the country, and only in the Kuzbass, the neighboring Altai and Khakassia its population may reach 200 individuals — this amount will essentially reproduce itself and disappear. The scientist added that recently similar hair samples obtained from the Volgograd region.

In this V.Sapunov stressed that finding Bigfoot is very difficult due to its unique ability to sense danger. Therefore, such a huge family in the Kemerovo region is hard to find.

As reported, the Yeti has become a symbol of the Mountain Shoria and Tashtagol. To find him, even went overseas scientists, but so far only lucky locals periodically reports on meetings with the mysterious creature.

However, this did not prevent entrepreneurs to develop tourism, and shopkeepers — sell souvenirs depicting a snowman.

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