Scientists insist on the reality of UFOs

U.S. scientists insist on the reality of UFOs

A team of U.S. scientists, united in the so-called "project" Discovery ", claims that UFOs are real.

As broadcasting company CNN, NBC, who heads the "Project Discovery" Dr. Stiven Greer asked the U.S. Congress to demand to organize a hearing on the issue of UFOs.

The group "project" Discovery ", which, as the RIA" Novosti ", along with the scientists also includes former employees of NASA and the Pentagon in 1993 is collecting documentary material, confirming the existence of UFOs.

At present, the group has 100 videos testimony of eyewitnesses, including former NASA pilots and astronauts, which are confirmed by direct contact with "aliens" and a description of their aircraft.

Rssmotrenie Congress the question of UFOs, according to Dr. Greer, is of great importance as it is the existence and possible contacts with representatives of the earthlings mind from other worlds.

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