SE plant Electrotyazhmash started shipment of replacement parts for the reconstruction of TPP Uglegorskaya

August 21, 2013 The State Enterprise Plant "Electrotyazhmash" started shipment of spare parts turbo DVT-300 to replace injured in a fire at Uglegorskaya TPP (PAO "Centrenergo").


In August, the power plant will deliver priority items. The remaining parts plant will put on Uglegorskaya TES in September — October.
"Now we are making every effort to ensure that the work Uglegorskaya TPP. After the delivery of spare parts specialists "Electrotyazhmash" will carry out supervision inspection for the repair, thereby providing qualified engineering support in the restoration of electrical equipment ", — assured the Director of the SE Works" Electrotyazhmash "Vladimir Glushakov.
Power turbine generator TGV-300 with full hydrogen cooling is 300 MW. In the period from 1972 to 1973 now been delivered four such machines on Uglegorskaya TPP.

The State Enterprise Plant "Electrotyazhmash" specializes in designing and manufacturing high-power hydro, hydro-engine turbine generators for thermal and nuclear power plants, electric motors for driving rolling mills, mine hoists, water pumps, irrigation canals, traction electrical equipment for rail and urban transport.
SE plant "Electrotyazhmash" supplies its products to Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Panama, Mexico and other countries around the world.

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