Sejm of Poland: denounce electoral fraud, demanding the release of prisoners

Polish Sejm in the presence of representatives of the Belarusian opposition today unanimously adopted a resolution on the situation in Belarus, in which MPs urge the Belarusian authorities to immediately release all political prisoners, and all European countries — to support civil society in Belarus.

In the morning, before the vote, the representatives of the Belarusian opposition, which included Stanislav Shushkevich, Sergei Kalyakin, Milinkevich, Yanukevich, Victor Ivashkevich and others, received in his office Sejm Speaker Grzegorz Shetyna. The meeting, which was closed to the press, was also attended by Chairman of the Foreign Affairs of the Seimas Andrzej Halitsky, head of the delegation of the European Parliament on Belarus Jacek Protasiewicz and chairman of the parliamentary group on Belarus Robert Tyszkiewicz.

The deputies unanimously supported the "Resolution of the Sejm in supporting civil society in Belarus."

Adak before it to parliamentarians and visitors from Belarus, who were present in the hall of the Sejm, asked Mr. Shetyna:

"We want to officially condemn the violence the regime of Alexander Lukashenko and political repression, but at the same time — to express support for all civic initiatives in Belarus. Dear MPs to vote for this resolution is to remind that this solidarity has led Poland to Europe. Solidarity was the guarantee of our independence. "

In turn first leader of independent Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich, who was given the honor of to say from the podium of the Diet (rarely happens that this was a foreign national pride), thanked the Polish people for their support:

"For us it is most important that people who are sitting right now in prison in Belarus, felt the support of Europe and were released. This is the greatest is my request to the Polish Sejm."

The deputies of the Polish Parliament welcomed the Belarusian guests, as well as listening to the text of the resolution standing.

After the adoption of the resolution, which was welcomed with applause, the guests of Belarus took part in a press breakfast with Jacek Protasiewicz yes Polish and Belarusian journalists, and then — in a meeting of parliamentary committees for foreign policy.

During the breakfast, Mr Protasiewicz stated that the Polish government will soon set up a special fund to support democracy, from which the Belarusian organizations can be supported without unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles. And in Brussels, according to the MEP, in March, a date will be working during the Warsaw conference of solidarity with Belarus, in the course of which will be developed specific mechanisms of European aid to Belarusian democratic forces.

In the afternoon, a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski.


In the Polish Parliament approved the document "strongly condemns the use of the Lukashenko regime of violence and repression against the Belarusian society and the falsification of the results of the December presidential election."

The MPs point out that "the post-election detainees were treated in violation of the Convention on the Human Rights, judged not giving the right to a fair trial and to defend himself, "but" some detainees to still kept in atrocious conditions. "

"In this dramatic situation of the Polish Sejm of the Republic wishes to assure all who struggle for a democratic Belarus, in our unshakable solidarity and support. You will never be left alone in their struggle. We strongly urge the Belarusian authorities to immediately release all political prisoners and cease repression," — the resolution said.

According to the Diet in a situation where the Belarusian authorities to "return to the policy of repression" in relations between Warsaw and Minsk "to be used isolation principle of those responsible for the repression and the simultaneous opening against the Belarusian society."

"Diet has strongly supported the diplomatic sanctions and at the same time supports the idea that the citizens of Belarus have access to resources and opportunities offered by the European Union, such as the freedom of travel, the opening of the labor market, as well as participate in the educational, scientific, cultural programs, yes," — the document says.

The MPs also called on parliaments all countries Europe, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the European Parliament "to take decisive steps towards strong support to civil society in Belarus."

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