Sensors Optosense available for new devices of Gas Clip Technologies

RUSNANO project company Ltd. "Optosense" began shipping infrared sensors for portable hydrocarbon gas analyzers American company Gas Clip Technologies.

New stand-alone devices Gas Clip Technologies,
supplied with methane and oxygen sensors, and combined sensor for detecting hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide have a record for this class of device characteristics. In particular, devices Gas Clip Technologies can operate without recharging for 2 months instead of the usual 8-16 hours, which greatly simplifies the process of removing the fixture and is a very attractive option for the user.

For new devices "Optosense" supplying one of the main elements — sensor with low power consumption, which is able to detect explosive concentrations of methane (or other volatile hydrocarbons).
It is the presence of the sensor allowed for the first time in the world to achieve such outstanding performance time of the final device. 

The main products of "Optosense" — optical sensors for gas concentrations by analyzing the selective absorption of infrared radiation of certain wavelengths. The sensors have a high rate of reaction operation, long service life, durability, resistance to work in a wide range of temperatures and concentrations of the gas to be measured, with high humidity and the absence of oxygen, neotravlyaemostyu, energy efficient, and it provides all of its demand in Russia and in the world market and rapidly growing demand.

So far, about 100 international and Russian manufacturers of gas analyzers are the customers of the company, and have either already started selling products on the market using sensors "Optosense", or are in the process of certification or development. Furthermore, 90% of the products the company sold in America and Europe. About 150 companies are currently negotiating the purchase of materials or already testing sensors "Optosense."

These instruments are in demand to ensure personal and industrial safety in the coal industry (mines), oil and gas and petrochemical industries (during production, transportation and processing of oil and gas), energy and utilities sector (by gas power plants and boilers), telecommunications (at maintenance of underground cable networks).

The total market volume of gas analyzers, according to the company Frost &Sullivan, is about $ 2 billion, c upside to $ 3 billion by 2018. In this case, the main consumers explosive gas analyzers are the petrochemical, oil and gas industries, which account for over 50% of the consumption of this class of devices.

Company "Optosense" was founded in 2010 and is located in St. Petersburg. The total investment in the project amounted RUSNANO 209 million rubles.

Infrared optical sensors "Optosense"Currently marketed stationary and portable gas sensors based on catalytic remain following issues: high otravlyaemost sensors devices, the influence of mechanical shocks and vibration failure of the devices at high humidity, as well as a wide range of concentrations of the gases being measured. Commercially available optical sensors from other manufacturers have very high power consumption and very high sales price. Further reaction to mikrokondensatsiyu moisture leads to significant performance drifts blocked. The uniqueness of the sensors' Optosense "is to use a semiconductor, polycrystalline nanoscale layers in mass production of radiation sources and photovoltaic receivers — key elements datchika.Infrakrasno Optic Sensors" Optosense "are fast response (from 5.5 seconds at T90), long service, durability (service life — over 10 years in the service life of competitors to one to two years (termokataliz) or a maximum of 5 years (optical)), stability in the wide temperature range from -60 C to +75 C, and the concentrations of the measured gas at high humidity and absence of oxygen neotravlyaemostyu, low power consumption (as 3mW when high-consumption sensors Competitors power 200 mW).

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