Seven gods of happiness

Seven gods of happiness that came to us from China, India and Japan is often called "the international team." They worshiped in the East, their honor in the West. However, what a difference, where I came from celestial. The main thing — to help in difficult times to us, mere mortals.

Ebisu — the god of good luck, patron of the fair trade

Depicted holding a fish. Sacred fish — a symbol of good luck and spiritual achievements. Very hard to catch carp with his bare hands, so it is difficult to achieve inner peace and enlightenment.

Ebisu was born without bones, and in some myths and legs and arms. At birth he was named Hiraki, which in Japanese means "tadpole." Before his third birthday of Hiraki was swept into the sea on a reed boat that after a long journey on the waves washed ashore Hokkaido, where he was picked up Ainu Ebisu Saburo. Overcoming many difficulties, Hiraki raised his legs and hands, and in three years became the god Ebisu.

This celestial figure it would be nice to have all those who in one way or another connected with the trade — revenues will grow by leaps and parts. Set it in the most prominent place in the eastern sector of the apartment. On each side, put on a branch of willow (we will replace bamboo), and before the Celestial set saucer or bowl filled with coins.

Favorable sector south-east, east.

Location: an office, a desk.

Purpose: success in business and trade.

Daikoku — the god of wealth and prosperity

Depicted with a hammer, grants wishes, a sack of rice on his back and a rat. Daikoku danced their dance and tapped with a hammer. With every stroke of his magic in the human world beater gets more money. Bag with a heavenly rice — a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Rat — Assistant Daikoku: it gnaws holes in his bag, and the magical figure coming down from the sky to the ground right in the hands of the people. As a patron of the home, Daikoku promotes the protection and prosperity at home. Do you want to never know poverty and want, want your house was always full cup, and household soul in each other not chayali? As often as possible to see the dance Daikoku themselves sometimes danced with him.

Figure of celestial needed and all those for whom it is important not to lose the battle for the harvest. After Daikoku protects all gardeners. Will build on his summer cottage sort of pedestal and place on a figure of Daikoku. Your harvest all the neighbors will envy.

Favorable sector south and south-west.

Location: kitchen, living room.

Purpose: riches, wealth, prosperity, peace in the home.

Bisyamon (or Tamonten) — warrior-defender

Portrayed as a mighty warrior with a spear and in full samurai armor. This god-warrior — the patron saint of soldiers, doctors and lawyers, a defender of the downtrodden. But not only. Bisyamon — the enemy any injustice, and therefore have to figure at home is useful to everyone. Besides soldier gives his players bravery and courage necessary to fight for a place under the sun.

Bisyamon is the most powerful of all the celestial knights and guards the North. And so it is best to put a figure in this part of your home or the office. But always on the rise — almost to the ceiling.

Favorable sector north, north-east.

Location: office, office.

Purpose: protection from injustice, sickness, death, enemies, evil forces.

Bendzayten (or Benten) — Goddess of Music and Arts

Depicted with a lute in his hands. Endows his proteges inspiration and talent, protects all people without exception of art, but above all — musicians. This netsuke will be useful to citizens suffering from speech impediment as Bendzayten part-time and is the goddess of eloquence.

Strange as it seems, but the place that figure in the bathroom. After her element — Water. Make sure that next to this lady has always had some kind of vessel, brim full of water, and lay an offering in the form of a small bouquet of roses or violets. Benten, like all musicians, loves flowers.

Favorable sector southwest, west.

Location: bathroom.

Purpose: gives inspiration, reveals the talent.

Fukurokudzyu — god academic career, wisdom and intuition

Depicted as an old man with a highly elongated head. Perfect mascot for anyone who is involved in the learning process — from first-graders to highbrow professor. First, Fukurokudzyu greatly simplifies the process of learning, developing memory and intuition of their charges, and secondly, does help to move up the career ladder, and thirdly, the rewards of wisdom, including the everyday …

If your child is not learning, put a celestial figure on his desk, and even better — put in the portfolio. Let the child always carries a wise protector.

Favorable sector north, north-east.

Location: entrance hall, study, children.

Purpose: career, education.

Hotei — god of abundance, joy and prosperity.

Depicted as an old man with a big belly. It is believed that if you rub his tummy Hotei 300 times, thinking of something good, then yeah, make sure to come true.

Hotei is best known and respected of all the seven. It is clear: good-natured fat man seems most humane, he forgives weakness, does not notice the shortcomings. He is always cheerful and well-being, and makes all those who elected him as a patron.

In addition, Hotei gathers her bag all worldly troubles and problems of others. And that, you see, is expensive.

Put a figure Hotei in the living room or kitchen so that his gaze was directed to the front door. It will radiate positive energy and absorb negative chi and deadly energy ball. Left of Hotei put several small ryumochek of wine, put on the right more tasty food.

Favorable sector northwest

Location: kitchen, living room

Purpose: fun, prosperity, abundance, compassion, consolation.

Dzyurodzin — the god of longevity and immortality

Depicted as an old man with a long beard. In his hands — a staff and a scroll of wisdom, which stores information about all the creatures that dwell on the earth, the secrets of longevity and immortality. Not surprisingly, in his power to reward human lifespan. So, figure Dzyurodzina just need people to elderly or suffering from some ailment.

In addition, Dzyurodzin help any and all cause the nervous system in order, and tranquility is just the key to a long life.

This netsuke is located near sleeper senior (patient) man.

Favorable sector west.

Location: a bedside table, a shelf beside the couch or chair.

Purpose: Health and Longevity.

By the way:

Legend has it that once the shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu occurred to talk with the famous Buddhist priest Tenkeem of nobility. Tenkey admitted that, in his opinion, nobility includes longevity, success, popularity, honesty, friendliness, dignity and generosity. Shogun response so impressed that he offered to pick up the priest seven gods — specimens of each of these properties. And Tenkey chose: Fukurokudzyu — god academic career, wisdom and intuition, Daikoku — the god of wealth and prosperity, Ebisu — the god of good luck, patron of fair trade, Dzyurodzina — the god of longevity and immortality, Bisyamon — warrior-defender, Bendzayten — the goddess of music and the arts, Hotei — god of abundance and joy.


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