Several recommendations for independent travel in Finland

One of the most popular tourist countries is Finland, which is in the north-west border with our country.
In the city you can go to Suomi organized tourist trip with a guide, sometimes provided for and interpretation services, especially when it comes to business tourism.

In Finland, you can also go in a separate avtoputeshestvie, although in this case it is best to pre-learn some features of this country.

1. Transport and parking

First of all, try to carefully study the rules of the road taken in Suomi, and then carefully observe them, even when on the road you can not see the enforcers. Almost all roads are equipped with video cameras, so for any breach you have to answer and pay imposing a fine.
Finland has paid and free parking, with the last, basically, you can leave the car only at certain times. If you exceed it, the windshield of your car is stuck receipt of the fine, which of course you will find even making translation from Finnish language. Try to pay a penalty as soon as possible, otherwise you may have difficulty with the following visa.


Rules in force in Finland in many respects similar prohibitions that exist in other EU countries: here can not be imported dairy and meat products, and there are restrictions on the import of alcohol and tobacco products.

Finland has very strict copyright protected, so here you can not carry unlicensed discs, records and programs. In addition, medicines for the road best taken with a prescription from a doctor, this is especially true of antibiotics, painkillers, seduktivnyh and cardiac drugs.

3. Smoking

For several years in Suomi forbidden to smoke in public places, so if you suffer from this bad habit, you have to inhale cigarette only in designated smoking rooms. Also note that the hotels have special rooms for smokers, in ordinary rooms can not smoke.

4. Pets

If you plan to go to Finland with his favorite, do not forget to visit the vet to take his certificate of vaccination, and to make regular or urgent transfer documents about the health of your dog or cat. If you decide to take a walk with your pet through the streets of the Finnish cities, do not forget to remove the traces of their activity. Finns themselves always take care of this, using the spatula, and special packages.

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