Severe storm in the north of Holland

In the villages in the north of the Netherlands declared evacuated for fear the collapse of the dam and the subsequent flooding, reports Associated Press.

Over the past few days in the north of the country had the monthly rainfall. Authorities fear that the dam, which is located 160 km from Amsterdam, will not sustain the pressure due to strong winds and incessant rains.

Local authorities urged more than 200 villagers voluntarily leave the danger area as pumps and windmills can not cope with pumping water.

Water protection authorities of the Netherlands report that while the situation under control: as of now the sea was rolled back several million cubic meters of rain water.

Note that the north of Europe is not the first day under the disaster. The main blow fell on the British Hurricane, where there were no casualties: killed two people. In Scotland, the wind knocked a large number of trees that led to the collapse of transport — rail traffic is almost paralyzed.

On the eve of the hurricane hit in Germany, in particular, the second largest city of Hamburg. The wind is also felled many trees. Rescuers were forced through the night to clear the roads.


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